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THINGS AREN'T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM (including this photograph)!
Fleet operators, websites, independent brokers - the differences.

When we Googled “Caribbean yacht charters” we got more than 300,000 results! How would you know where to begin selecting a suitable yacht among all those websites? How can you be sure that the information on a website—the photos of the boat, the company or crew description, the “inclusive” cost—are current, true or accurate?

These days it can be very tempting to do your own research and book your own charter, but remember you’re investing a sizable amount of money, traveling a considerable distance, and using hard-earned vacation time, so it makes sense to utilize the advice and security of an independent broker, particularly as the price you pay is the same!

Many fleet managers now have their own websites and actively promote only yachts in their own fleet. In contrast, our top priority is to find the right yacht for you from among the literally hundreds of fleets and individual yachts that we are personally familiar with - regardless of which company represents them. We might regularly suggest and book some yachts in one of these fleets, but there can often be some boats in the same fleet we just wouldn’t recommend.

When it comes to crewed yachts, the crew is often more important than the yacht. Our brokers spend a lot of time visiting yachts all over the world, where we meet crews, size up their abilities and personalities, and inspect their vessels. We then come back to the office and suggest boat options to our clients based on this knowledge.

Everyone benefits from independent advice, so having no ties or commitments to any company or yacht allows us to recommend only vessels we feel are a good fit for your needs. We don't have an obligation to promote boats that we feel are unsuitable just because they are in a fleet.

For several decades we have been offering clients suitable choices from hundreds of bareboat charter companies and more than 1,600 crewed yachts worldwide.

You’ll enjoy the security and convenience of having our professionals handle everything for you, and it won't cost a penny more.

Pictures can be deceiving! The yacht in the photograph at the beginning of this article is actually a work of art, created by French artist Julien Berthier. He has crossed the English Channel and has 'sailed' it around Europe. As you can imagine, he receives plenty of offers of assistance along the way!

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