Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

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Nick A. chartering HYPNAUTIC April 15, 2011
'Tom was the perfect Captain. He was friendly but did not invade our privcy, but would interact with us as invited. He is knowledgeable about the boat and all of the geography. The literature prior to the trip was helpful and thorough.'

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Heide K. chartering 'Sublime' April 5, 2011
'Everything on the boat was in perfect condition and remained so! There was plenty of 'on deck' space both shady and sunny. Beds were very comfortable! Nice hammock for viewing the stars at night and sunning during the day. Brian Johnson was very professional and efficient as well as outgoing. He gave us good suggestions on places to see and was always mindful of wishes we expressed and fulfilled them. The meals, like everything else, were amazing. Way beyond our expectations. The chef, Stephanie Johnson, was very mindful of our likes and dislikes. Every meal was 5 Star quality. We absolutely loved our trip. We can't say enough good things about the crew and the boat!

Mark M. chartering 'The Dove' March 26, 2011
'Larry was great, informative and a good teacher. Everything was great! Food & Service.'

Linda T. Chartering '123 Relax' March 26, 2011
'The boat was always immaculate! Cabins wre quite comfortable, as was the cockpit. There is not a lot of sunning space, but it was adequate for the 4 of us. Flavio is awesome! A great chef, a great sailor! We have sailed before with captains who liked to motor but Flavio really sailed as he realized that's what we preferred. His boat is really a great boat for sailing. Five Star cuisine! Beautiful! Our daughter remembered each day by what we had for dinner. Everything was accurate. Flavio is a wonderful captain with a very engaging personality. Neila is unbelievably sweet and considerate. They were very quiet and considerate. Perfect to spend a week with!

Cindy T. chartering 'Titan XIV' March 20, 2011
'Captain Peter was very friendly if you engaged him in conversation. We enjoyed having him as our Captain. (On the meals) Exceptional, all the way around! Yacht was what we expected based on photos and description. It was beautiful and comfortable.'

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Rick W. chartering 'Dreaming On' March 18, 2011
'Geoff and Iza were great a perfect balance of professional and friendly. Very easy to be around. The meals were amazing! Truly perfect in all ways. Very accommodating to our son who doesn't eat 'green' things!'

Troy S. chartering SHIWARA March 11, 2011
'Very comfortable, lots of room to sit and relax on deck. Our Captain was very attentive to our needs, took our safety seriously and showed us a great time. Very knowledgable about sailing.

Jim W. chartering TRUE NORTH March 11, 2011
'Perfect, exceeded our expectations...and we are picky. Whitey was always trying to please. Never had a Captain so willing to move the boat to find the 'perfect' spot. (on the food) Always good. Excelled in presentation, new linens each meal. Steve did a great job!'

Louis L. chartering MAEVIE February 27, 2011
'Always little details on the dinner table. The most comfortable catamaran, great master bed room, space to eat outside and the second level to relax. Presentation was unbelievable, quality was always on the menu and quantity was perfect.'

Peter H. chartering ASTAHAYA February 24, 2011
'immaculate. We could not have had a better boat or a better crew. Wonderful sailing with a super crew. Neil adn Karen are a great team. Karen's meals were outstanding. She always produced meals that were a joy to look at and delicious to eat. Her ingredients being top quality and fresh. The quantity always right for each time of the day. A wonderful cook. Everything was even better than expected. '

Rick K. charterng STENELLA Februrary 19, 2011
'Very comfortable. Andy did a great job and kept it fun the entire time. Vicki did an amazing job with the food. It exceeded our expectations. Everyone did a great job and we felt like things went off as planned.'

Beth H. chartering 'Pas De Deux' February 12, 2011
'Could not have been nicer! Top notch! The boat and crew were everything we expected and more! Our crew was always so accommodating and we felt right at home! I highly recommend this boat and it's crew. Best vacation ever!'

Allen M. chartering 'AVALON' January 30, 2011
'Plenty of space and very comfortable. Captain was very professional and personable. Very service oriented and anticipated all of our needs. Five Star Service, he did not miss a beat the whole week. The trip was awesome and exceeded our expectations. Great food and great service! Beautiful boat!.

Sarah M. chartering 'SYNERGY' January 29, 2011
'The boat was very comfortable. The deck chairs were great, our cabin very spacious and the head was just right. Glen made us feel very comfortable from the moment we arrived at the harbor. He was a great skipper, we always felt safe and he was gracious, warm and friendly to boot! The meals were extraordinary! Deb was an excellent chef. She offered many choices each meal, the presentation was 5 star and the taste fabulous. I never expected the food to be so good. Deb did amazing things in the small, but fully stocked galey. Wow, very impressive! Your descriptions were right on.'

Liz S. chartering 'Yes Dear' January 23, 2011
'Very comfortable, we never felt crowded. Ian was very good. He tried all week to show us new places and dives. This was our fourth charter. He always asked our opinion and sometimes changed his plans to suit ours. Jody did a great job. She cooks healthy meals that were presented very well. You were right on.'

