Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

For when you return from your vacation

Welcome home! We hope you enjoyed your charter.

While all is fresh in your mind, would you please take a moment to complete this short questionnaire. Your comments are very important to us and help us monitor a company's performance. This form is for our information only and WILL NOT BE SENT TO THE CHARTER COMPANY, so please be as objective and honest as possible.
Your criticisms do not necessarily mean you did not enjoy your vacation or that you would not recommend the company.

The form has a Yes/No format so it will only take a few moments to complete, but please add additional notes in the comment boxes if you wish.
Charter Details
  The name the charter was booked under:
  The charter company: and location:
  The boat's name:
  The start date of the charter:
  Your e-mail address:
Was the boat's overall condition
  First class. Not new, but looked well cared for. A little on the tired side.


Had the teak handrails, etc. been recently oiled or varnished
  Yes. No. Not sure. No teak on the boat
Was the hull clean
  Yes. No. Comments.
How clean was the boat below deck
  Immaculate. Good. Fair. Poor.


Did you find the staff
  Professional. Friendly. Helpful. On the slow side. Reserved. Somewhat disorganized. Too casual. ( you may check more than one).


Was the boat check out
  Thorough. Adequate. Too short. Too casual. Not detailed enough - had to ask a lot of questions.


Were you shown the location of
  Lifejackets. Through hull fittings. Engine dipstick. Emergency tiller. Valves to switch water tanks
Was there a separate chart briefing describing anchorages, restaurants, etc.
  Yes. No.
If so, was it
  Thorough. Adequate. Not detailed enough.


Did you have to ask for any equipment to be added or repaired before you left the dock?
  Yes. No. Items added or repaired
Once under way, did you have any of the following problems
  Air in pressure water system. Batteries not holding charge. Overheating engine. Balky outboard. Torn or ancient sails. Missing equipment

Please specify any additional problems.

Did you have to call the company for equipment failure during your charter
  Yes. No. How many times?
If so, how did the company respond?
  Sent mechanic within two hours. Asked you to return to the marina. Directed you to another marina. Told you how to fix problem over radio.
Do you feel the company
  Took care of the problem professionally. Could have been a bit faster. Very slow - serious inconvenience. Problem not solved permanently.

Additional comments.

Do you feel the problem was caused by lack of maintenance
  Yes. Probably. Probably not. No.
If you provisioned through the company, was the
  Quality........First class. Good. Fair. Poor
  Quantity........More than enough. Just right. Expected a bit more for the price.

Additional comments.

Would you choose to take the provisioning option again
  Yes. Probably. Probably not. Will provision ourselves next time.
If you were planning to charter again would you
  Try to book with this company. Consider other companies. Prefer another company.

Additional comments.

If you booked your flights through Caribbean Travel:
  Did you have any problems, and if so, do you feel Caribbean Travel could have avoided these problems?

We are constantly changing and expanding our literature
  so we would also appreciate comments on how our service could be improved. Were there any questions we could have answered before the trip? What additional information would have been helpful?

Thank you.

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