The New Moorings, Sunsail, Footloose Base in the BVI

IMG_6987.200wWe’re well into the season, and we have already had many guests starting their charter at the new Moorings, Sunsail and Footloose, marina in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. These three major bareboat charter companies moved in together last Fall, so we were particularly interested to hear how everything was running. This was an enormous undertaking, made harder by the merger of the companies’ booking offices. Sunsail moved from Annapolis to Florida so many of the booking staff are new. There have, quite naturally, been problems and growing pains, but in many ways, we feel there could have been far more. I visited the base in November and was concerned by the shear size, knowing how many hundreds of people would shortly be descending on these docks.IMG_6965.200

We would like to hear what you think about the advantages of having these large companies in one location, particularly if you have started a charter at the new facility. Someday we will do a larger article in the newsletter, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your comments.