William P. chartering 'Tonina' January 20, 2011
'The Tonina is a beautiful boat that has had wonderful care and upkeep. Our room was cleaned every day and our bed was made. The boat was immaculate and welcoming. Peter really knows his boat and his skills and knowledge of the area were outstanding. He helped Karen in the galley adn was very helpful with our camera adn computer issues. Peter is just plain fun and all around a great young man. Every night Karen and Peter would ask us what we wanted to do the next day. Togehter we charted the course and day. Every meal was presented in a beautiful manner and the taste matched the excellent presentation. I would change nothing. The boat was just as described and Karen and Peter were more than what we expected. They tossed in lots of laughter and fun to each day.'

Joe S. chartering 'Sayang' January 18, 2011
'Like new condition. Very comfortable space, perfect for the two of us. We felt very safe in Paul's hands. All the meals were prepared with our preferences in mind. It was our first crewed charter and it exceeded our expectations. Excellent boat and crew. You guys did a really great job. Steve was very professional and matched us to the right boat. THANK YOU!.'

Vaughn S. chartering 'Honiara' January 12, 2011
'They were great hosts! Wonderful! With more than enough to eat at every meal. Can't say enough good things about the food. Very fresh. Highly recommended!'

Nora F. chartering 'Marmot' January 5, 2011
'Quite comfortable. Totally geared to what we wanted to do and of course Al took us on some excursions without us needing to ask. Sarah did an awesome job! Presentation beautifu, food delicious, and with variety and fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Sarah really addressed our likes and dislikes.

Susie F. chartering 'Sublime' December 26, 2010
(letter in full)'I am writing to express my group's satisfaction with all aspects of our recent charter. SUBLIME was in immaculate condition and was a perfect choice for our needs. I cannot say enough to properly praise Captain Brian Johnson adn Chef Stephanie Johnson for exceeding our expectations in all areas. The food was absolutely delicious, as good or better than any land-side restaurant. The service we received was equal to that of a five star hotel. We would recommend SUBLIME highly, and we will look forward to sailing again.Exceeded expectatons!'

Laura R. chartering '5 STAR' December 26, 2010
'Wonderful boat, everything was pristine. Floating Bean Bag 'Lay Low's were the most amazing toy ever. We loved Hugh and Alison. Everything was fresh and expertly prepared. We loved every meal and the painkillers are a fave as well. Alison = Amazing. Great Job! Charter exceeded expectations.

Janet S. chartering 'SWISH' December 22, 2010
'I would recommend Grant and Tara to anyone who want to see the BVI. They were both knowledgeable, skilled and a lot of fun. The food was fabulous, the boat was immaculate adn the weather was superb. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.'

Murray L. chartering 'KINGS RANSOM' December 18, 2010
'Exceeded expectations. Enjoyed the Captain and rest of the crew. All of the food done to perfection, and never went hungry.'

Terry H. chartering 'BLUE BAYOU' December 12, 2010
'Immaculate. Extremely comfortable. The meals were fabulous. Each meal was different and beautifully presented on nice dishes. Ruth is an excellent cook and Walt is too. Your advice was good. We thought we were paying a lot for Blue Bayou compared to another suggestion. Emily assured us that our boat was more modern and we would enjoy it more. We did and it was worth the extra bucks. It put us at ease that you actually met the crew adn saw the boat at the boat show. Your recommendation about a good match was spot on.'

John C. chartering 'AMARYLLIS' December 4, 2010
'Snorkeling equipment was fabulous. Loved the sunning spots and dining area. My husband enjoyed learning (sailing) from Bruce. We were so pleasantly surprised by the meals! Never was any food repeated, there was never a meal we did not like, there was plenty to eat adn the presentation was beautiful. We feel Bruce and Laura were the perfect Captains for us. They were friendly yet professional.

Raymond T. chartering 'VIKING DREAM' November 20, 2010
'Every meal we had surpassed our expectations. Breakfast was amazing with a variety of either pastries or eggs cooked per our choice with bacon. Lunch was either a gourmet salad, burger, fajitas and dinner was always delicious. My children described it as 'the best food they've ever eaten'. The boat was perfect. It was very apparent the pride Mark and Sally take of their boat. We especially enjoyed watching the video the owners have made on you tube. It helped us feel like we had already met the crew upon arrival.

Yvette J. chartering '5 STAR' November 6, 2010
'Comfortable bed, great shower, air conditioning, great sound system. We both feel that we found a friend adn hope they will come visit us. He (the Captain) really knows his sailing and really knows how to teach. I am the reluctant sailor and my husband is experienced. I felt that he taught me well and my husband felt he learned a bit that he didn't know. Couldn't have asked for better food. I was worried because I am losing weight andhate ot have huge portions that end up being thrown away. Hugh gauged our intake adn was spot on on portion sizes. The food was excellent, like being at a restaurant. '

Garland E. chartering 'SILVER MOON' November 8, 2010
'Bob was outstanding. Very helpful and educational, and a great musician. Wow, best food ever. Mary presented a beautiful fruit bowl every day and every dinner was special. I loved the way your company has all the boat and crew information online.'

Kenneth M. chartering 'SYNERGY' November 9, 2010
'Glen adn Debbie were very welcoming! We became friends immediately. Their boat became our home for the next week. And it really felt like home! We were appreciative of the cleanliness throughout the entire trip. Glen was a hoot! We enjoyed his company, and that of Debbie's, tremendously. Kenneth enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know the Beneteau. Glen was very knowledgeable. He allowed Kenneth to take the helm many times during the trip. The meals were without question fabulous! Debbie is a gourmet cook. She surprised us with wonderful, wonderful meals and snacks.'

