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The Moorings has long been an innovative force in bareboat chartering, and is once again leading the way with the announcement of their Exclusive Plus line of bareboats.

Moorings introduced an age-based delineation in their fleets years ago, with their Exclusive Line and Club Line of yachts; the former being 0-2 years in service, and the latter having spent 2-5 years in their fleet. The new Exclusive Plus line guarantees customers who are willing to pay a bit more, (estimated at 5% to 10% over Exclusive Line boats), will get a yacht with no more than 6 months in charter service.

Interestingly, this does not mean that customers booking Exclusive Line yachts will only get yachts between 6 months and 2 years old. By luck of the draw they may get a newer boat but booking an Exclusive Plus boat is the only way to guarantee the newest boat.

The Moorings are initially introducing this new line of boats in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, and will offer the Plus designation in the following yacht models: Moorings 37.2, Moorings 41.3, Moorings 43.3, Moorings 50.5, Moorings 54.5, Moorings 4600 catamaran, and Moorings Power 474 power catamaran.

This is a good opportunity to remind our customers that while paying the premium for the absolute newest boat may not be for everyone, regardless of your budget or experience, a yacht's age is a crucial consideration when choosing a bareboat. We often hear that, "I don't mind how old the boat is as long as it's been maintained."

There's a very big difference between a boat that needs maintenance and boat that needs a full refit, and misunderstanding this can lead to real disappointment for charterers. Boats in Caribbean bareboat service take an abnormal amount of use and abuse, and at some point in their life, no amount of maintenance will ward off the inevitable issues.

While older boats can be a good value for the right customer, the older the boat, the more issues it will have. The make and model of a boat does play a role in how well the boat stands up to charter service, however, and the standards of maintenance can vary widely from operator to operator, (and even base to base for some operators). Ed Hamilton & Co specializes in finding the right blend of quality and price for our customers.

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