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We have quoted Gina's letter in full. They chartered 'Irie' in April, 2004

Yet another amazing trip sailing the British Virgin Islands with Joe and Lynne Campbell. What a trip! It was like joining old friends who happen to be incredibly thoughtful hosts, totally pampering you, anticipating your every need (even those you don't recognize yourself) and treating you like royalty. Joe and Lynne's sailboat is beautiful, impeccably decorated and immaculate. As we stepped foot on the deck, we immediately relaxed and got in to our "Irie" mood.

We enjoyed the best of what a vacation can offer - letting the stress of your everyday life slip away, replaced by fun and relaxation. Everyday on the Irie starts with a fabulous breakfast and the big decision of the day - which island to see and what activities to enjoy. Joe and Lynne offer everything available in the Caribbean, including sailing on the beautiful seas, multiple dives a day, long snorkels, water skiing, beach and bar hopping, playing Bocce in the sand, playing card games late into the evening, dancing on the Willy-T, drinking a glass of wine in the hot tub (or one of Lynne's famous yummy drinks) or just catching up on leisure reading or napping. We missed nothing thanks to Joe and Lynne.

The food on the boat is outstanding - something you expect from a five-star restaurant. The presentation, the taste and variety of the food is incredible. We had everything from lobster to pork to steak to different fish all prepared perfectly. We opted for dinner off the boat fully anticipating that we would never have as good a meal as what we received on the boat. Although we had dinner at a beautiful location, the food was just not the same.

Joe is a very talented sailor who works hard while still joining in on the fun. Lynne always makes every client feel special. Both are safety oriented, recognize people's limitations and optimize every experience.

For comparison, at the conclusion of the sailboat portion of our trip, we spent the night at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas before flying home. It was an outstanding property with beautifully done rooms, gorgeous ocean views and the highest level of service available. We were relieved that we continued our trip on the high note set by Joe and Lynne on the Irie.

I have no idea how the Irie compares to your other charters. I would be surprised if you had any other charters in the BVI's that were equal or provided greater service than our experience with the Irie and its crew. We all highly recommmend the Irie for your future clients. See you in 2006.

Very truly yours,
Gina S.