5 Night Maine Vacation. Day 5 and 6

Maine.DeerIsThoroBold Island was just as beautiful in the morning! We motored through the Thorofare, past Stonington, which is a busy fishing harbor and not a good choice for an overnight – the lobster boats will have you awake before dawn!

The coast of Maine is a perfect cruising ground as it is possible to choose a number of relatively sheltered passages between the huge number of islands, without entering the ocean. From Deer Isle, we headed across to the narrow Fox Isle Thorofare, which divides Vinalhaven and North Haven, two lovely islands with all kinds of anchorages if you have time to linger. We stopped briefly at the yard in North Haven for fuel, then on to Muscle Ridge Channel.

There’s an anchorage either side of Birch Island just east of the channel, with more beaches and an old granite quarry. The kids loved to collect sea urchins and sing to the shells of snails and crabs to get them to come out. Yes, it does work! They also enjoyed hunting for small pieces of granite worn into the shape of a heart and came back with a bag full.

Maine.SingingToShellsThe weather again co-operated for our last night and we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner under the stars. A perfect night.

Next day, the wind freshened slightly from the SW, but it was a relatively smooth ride offshore in 4′ seas and brilliant sunshine. We were back in Wiscasset by mid afternoon.

A yacht charter is a wonderful way to see the Maine coast, because so many of the attractions are offshore. We were on a fast motor yacht, but it would be perfectly possible to do a one way charter covering the same area in 7 nights on a sailboat.

Late August and September are the best months to cruise in Maine. Call us at 800 621 7855, email us, or contact us through the Ed Hamilton & Co site and tell us about your plans.

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