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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection


by Ed
April 2007

The 'Examples of Yachts' section, under the 'Crewed Yachts' tab on our website, gives basic but enticing information, to people browsing the site. It was never intended to be a complete list.

We can suggest specific boats to anyone considering a charter. Once you have told us what you are looking for, you can not only see our suggestions, but you can log into our site and view our own descriptions of boats and crews that are far more detailed than anything available on the public part of our site - or anyone else's site for that matter! We have never understood how people choose their boat and crew from a simple listing on the internet, but many do.

Some boats have asked to be included in this list, so we have been looking through the database and adding more examples. We would stress that including a boat does not mean it would be our recommendation for a particular client and that whether a boat is on or off the list will not really affect the number of bookings from our company. Clients are naturally much more influenced by the selection of boats we send them and the advice we give.

Listings in this section show a brief summary of our full description, as well as the boat's normal location and the price for the number of people selected.

The default selection, which appears when you first open the page, is for 4 guests on a crewed boat in The BVI. You can then change this selection in the header to match your requirements. You can view examples of catamarans or motor yachts, in The Virgins, The Leewards, The Grenadines or The Mediterranean, for 2, 4, 6, 8 or more people. Simply make your selection using the drop down menu and click the GO button. Smaller yachts are listed first.

When in this section, you are actually accessing the database in our office, so as information changes (which it does every day) it is updated onto the website the moment it is typed in by a broker. We set the system up this way as we have seen how quickly websites become out-dated with old information and prices, and the confusion this causes.

We hope you take a look at this expanded selection of Crewed Yachts (and yes, let us know if you see any mistakes or have any comments!). Do remember that the boat sites we link to are not produced by us, so any out of date information you see is beyond our control.

If you are looking for a particular boat, you can view our full list of over 1300 current crewed charter yachts, in database format. All listings have links to the yacht’s website when available, though some are protected by passwords.

For full descriptions and far more detail, ask for a selection of charter yachts that fit your requirements and are available for your dates!

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