Tour Of Eastern Med Destinations #3. Saronic Gulf and Athens

Greece.ParthenonWe have headed east to Greece and the Saronic Gulf. Most people will fly into Athens and many will spend at least a night in the city. There are certainly plenty of sights to see, including the Acropolis, but the city cannot expand because of the surrounding hills and is very crowded. It can also be very hot in the summer. If you are passionate about history you will love it but others might be ready to get out to the islands. Piraeus, which is the closest port and where the bareboat and crewed charters often start from, is very commercial and not an ideal place to start a charter. We would suggest taking one of the excellent fast ferries from Piraeus to the Saronic or Cyclades Islands and begin the charter in a more central and beautiful area.

Greece.PorosWaterfrontThe Saronic Gulf offers easy sailing, more protection and some beautiful islands. Because it is close to Athens, many boat owners from the city visit these islands, particularly on summer weekends.

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