British Virgin Islands Rates Well In Scuba Diving Magazine Poll Diving Magazine recently announced the results of its annual reader poll, called the ‘Top 100 Readers’ Choice Survey’. In the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands took first place in the ‘Top Beginner Diving’ category, second place in ‘Top Underwater Photography’ and third in ‘Top Wreck Diving’.

The British Virgins have always been a popular place to dive and there are many well organized dive companies on several of the main islands. Most offer rendezvous dives for crewed charter yachts, when a dive boat meets a yacht and takes those guests that want to dive off to the dive site, returning them later. The dive company supplies all the gear and the group can be as large or as private as you wish. The advantage is that those not interested in diving don’t have to sit over a dive site or listen to a dive compressor filling tanks.

Many bareboat charter companies have dive shops on site or nearby and of course qualified scuba divers can dive from their bareboat.

Serious divers can also select a private crewed yacht that offers diving, so guests can dive at any time and in any location they choose. There are some wonderful yachts and crews to choose from. We would be happy to make some suggestions. Check the scuba box when telling us about your plans, or email us. There is also more information on the Ed Hamilton & Co site.