Dana B. chartering 'SECRET OASIS' November 10, 2010
'The captain and cook were busy from the time they awoke until after we retired. The boat was very comfortable, even with 9 guets we were not crowded. The meals were fantastic, I gained 6 pounds. We were very happy with the meals. Adele worked very hard to exceed our needs. We learned the boat was named 'Best in Show' and best Cat over 50 feet. The boat exceeded our expectations. The crew were fantastic. The crew were fantastic. We hope to return and sail with Richard and Adele.'

Tatia G chartering 'SPIRIT' November 16, 2010
'Very comfortable. (meals) Presentation was beautiful, quality was excellent adn quantity was more than adequate. Stephens's descriptions were very accurate. WE had specific questions/concerns about crewpersonalities regarding receptiveness to a lesbian couple. He steered us to a very friendly and open crew on Spirit'

Regina D. chartering '123 RELAX' November 22, 2010
'Neila was so good we never even saw her cleaning our V berth. We enjoyed Flavio & Neila so much and asked that they eat with us, and they did. I didn't reuest to learn to sail but if I had Flavio is the one to explain and show you. He was extremely knowledgeable, and he know the waters and reefs where he can go and where he would be taking high risks which he did not and wouldn't do with guests or alone. He makes you feel very comfortable because he is so knowledgeable. All (the meals) were unbelieveable, there was more than enough at all meals. Didn't expect to be eating hot lunch and dinner tried foods I do not normally eat. I'm a picky eater and I was blown away with what Flavio made. Surpassed our expectations by far. Oh, the desserts were awesome! '

Joe N. chartering '5 STAR' November 28, 2010
'The 5 Star is a lovely sailboat. We enjoyed the totality of the experience. Hugh was perfect for us. Great Irish wit and charm, fabulous chef, excellent sailor. The meals were fabulous. Way beyond our expectations. Hugh is a magician in the galley. The sailboat was exactly what we expected...and Hugh provided a level of service that was way beyond our expectations, and our expectations were very high. He was delightful, accommodating in the extreme. Hugh made this trip a memory that we will never forget. We would seek him out again, he was wonderful.

Mitch Y. chartering '5 Star' October 25, 2010
'Loved Hugh, consider him a new friend. Superb!'

Keith D. chartering 'Sudiki' October 5, 2010
'Duff & Christine are great. Professional and friendly. They made us very comfortable. Meals were superb and 5 star restaurant quality! '

Mark H. chartering 'Wave Runner' September 11, 2010
'The entire crew was wonderful. Everything was fresh and well prepared. Plenty of food and drink. I sent a couple of emails asking many questions. You all were wonderful in providing the responses.'

John D. chartering 'Spirit' August 24, 2010
'The welcome aboard was fantastic. Tim was engaging and professional. The food was delicious and the presentation was lovely. In addition, Angela's homemade drinks were fantastic. The guidebook and planning materials Ed Hamilton & Co sent were very helpful.'

Stephen D. chartering 'Soul's Calling' July 31, 2010
'The boat was waiting for us. We were welcomed with very open arms by Alex and Carla and made to feel like we were at home as soon as we boarded. Alex Mulder was terrific! He was professional, fun, informative and a pleasure to spend our week's sail with. I can't imagine a better captain or host exists. Carla did a wonderful job with each meal, 3 times daily, plus snacks. The presentation was excellent, the quality was second to none, the quantity was usually more than we could finish. Carla's work ethic in the kitchen showed with each meal's presentation. In addition she was a pleasure to share our vacation with. We wouldn't change a thing. The description on the website and provided by Steve McCrea were right on the money. The yacht and crew were AWESOME!'

Jim B. chartering 'Sublime' July 24, 2010
'Rock Band game for Wii was awesome! Brian gave us the opportunity to learn if we wanted. (meals) Northing short of incredible. Absoultely 5 star meals. Presentation was stunning and the food was even better. The boat exceeded our expectations in all ways. Emily was very responsive and helpful.'

Aduato M. chartering 'Safari 44' July 17, 2010
'It was very comfortable. Captain Terri was very nice, she was patient and instructive. Erin made excellent meals.'

Doug H. chartering 'Naej', July 14, 2010
'Very spacious and comfortable. Beautiful meals, well presented,plenty of food at all meals. Delicious. Exactly as described.'

Tim P. chartering 'Matira' July 13, 2010
'Smack bang in the middle fo Marigot Bay, towered over everything else in sight - Superb. A very comfortable catamaran to travel on in all aspects.'

Jeanne B. chartering 'Concerto' July 10, 2010
'Very comfortable, large master, and two dining areas. Gordon was marvelous (captain). He is friendly and fun, related to the kids as well as adults very well. Very accommodating. Claire was a great chef. The food was so healthy & fresh. We stuck to med cuisine and she really got creative.'

Roxanne D. chartering 'Sublime' July 3, 2010
'Sublime is beautiful! Very spacious, well laid out, definitely comfortable, making it easier to relax. Brian rates a perfect 10! Excellent captain, host, and highly experienced diver. Our party consisted of all levels of divers; confidence in Brian's abilities made it so much easier to feel comfortable in the water. He was very patient adn thorough working with our young/new divers. We have always wanted to dive with our kids and become a family of divers....Brian helped fulfill that dream. Thank you!
Can you say delicious?! Stephanie is is her food! Great match! Thank you!'

