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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

Ed - April 2009

Last year the list on our website of crewed yachts offering specials was less than a page long. Now, with so much interest in deals and so many boats offering them, the list has grown enormously, so this month we redesigned our
CREWED YACHT SPECIALS page, which now runs directly from our database.

As a bonus, we have been able to add a lot more information besides the basic special price information. When browsing the list, you can now see photographs of the yacht, the regular winter and summer prices, links to up to three websites and short descriptions.

You can even try it on your iPhone - it works!

By making this page generate automatically, not only will the information be timely and accurate, but specials will also only appear on this page when they are current (yes, despite our efforts with the old page, the odd out of date special did occasionally get left in the list!)

And if you are wondering about the picture, it's a snapshot of the calendar for some crewed boats in the British Virgin Islands, taken in mid May and showing bookings for late April, May and early June. It's a tough season certainly, but calendars like this show how many people really are taking advantage of the lower prices. A summer yacht charter can indeed be an inexpensive vacation.

Take a look at our new
specials page, then tell us a little bit about your plans and we would be happy to suggest some excellent crewed yachts.

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