Stargazing in the Caribbean

a monthly column by Jeannie Kuich,
the Star Witch

Welcome to Stargazing in the Caribbean. Get comfy in your favorite chair and find out what the magnificent Caribbean sky may show you while you are lounging on the deck of your fine charter yacht anchored in a quiet island cove.

At some time of the night you may see the Milky Way girdling the clear night sky, shooting stars slashing overhead, and maybe even a glimpse of a bright comet or asteroid.

The Caribbean is much closer to the equator than The US or Europe, so you will see much more of the southern sky and less of the northern sky. Even the famous Southern Cross may be seen during certain seasons from the Virgin Islands south.

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copyright© Jeannie Kuich

Who is Jeannie Kuich ?
Jeannie Kuich is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer on the sloop "Stargazer" at St. Thomas, in the U. S. Virgin Islands. Besides providing this monthly stargazing column she also writes several other monthly Sky calendars in local newspapers and occasional scripts for Stardate, the daily astronomy program produced by the McDonald Observatory on national public radio. You may catch some of her sky tales on Stardate at Between keeping track of the sky, she gives tours on kayaks and inflatables which include short ecological hikes and snorkeling in the Mangrove Lagoon Sanctuary on St. Thomas for V. I. Ecotours..

(We have known Jeannie since the pioneer days of VI chartering, when she and Mike ran the lovely 'Queen of Sheba'. She is not only an authority on stargazing but she has a wealth of knowledge on all things Caribbean. Ed Hamilton).

Jeannie is the author of the book "Soap Operas Of The Sky", the only stargazing guide for the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the lower United States and Hawaii. This easy-to-read book is full of entertaining sky legends told in a whimsical manner.
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