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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

OYSTER OWNERS REGATTA. A sight for sore eyes

Oyster charter yachts at Peter Island Anyone sailing in the Drakes Channel between April 12 and 17 were treated to quite a show of beautiful boats, as a fleet of Oysters congregated in the British Virgin Islands for their annual owner's regatta. As a builder, Oyster is unusual in that most boats are sold either directly with the factory or the factory owned brokerage. They therefore have close ties with their owners, who enjoy the personal service and the community spirit, of which these regattas are a prime example. It is a credit to the company that most new boat customers are past Oyster owners.

The regatta includes four races with a layday in between and plenty of parties at night. While there was of course plenty of serious competition, this is primarily a fun week for the owners of these boats and their families. Many boats had young kids aboard.
'Stravaig' is a classic example. This powerful 2008 Oyster 72 has every go fast gadget money can buy, including an up to the minute carbon fiber rig, yet she was sailed very successfully by the couple who owned her, their three kids aged 10 to 15 and their two charter crew. The kids had a blast sitting out on the rails like the pros and switching sides on the tacks.

Everyone is included in the entertainment. There's a pirate party and treasure hunts in Cane Garden Bay for the young ones or some serious dinghy racing for all ages during the lay day at Bitter End and of course some more adult partying after the racing. This is the true spirit of the event and the owners obviously love it.

Oyster isn't the only company that has run regattas for their owners. Nautor Swan and Hinckley used to do much the same thing, though Oyster has taken it to a new level. These are true 'blue water' boats and many of their owners buy them for long distance cruising, so in 2013, Oyster is running a regatta around the world. Incredibly over 30 boats have already reserved spaces!

It's no secret that we like these boats, but it seems we are not alone. The
feature we wrote on Cookielicious Oysters in the British Virgin Islandswas the most popular article in our last newsletter, and since then, we have arranged several charters on Oyster 72s and 82s, at least one being directly attributed to the article. It's hard not to have a good time on a crewed charter, so for many, spending more to take the level of boat quality up several notches is not worth the expense. For a few charter guests however, part of the enjoyment is to sail and appreciate something hand crafted and beautifully made. For these people, like driving a fine car, the experience of sailing a high quality yacht is worth the additional expense. At around $24,000 per week including all meals, an Oyster 72 can charter for as much as $8,000 more than some 72' monohulls, but putting things in perspective, the Oyster can be 4 times as expensive to buy, so actually represents fair value.

The company slogan is 'the world's your Oyster' and it is true. These boats have literally cruised the world. We can find one for you in the Caribbean, New (and old) England, the eastern and western Mediterranean and even Tahiti!

Give us a call at 800 621 7855, or
email us. We book hundreds of charters each year, from students on summer break to movie stars on megayachts, so if you are looking for something different, tell us your plans and we will make some suggestions.

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