FAQ page for problems accessing your charter information

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Q: After submitting my password I reached the first page but was returned to the password page when I tried to select a boat or a subject.
A: For your protection the server uses 'cookies' to check your password every time you view a new page. This makes it harder for any unauthorized people to access your information or tamper with our database. For the site to work, cookies must be turned ON in your browser. Your cookie is automatically removed from our site after one hour of inactivity. You probably have cookies turned off on your computer. If in doubt, click here to see how to turn them on.

You might also be operating your computer behind a firewall, particularly when at the office. Ask your web person to change the settings to allow cookies or try your computer at home.
Q: I submitted my password and ID but they were refused.

You may be using the wrong type of password:
passwords for confirmed charter information always start with the letters CC,
but passwords for web packages start with the first two letters of your name. (If your name contains an 'o' or an 'i', be careful not to type a 'zero' or a 'one'.

If you are a confirmed charterer checking your information, check a recent summary of your reservstion - the ID and password are listed under your address in the top left hand corner.

If you are accessing your bareboat or crewed yacht package, the ID and password were emailed to you. Call or email us if you have problems.
Q: I recently made a payment or a change to my reservation, but it is not reflected on my summary (current charters only)
A: The database might not have been updated yet, particularly if the change was over a weekend. If the pages are not updated within 6 hours on a weekday, please contact us.
Q: I have two charters booked but cannot access my confirmed charters information for the second booking.
A: When you enter the password for your first booking, a temporary cookie is placed on your computer, to enable you to move from page to page without entering password information each time. This cookie expires about an hour after the last sign of activity. If you try to access your other charter with your second password before this happens, the machine recognize the original cookie and shows an error. To work around this, you can wait for the original cookie to expire, or you can go into your cookies folder which is in your browser's preferences. Simply delete any cookies that start with the numbers data.ed-hamilton.com. They will normally be the first ones on the list. Once deleted, you can enter the new password and access the second booking.