Chuck G. chartering 'Sayang' June 27, 2010
'Paul was a great host and an excellent captain. Paul and Ratna recomended certain things given the time, weather and venue. We chose based on our own preferences. Ratna is an excellent chef- every meal was wonderful. I was thrilled at the condition of the boat and I would make sure future guests know how pristine adn lovingly the boat is cared for.'

Robert C. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' June 20, 2010
'Meals were wonderful in every respect and very ample. Bonnie spoiled us! Deck space and seating were better than anticipated. We have had 3 Maine crewed charters and Bonnie Lynn with Earl & Bonnie was by far the best! For anyone who wants a Maine charter, don't even think of alternatives if Bonnie Lynn is available, and you can quote me!

Rob E. chartering 'True North' June 20, 2010
'Very comfortable. Whitey was very accommodating to our ideas. Meals were EXCELLENT. Maxine is a wonderful cook. Your description was accurate and a good match for our family. We were impressed at the quality and atmosphere that the crew exhibited all day every day. Great experience.'

Alexander W. chartering 'Motu' June 19, 2010
'Exceptional food quality and service! '

Tom H. chartering 'ZARIK' June 16, 2010
He (the captain) was wonderful. The meals were outstanding. Better than any restaurant we went to. They followed ou requests exactly. The food was presented beautifully and there was always more than enough. Truly exceptional.

Linda M. chartering 'Antillean' June 14, 2010
'Heidi and John keep the boat completely clean and tidy all the time. It was extremely comfortable. They had a great bimini for shade and side panesl for afternoon shade and later rain, which was really good. My husband is very fair skinned and worried about being out in the sun too long, so we were really pleased at all the shade area. Salon was really large and the cabins were fine. John was great fun and easy to talk with. We hit some bad weather for two days and it was wonderful to have a captain that I had complete confidence in. Heidi did a great job of serving delicious, healthy meals, which is just what we had requested. A great variety of foods, nicely presented. I ate more than I should have! '

Mitch B. chartering 'Tonina' June 13, 2010
'Outstanding meals. Accurate description. Exceeded our expectations in every way.'

Christine M. chartering 'Sabore' May 30, 2010
'The boat was well cared for and was always tidy and beautiful. Colin was very helpful, knowledgeable and a great conversationalist. The meals were amazing, the presentation was beautiful and so tasty. Penny made special arrangements for our youngest and who didn't care for seafood. Penny made her a lovely meal to fit her tastes. Penny is the best hostess! She made our teenage girls feel so welcome and bonded with them. It was a great week. '

Alison L. chartering 'Aldebaran' May 29, 2010
'It was perfect! There are not enough words to adequately describe how utterly and totally amazing Crystal's cooking was!!!! Ed Hamilton & Co's process was so easy and helpful all along the way.'

Sandy C. chartering 'Mystique' May 29, 2010
'Tavros agreed to pick us up in the very small Ammondi Bay directly below our hotel! He was clearly in command and protecting us and the boat at all times, but really a character and fun. He was well known on Poros where he used to tach diving and he introduced us to all of his buddies. Yorgos quickly adapted to breakfast and dinner, his plans accommodated this easily (instead of lunch). Food was plentiful and delicious. He owned a restaurant in Crete. The boat was spectacular.'

Andy L. chartering 'Sublime' May 25, 2010
'Awesome crew. Dive gear is excellent. Brian did an outstanding job on a charter with some tough weather. Always had adventures to go on, always made sure we were part of the planning and pulled everything off to purfection. We planned, or helped plan everything and Brian always had something extra to add and make the day even better. (describe the meals) Perfection, even by Vail/New York standards. Stephanie is amazing, presentation is beautiful and quality an quantity were never an issue. The boat is great, and knowing Brian and Steph, will only get better.'

Chris M. chartering 'Tonina' May 23, 2010
'Karen spoiled us. The boat is beautiful and they make sure to keep it that way. So comfortable we didn't want to leave. Beds very comfy. Spendt most of our tme out back/ eating area which was great. Love cover over front section, cushion & nets. (the crew was) Fun but professional. Karen is a perfectionist! Food was right portions and incredibly fresh. Enjoyed fresh fruit/bread/eggs at breakfast. Lunch was exactly what I wanted - salad & fish/chicken. Dinner was awesome and she has a talent for desserts! Boat is beautiful, can't say enough great things about Pete/Karen. made us very welcome and comfortable in their home/boat. Steve was great in helping us make our decision.

Tim F. chartering 'Lionheart' May 24, 2010
'Captain Andy was great, very good demeanor for this type of duty. Adapted well to our family and personalities. '

Chris C. chartering 'Flying GInny VII' May 22, 2010
'The Flying Ginny was everything I expected and more. Tom was awesome. I don't think I requested (sailing instruction) but he was quite infomrative to all of us. We loved that! (meals) Superb....every one of them. '

Glenn H. chartering 'Sublime' May 17, 2010
'Very comfortable. We loved the boat! Brian was an excellent captain and dive instructor. Stephanie is an amazing cook. The food was outstanding! Very accurate description.'

