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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

WE FEATURE THE CREWS ON SOME MAGNIFICENT CATS but these crews started on much smaller boats. You don't have to charter a megayacht to find an exceptional crew. Our brokers will help you find the the quality crews in any price range.

Charter Yacht AkashaThe Matrix 76 is one of the more luxurious catamarans available for charter in today's market. With her 40' beam, flybridge and full width cockpit, she offers a generous amount of space for up to 10 guests. Three of these lovely yachts call the Caribbean home,
AKASHA, ZINGARA and KING'S RANSOM. Crewing these three ships are some of the best charter teams in the biz, and they weren't plucked from megayachts, but rather worked their way up from smaller boats in the same arena.

AKASHA has two crews at her disposal who each charter in 6 month increments. Brett Williams & Veronica Chamberlain and Joanne Vidler & Chris Plowman. Brett and Ronnie both hail from England and, after years of working together, have just recently gotten engaged. Brett is a former Corporate Accounts manager who has a great love of travel. He takes great pride in his creativity for finding ways to please his guests. Ronnie, in addition to being a fantastic chef, is an incredibly active girl, with interests anywhere from her experiences in the Ocean Youth Program and Air Cadets to rock climbing, horseback riding and, of course, travel. These two got their start with the Moorings, then moved on to a Voyage 58' CYNFUL, a 65' custom Dixon called LIARA and finally came to rest on AKASHA.

Their partner crew, Joanne Vidler and Chris Plowman also were born and raised in England. Chris's background is in mechanical engineering. He's also a capable celestial navigator and a windsurfing instructor. Chef Jo has extensive culinary training, a great sense of humor and a warm smile. Chris and Jo got their start on the sailing monohull GITANA, then on to the 60' Fontaine Pajot catamaran PAS DE DEUX, before moving to AKASHA. Both crews are known for their attention to detail. A favorite on Akasha is the crew-invented activities, such as theme nights, etc; the 'dress up box' is a big hit.

ZINGARA also has two crews who alternate on 4 month cycles. Rodrigo and Kerry Ann dos Santos are a young, energetic South African couple who's easy style is a hit with guests. Rod is a fun captain who's goal is to show his guests the best of what the islands have to offer. He loves to get the kids out of the cabins and off the game boys. Rod also plays guitar and is a fire dancer. Kerry is an excellent cook. Self-taught but able to impress the most discerning guests. The dos Santos were first introduced to us on TOM CAT, a 55' Lagoon, later they joined a 55' Simonis, SHELLETTE where they stayed for a number of years before moving up to ZINGARA.

The other crew aboard ZINGARA are Colleen and Peter Leube who began chartering after selling their farm in Zimbabwe. Peter was also a salvage diver, and his knowledge of island history and shipwrecks is impressive. Colleen has done a bit of everything, traveling the world and working in different areas as she went. She loves having guests aboard and it shows. Peter & Colleen had crewed on the popular Voyage Catamaran FANTASY ISLAND.

KING'S RANSOM has one full time crew, led by Euros and Emily Williams. Euros is a confident, capable captain with an infectious smile and great charm. Occasionally, if you are lucky, you will be called to dinner by Euros playing his silver coronet! Emily, his school sweetheart is the perfect compliment to Euros. Winner of multiple cooking competitions, and tireless hostess, she makes great service look effortless. This crew began as the stewardess and first mate aboard the 65' Privilege TRUE NORTH. They struck out on their own crewing the 47' Mayotte SWISH prior to crewing KING'S RANSOM.

Working your way up is not a new concept to the builders of the Matrix line. Peter Wehrley is the former owner of Swish (several years ago) and his son Mark captained a number of yachts in his career including HELIOS, PARSIFAL, NONDI, BELUGA, SWISH, ZINGARA and KING'S RANSOM.

Besides bringing attention to these magnificent yachts and crews, the point we want to make is that there are fantastic crews on many different less expensive yachts, if indeed a 76' luxury cat is currently beyond your reach. Many crews are destined to move on up to future luxury yachts, just like these crews have. Our brokers know that the crew essentially makes the charter and will take great care to find you the best possible match for your group, in your particular price range. Get started by telling a broker what your group is looking for and we will select some yachts and crews we feel you will want to look at!

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