The Biggest Bareboat Catamarans

Marm08.hbrFor many years, bareboat yacht charter customers have asked us for the largest cat available. This request makes sense as the reason many groups go with a catamaran rather than a monohull is for the sheer space. Until relatively recently, the largest cats available were in the 46 – 48 foot range, but no longer.

Voyage Charters started offering their 50 foot Voyage 500 models a few years back. This whole line of cats, while being rather low-slung in the bridgedeck, are known for their performance. Aside from the obvious benefit of having gobs of space that comes with a boat that takes up 1350 square feet of water, these 50s were a breakthrough for 5 couples wanting to bareboat charter without having to take 2 yachts. The 5th berth is not a full-fledged equal to other 4 cabins, being really a crew cabin; however, it is a double bed and offers a real step up from using forepeak berths or a convertible salon. Voyage operates from Soper’s Hole, and their Voyage 500 cats range from $7000 to $12,900 per week, depending on date and particular yacht chosen.

Not to be outdone, The Catamaran Company now offers Lagoon 500s for bareboat charter. The 500 is from the new line of Lagoons, also including the Lagoon 440, that has the unique flybridge helm station. This yacht also offers 5 cabins, with the 5th cabin being a proper cabin, albeit furnished with upper/lower single bunks, making the yacht perfect for families. The Lagoon 500 ranges from $8100 to $11900 per week, and is available in the British Virgin Islands as well as the Grenadines.

Fifty feet isn’t big enough? Ok, The Catamaran Company also offers a Lagoon 570 as a bareboat – yes, a 57 foot cat. This is almost unheard of in bareboat chartering, and truly is the biggest catamaran available for bareboat yacht chartering. The 570 boasts 5 cabins, but like the Voyage 500, the 5th cabin is a double bed but was really intended as a crew cabin. The 570 is the best choice for those who want the most space possible in a cat, and is really best for 4 couples. The pricing is very reasonable for the yacht, ranging from $8650 to $11650 per week. The Catamaran Company naturally has more stringent qualification requirements for this yacht, and asks for two qualified skipper’s resumes to charter this boat as a bareboat.

If you’re interested in catamaran yacht charters, and are interested in any cat, large or small, contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll be happy to give you availability and pricing for your dates, and recommend a suitable cat for you and your guests.