Lesley M. chartering 'VIKING DREAM' May 3, 2010
'Mark and Sally (she's a captain too) were fantastic on all levels! (on the meals) 5 Star all the way. Great quality, variety, presentation, portions and taste. Sally was amazing, friendly and very talented.'

Angie C. chartering 'SHIWARA' May 3, 2010
He (the Captain) was great! We enjoyed our trip. It was as advertized and we will do it again. Thanks!'

Soames H. chartering 'SAYANG' May 1, 2010
Loved everything. Dinner was lovely and breakfast and lunch always customized to our desire/schedule.'

Sterling S. chartering 'GOOD NEWS' April 26, 2010
'Very clean! The hammock was one of our favorite spots during sunset. Very comfortable! The meals were great! Debbie is a perfectionist and had plenty of variety and quantity.'

Marianne L. chartering 'King's Ransom' April 20, 2010
'The boat was great. Our Chef was terrific. Beyond our expecatations.'

Laura H. chartering 'STENELLA' April 18, 2010
'Very comfortable, plenty of space above and below for our 5 person charter. Without question, the food was the best that any of us have ever had! KC is an amazing chef, five stars! The amazing thing is that given all we ate, we didn't gain weight. Five more stars for healthy cooking! Appetizers, entrees and desserts were all delicious, beautifully presented and plentiful. Your boat and crew descriptions are very accurate. Thanks to Emily for encouraging me to book Stenella. She was 'right on' that the crew would be a perfect fit for our family. Andy and KC were lots of fun for us all to be around. THey were wonderfully gracious hosts. This vacation will be remembered by our family as one of the very best ever.'

Daniel S. chartering 'SYNERGY' April 10, 2010
Glen was very experienced and friendly. Debra was a fantastic chef. Exceeded our expectations.'

Holly & Jeff S. chartering 'AURORA 67' April 10, 2010
'Phenomenal. Sam malone is an excellent chef. After the second day we actually started photographing the meals because the presentation was so beautiful. The quality was outstanding, unique and always plenty. Loved it!'

Nita C. chartering '5 Star' April 4, 2010
'Absolutely the best experience, ever. Very comfortable! Great personality. Awesome food and drinks, presentation, quality and quantity were perfect. WEll balanced meals, thoughtfully prepared and creative as well.'

Katie H. chartering 'SCORPIO' April 2, 2010
'Crew provided child-appropriate toys specifically for our daughter. All food was delicious and well presented. Crew were very flexible about our daughter's fussiness.'

Lisa H. chartering 'SHIWARA' April 2, 2010
'We LOVED our captain - he was awesome! Very knowledgeable re salling, the area, etc. Kids loved the surfing lesson and all came away able to do it. Captain Kirk is very good iwht teenagerds, in particular. Slightly more dated than it appeared, but it was comfortable and perfect for our needs. They did great with captain recommendations for our purposes.'

Tom F. chartering 'ZINGARA' March 29, 2010
'Perfect! Wonderful! Would sail with this crew again!'

Dick E. chartering 'Aloha Malolo' March 22, 2010
Eric made us feel right at home. He was there when we needed him but not too much that we did not have family time. Eric was an excellent instructor who allowed us to lear all aspects. Meals were to die for! Eveyln produced miracle meals from that litle galley, and accommodate a couple of teenagers palates while serving the adults her fabulous creations.'

Alan G. Chartering 'SPIRIT' March 20, 2010
'Perfect. He (the Captain) was very informative, safe, and a great teacher. We could not have asked for more. We were very particular and everything was provisioned for that we had asked. The airport in Newark held us up and the Captain completely accommodated us. Wonderful cooking. We have been to 5 star restaurants in NYC frequently and the food would stand up to any of those chefs.'

Ross M. chartering 'ANTILLEAN' March 15, 2010
Prompt pickup, rapidly stowed and off immediately. Nice woodwork, all in well maintained condition. Widely knowledgeable (captain). Delicious (meals) well made, creative. we were impressed from the first meal and were never let down. She satisfied a wide range of tastes, with some variations to suit preferenes. Heidi made us feel welcome and cared for.'

James B. chartering 'BREANKER' March 6, 2010
'We like the outdoor seating and the canvas. We had been on the boat before, but it is in better shape than when we were aboard 10 years ago.'

Steven R. chartering 'Dream Maker' March 1st, 2010
'Well laid out, Guest cabin was the most comfortable I've experienced in a craft this size. Cannot speak too highly of the Osbourne's. Both Bill and Cathy are expert sailors and ood teachers. '

Steve S. chartering '5 Star' February 27, 2010
'The boat was spotless and looked very inviting. I can't say enough things about our Captain, Hugh! He was always smiing, friendly, down to earth, calm, outgoing and professional. He knows the Caribbean very well and shared many stories. He taught us many things about sailing. He and Allison both were always able to offer suggestions on things to do and the best places to do them. Both wer always available to drop us off or pick us up as needed. We felt that we were in good hands at all times. Hugh was an excellent instructor. Every meal was delicious and the quanitity was perfect. All meals were well thought out and had beautiful presentation. Kudos to Allison for accommodating all of our food allergies!!! in fact, I liked the meals so much I have requested the recipes. Everything was as described! When we got on board and met Allison and Hugh it was as if we already knew them and the boat a bit. In fact we even commented on how everyting was 'just like the pictures and descriptions'.

