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We have quoted James's letter in full. They chartered 'Liahona' in June, 2005

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a brief note to thank you for your assistance in arranging our trip last month on Liahona in the BVIs. As this was our first time with a crewed charter, our group was a little apprehensive as the departure date approached. Would the boat actually look like the brochures? Would the food be good? Would the crew be any fun? I am happy to tell you that all these questions were answered with a resounding YES!

We could not imagine having a better crew than Tracy and Gordon. They were professional in every respect, yet loads of fun. Tracy's meals were outstanding and Gordon was an excellent captain and scuba instructor. We discussed what we wanted to do each day (beach day, scuba, sailing, etc.) and Gordon used his knowledge of the area to set the itinerary and take us to the perfect spots. They were perfect hosts, and a great fit for our group. We miss them!

Our thanks also to Heather and the other fine folks at Ed Hamilton for making this trip possible. The entire process was professionally handled, and the advice that you gave us was greatly appreciated. Any and every question we had was answered promptly and throroughly. I can't imagine booking another charter without using Ed Hamilton.

Thanks again for making this a trip to remember.


James B.