Tired Of The Winter Weather Yet?

For most people, it’s 3 to 4 months before the boat goes back in the water. Here in Maine we’re told we are having an easier winter than states further south. We’re certainly more comfortable coping with snow, but in reality, most of us are already ready for winter to end.

MaineWinterBook a Caribbean yacht charter in late February or March, and when you return, the weather will be improving and splashing the boat will be a tolerable few weeks away!

Additionally the best weather in the Caribbean is traditionally in later March and April, when the trade winds have settled and are blowing steadily, but in truth the differences are small. January and February are also great times to charter, with the added bonus of getting away from the worst weather up north.

Pick up the phone before the next Nor’easter arrives. The brokers at Ed Hamilton & Co. can have you on a plane before you know it. Tell us about your group and let us suggest some great bareboat charter companies or private crewed yachts. You can call us at 800 621 7855 or email us at info@ed-hamilton.com.