Reg V. chartering 'Graunya' February 16 ,2010
'Captain Mike went out of his way for us from day one to the time we left for the airport. He took us to the airport, waited while we got boarding passes and tehn took us out to sunset beach instead of just dropping us off. Awesome. You were right on and very professional. Thats why I always use you and have recommended Ed Hamilton many times. '

Andrew D chartering 'Marmot' February 13, 2010
'Fantastic food. Loved everything Sarah prepared. Nothing too much trouble and the children loved everything that Sarah made for them too. Al and Sarah were a perfect match for our family. They made our Holiday. We felt very lucky to have them as our skipper and chef.

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Kristen D. chartering 'Aloha Malolo' January 31, 2010
'The boat was kept extremely clean during the charter, despite the fact that we have 3 young boys who often make a big mess. We never saw Evelyn or Eric cleaning, but everything was always spotless and we always had fresh towels, sheet, etc. Everything was in perfect condition and a lot of toys on board seemed brand new. We could not have had a better captain than Eric. He was very professional, but also a great guy to hang around with on our vacation- so easygoing, nice and funny. He was endlessly patient with our boys and constantly had a new trick up his sleeve to keep them busy (like making a message in a bottle, playing cards with them or dragging them around on the kneeboard. Evelyn spoiled us to death with her cooking. All the meals were beautifully presented and absolutely delicious! we couldn't believe the amazing meals she came up with for us, several times a day, every day. Evelyn always made sure that everyone had enough to eat and was constantly offering to make more food for anyone still hungry. Dealing with Steve (and also Emily and Lynne) was an absolute pleasure. I have never had such a good experience planning a trip as I did this one. Steve was so patient and cheerful in answering my 9 million questions and so ehlpful in helping us match up to the right boat. Planning this trip was a really great experience and I would not hesitate to use your services again and have recommended your firm to everyone I know. We had the best vacation of our lives thanks to your great advice!'

Ron R. chartering '5 Star' January 30, 2010
'Hugh and Alison are professional in every way. We've never eaten so well in the BVI. We went with high expectations and they were exceeded in every way. We will go back!'

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Donnie F. chartering 'Viaggio' January 30, 2010
'The crew gave us the service of the Ritz Carlton but made it look effortless. Loved him (captain). Very knowledgeable. We felt safe. We had great conversations with him. (Meals) A1, Unbelievable, fantastic, well balanced, delicious, carefully portioned, beautifully presented. '

Elizabeth B chartering 'Genesis' January 26, 2010
'The last day was as immaculate/clean as the first. 5 star each and every meal. The boat, captain, crew, experience...far exceeded expectations.'

Tom D. chartering 'Resilience' January 24, 2010
'Captain O'Connell was professional with an easy manner that translated to the crew and made for a very enjoyable experience for us all. The tone he set was just right. I hope to be on this yacht again. (Meals) Suffice it to say that we havd a few discriminating palates on board who were very impressed with Dario's culinary skills. He paid attention to our preferences perfectly and the birthday dinner he made for my wife was extraordinary...We feel there could not be a better chef down there.'

Steve S. chartering 'Spirit' January 17, 2010
'Spotless. Absolutely went out of their way to make it as comfortable as possible. (the crew) Couldn't have been nicer. Very knowledgeable, safety-oriented, took great care of the boat. Angela's cooking and Tim's grilling were top-notch. We would highly recommend Spirit for a two person crewed charter. Exceeded expecations, couldn't have been more accommodating! Thanks for recommending them!

John S. chartering 'Sayang' January 16, 2010
'All fair and accurate descriptions. Our experience with Ed Hamilton & Co and the crew and vessel Sayang were all exceptional. Very professional and positive!'

Margaret M. chartering 'Cool Change' January 16, 2010
'We were very pleased with the size and condition of the boat. Ted is one of the most interesting and multi-faceted people I have ever met. Gina was very sweet and a very good and knowledgeable instructor. Ever meal was well presented and delicious.'

Audrey R. chartering 'Lumahai' January 14, 2010
'The boat was in immaculate condition, completely ready for us. David was an excellent skipper, and provided the information we asked. Meals were outstanding. The quality was high and the quantity perfect. The boat was MORE than we had expected. It was nice to be delightfully surprised.This is our second time to use Ed Hamilton & Co. It was another great experience with your company.

Ewoud S. chartering 'Sublime' January 9, 2010
'The diving was outstanding. Brian is an excellent instructor who takes his job seriously. The boat is large and has all the comforts. Brian (and Stephanie) were very curteous and professional and found exactly when to mingle with us and when not to. We are very spoiled and werepleasantly surprised by the cooking. It was truely michelin star cooking. The boat was exactly as advertized.

(link to letter)
Terryl D. chartering 'Jet Stream' January 9, 2010
'The boat was just lovely! Captain Tim was great to all of us. Fun, accommodating and it felt very comfortable to be under his 'command'. Amazing and wonderful food. Marsha accommodated all of the 'quirky eaters' in our group and all meals were served beautifully.

