Stargazing in the Caribbean

Soap Operas of the Sky
by Jeannie Kuich
Paperback - publ.1994 - 172 pages - size:6"x9"x.5" - 29 full page sky charts - ISBN 0-94428-23-1 US$ 12.50 + S&H
Amateur astronomer, Jeannie Kuich, guides you along on a whimsical journey through the night skies as she spins enchanting, modern-day tales surrounding the constellations and the stars. This entertaining book relating to the tropical heavens also contains star charts to aid you in identifying the stars of her soap opera-like yarns.

Unfortunately this popular book that has entertained many charter guests is currently out of print. Any interested publishers should contact the author - we would indeed like to offer it to our charterers. Ed Hamilton.