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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection


Those in the know will all tell you that September is a fabulous month to take a charter in the Mediterranean, or indeed New England. The popular spots get very crowded in high season. In Europe, many factories close in August and this month is the traditional time for everyone to take their holiday. By going in September, you can avoid the crowds and the heat, plus the strong Meltemi winds are less of a threat for those sailing around the Greek islands.

Likewise, anyone visiting Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket in August knows how hard it can be to get a slip or a spot to anchor. Here in Maine, the holiday makers leave in droves over the Labor Day weekend, which is officially the end of summer. We have never understood this as each year our best trips have always been in September and we don't haul the boat until mid October!

Barbara and Ed visited most of the popular cruising grounds in their trip in May - you can read their blogs in this newsletter. We thought we would entice you with a few more photographs from that trip, to show just how much a Med charter has to offer.

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All photographs were taken by Ed Hamilton and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

Mykonos is everyone's idea of what a Greek Island should look like! Whitewashed houses set against incredibly blue sky and deep blue sea.
'Little Venice' is a fashionable spot in town. Mykonos is famous for it's wild (and expensive) nightlife!
The famous Mykonos windmills above the town.
Mr. Babula's creative sign for his Taverna also doubles as a drying rack for his octopus!
Tucked away in the villages are numerous churches. We particularly loved this little one with its beautiful ceiling.
At the southern end of the Cyclades Islands lies Santorini. The town perches on the top of the rim of a sunken volcano. The views are like nothing you have seen before.
The islands that make up the rest of the volcano's rim glow in the early morning light.
West of the Cyclades are the islands of the Saronic Gulf, just south of Athens.

Whether you start in Athens or take a fast ferry to meet your yacht further south, it's well worth visiting the city. This theatre is just below the Acropolis.

Poros is a popular stop on a Saronic charter
It's busy waterfront is typical of many of the islands
but there are plenty of quieter streets and hidden shops to explore.
All the islands throughout the Aegean are connected by fast ferries. It often makes far more sense to start and finish your charter in the center of the cruising ground using these ferries rather than taking time to sail there.
On the western side of Greece are the Ionian Islands. Unlike the relatively barren Cyclades, these islands are covered with trees and flowers. This is a particularly nice bareboat destination, offering more protected sailing.
Of course there are plenty of funky waterside restaurants!
The other great cruising ground in the Eastern Med is Turkey, which offers fabulous chartering, great dining and wonderful historic sites, but at lower prices.

This is Gocek, which lies at the east end of the cruising area.

Just outside Gocek, there are several islands with many coves, anchorages and restaurants, most right on the water's edge.
Turkey is full of magnificent historical sites. These ancient Lycian tombs on the Dalyan River are awe inspiring. They were built 4 centuries before the birth of Christ.
Sitting silently in one of the seats of this theatre, it was easy to imagine the plays, activities and entertainment that would have occurred here and the Roman galleons anchored in the harbor below.

It was built in 150 BC.- over time the marshes have filled in the harbor.

Marmaris is in the center of the cruising ground (Bodrum is to the west).
Marmaris has a bit of everything. Fabulous open air dining on the waterfront, great shopping and such friendly people.
Further up the coast, Ephesus is of course one of the most famous ancient Greek sites in the world. We suggest you visit this after your charter rather than sail there. It's about an hour from Bodrum.

The city was started in 356 BC but the library, shown here, was built in 117 AD.

Most flights to the Turkish cruising grounds go through Istanbul, so it is easy to spend a night or two here.

This city is an incredible combination of cultures. On the west side of the Bosphorus, the city lies in Europe, on the east, in Asia. This modern bridge connects the two, in stark contrast to the ancient palaces below.

The famous Blue Mosque would be an impressive achievement even today, but it was built over 400 years ago.

You won't see everything, but if you have time on your way home, it's worth spending a day in this unusual city!

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