Tim V. chartering 'Safari' December 30, 2009
'We did not (ask for instruction) but Captain Ed was great with the kids and gave lessons to anyone who asked. Meals were great. Ian even gave my college kids some cooking lessons. Everthing was great."

Kathleen J. chartering 'Spirit' December 29, 2009
'Extremely comfortable, cabin was extra large. Great sleeping, much better than on past boats. i.e. very good ventilation, large bed, stand up shower. We LOVED our crew. They went above and beyond requirements to make sure we had a great time. They did everything they could to make the trip lovely for us. They are so kind, flexible, fun and worked really hard. Angela is an excellent cook. Portions were large (we are not big eaters) so we asked if we could have seom smaller portions. Everything was delicious. Also, she would ask us what we were in the mood for that day, so we helped plan. LOVE Ed Hamilton & Co. Excellent service. Emily was extremely helpful, and spot on with her recommendations for us. Than you! We will definitely be requesting this boat again, hopefully next year!'

Allen S. chartering 'Makayabella' December 28, 2009
'John was always ready to dinghy us to shore or snorkeling or take the girls on a tube ride...the meals were very good, there was always plenty. Everything was as we expected. John and Sue were very knowledgeable of the Grenadines, where the best snorkeling is, pointing out hard to find sea creatures, informing us of what options the islands offer and letting us decide what we want to do. They have done their research on the area and it was very helpful. We had all of our questions answered prior to the trip. Sometimes twice if I forgot I had already asked and everyone at Ed Hamilton was very helpful.'

Brian K. chartering 'Stenella' December 28, 2009
'It was not only clean, but the immaculate conditions was maintained in an efficient way that was truly amazing. Stenella was the perfect configuration for all of our needs. The meals were beyond our expectations! Each breakfast,lunch and dinner was beautifully presented and of gourmet quality. We all enjoyed the exquisite presentation and quality of each sumptuous meal. KC makes amazing rum drinks! This vacation was the most perfect 'family' vacation that we have ever had. Enough said!'

Richard D. chartering 'Adeia' December 27, 2009.
'Boat was very well laid out and 'lived' like a much larger cat. Leon (the captain) was extremely easy to get along with and very patient. Michelle obviously loves to cook and satisfy her clients. She prepared delicious meals, presented them beautifully in portions that were reasonable,not huge, which was refreshing. She described each meal and enjoyed visiting about how they were prepared, etc. Michelle went out of her way to make sure everyone would have a meal they enjoy, every meal. Boat was described well, no suprises.'

Graham & Remony M. chartering 'Zingara' December 27, 2009
'Always spotless despite 10 of us on board! Boat was great! This was first class in every respect.'

Martha S. chartering 'Blue Whale' September 2, 2009
'The boat is gorgeous, inside and out. Brad Smith made the voyage work in every way. '

Jim W. chartering 'Zingara' December 19, 2009.
'Over the top clean. More than comfortable, luxurious! WE so enjoyed Captain Rod, our granddaughters age 5 and 7 cried when we left on the last day, they loved the crew so much. Five star meals at every meal. Over the top! Special requests for Christmas dinner, delicious! I asked for a special South African dish and Kerry made it to perfection. Everything was expected but better. '

Andrew D. chartering 'Sayang' November 23, 2009
'Sayang is a beautiful adn spacious sail boat. Paul's sailing ability is apparent immediately. He is very easy to get along with. Ratna's skill in the galley equals Paul's sailing skills. Fresh coffee as soon a we got up, terrific breakfasts and wonderful lunches and dinner.

John A. chartering 'Piccolo' September 20, 2009
'Captain Yilmaz is exceptional. (on the meals) Beautiful balanced presentation, great chef,open to requests. Several of us are foodies, we were very happy and satisfied! It was an over the top experience, Thanks!!'

Fenton B. chartering 'Aurora 67' August 24, 2009
'Aurora is a classic, large saloon was perfect for those spare moments below and the aft cabin was far better than the racing boats we normally sail. Rich and Sam Malone made our charter a superb week's holiday; nothing was too much trouble, both were enthusiastic, professional and extremely hard working over the seven days, service at a level that is hard to find these days. Nothing short of stunning. Gourmet cooking on a yacht! We have chartered with many companites over the last ten years in Europe, not one of our prior trips would come close to matching the quality and presentation of the meals on Aurora.'

Lisa M. chartering 'Naej' August 22, 2009
'(Captain) very friendly and took a lot of time explaining the area and teaching the guys to sail. (on the meals) Beautiful presentation, clean, fresh quality, delicious, perfect quanitity. '

Jeff G. chartering 'Sea Tabby' August 20, 2009
'Everything was ready and in great order. Nice touches, like fresh flowers. The captain and crew kept everything in great working order. They were very friendly while allowing our family private space to enjoy each other. Bob Libby and his crew helped make our short vacation very memorable. Sea Tabby is a beautiful yacht, and shows great care and authenticity. Food was terrific and the captain and crew went above and beyond to ensure that our family had a great vacation.'

Kim D. chartering 'Aldebaran' August 7, 2009
'The boat was amazing! Everythng was perfect, the food, the cabins, etc. WE all loved Justin and Cayley. Justin took extra care of the teens. The meals were unbelievable. Cayley is a great chef. '

Linda M. chartering 'Hera C' August 7, 2009
'Stuart Predergast (captain) was absolutely wonderful. Allmeals and snacks were delicious, beautifully presented and generous. '

Melissa B. chartering 'Swish' July 24, 2009
'Always clean, we never noticed them cleaning which was even more impressive. Plenty of room for all five of us. The beds were very comfortable and the cockpit was roomy but we spent all days and evenings outside. Euros was the perfect captain. He kept us busy and the kids entertained. Hew as always smiling and loves what he is doing. (On the meals) WOW!!! Each one was as good as the day before. All appealing to eye and delicious! Emily matched our requests exactly. We thought she would have a challenge on her hands feeding our three boys...Ha! She had no problem. They loved every creation she prepared for them. She is AMAZING!!!'

Meredith C. Chartering 'Ad Astra' July 12, 2009
'Beautiful boat, cute linens, serving dishes, etc. Divng equipment in particular was top notch. Capt. Barry is an excellent sailor and a great host. Bridget is a great cook and every meal was a delight. She should write a cookbook! Everything was not only as advertised but exceeded expectations.

Brian R. chartering 'Viking Dream' July 3, 2009
'Mark was great! Incredible. You should have emphasized the food. It was wonderful. No, I mean WONDERFUL. It was one of the many highlights of the trip. Steve McCrea did a good job answering all of my questions. I felt very at ease with him.'

'Kerri M. chartering 'Solstice' June 27, 2009
'He (the captain) took time to get our son involved, and did so in such a wonderful way. The meals were good, presentation was very nice and the quality was plentiful for large appetites. WE enjoyed the meals. The chef and captain work very well as a team and are a very kid friendly crew.

'Timothy P. chartering 'Quest' June 27, 2009
'It was all we thought and hoped it would be. All areas were extremely comfortable and more than adequate for the size of our party and length of charter. What we chose was exactly what we expected. Vince and June were fantastic. From the moment I made contact with Steve in your office I felt full of confidence that we would be in good hands throughout. We were and we had a wonderful holiday. We would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves or the 'Mighty Quest' to anybody. We are all quite sad to be back home.

Kent H. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' June 27, 2009
'Bonnie and Earl were extremely accommodating. Pletny of room and privacy. Very engaging and experienced. The most experienced crew I've encountered. Bonnie is an excellent cook and turned out masterful meals. Presentation was as good or better than any shorebound restaurant. '

Fred W. chartering 'La Dolce Vita' June 12, 2009
'Best part was all the deck space. Many different spots on deck to relax, read, sun, take in the view, also the master cabin was very comfortable. (on the meals) Delicious, simple, timely, not too much and not too little, also they were healthy and balanced. Lana was attentive, engaged, friendly and very patient. Thanks for everything! A great vacation!'

'Doug and Doe Ann H. chartering 'Duppy Conqueror' June 11, 2009
'Very clean, very comfortable. (on the Captain) Very helpful in planning our itinerary, Great with the kids! The food was great! Fresh baked breads, creative meals, delicious! Liz didn't miss a beat. We would have liked to bring her home with us. Emily and others on your staff answered our numerous questions and were just terrific.'

Perry P. chartering 'Antillean' May 17, 2009
'Everything was in great shape and well presented. We particularly enjoyed his (Smee, the parrot) presence. He was not ever a distraction. John was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable, skillful and personable. We felt safe under all circumstances that we encountered and enjoyed adn learned from his descriptions of what we were doing and his stories of past experiences. John and Heidi have extensive knowledge of the area adn used that effectively in many ways during our trip. For example, we moored/anchored in many spots that were less crowded than others when possible. Heidi was tremendous! The meals were phenomenal - beyond any expectation- in all areas - presentation, quality, quanitity. The descrpitions of the boat and crew were amazingly close to what we expected and we found them to be realistic and constructive. We had a spectacular experience!'

Rafik Z. chartering 'Viking Dream' May 16, 2009
'Simply outstanding, exceeded all expectations. Great attention to detail and all requests were taken seriously by Mark and Sally. Both Steve and Emily were very helpful and able to answer all questions all the time.'

John F. chartering 'Anam Cara' May 10, 2009
'Very clean. We enjoyed Andrew's personality, he had a good sense of humor and was easy going. The meals were 'top notch' presented beautifully and always plenty to eat. Leslie was an exellent cook!'

Cynthia D. chartering '5 Star' April 18, 2009
'5 Star was Bristol..we were greeted with Champagne and broad smiles. Especially appreciated the satellite tracker and ipod playlists, personalized for us before our arrival, every detail was anticipated! Extremely comfortable berth, with Tempurpedic mattress! High quality linens, truly a luxury experience. All the comforts! Hugh was professional in every way, yet relaxed and comfortable to be with. Uniformly excellent meals, creatively presented. Hugh and Alison share the cooking and both are remarkably skilled. Food was healthy, perfectly portioned and presented beautifully. The boat was exactly what we expected from the descriptions provided. the O'Briens are consummate hosts, personable, and professional. New to the chartering business, they seem as if they've been at it for years. We could not be more pleased with the service and recommendations we have received from Ed Hamilton et al. This was our 3rd charter through you and each was spot on, based on our needs and requests at the time.'

Peter C. chartering 'Sandcastle' April 17, 2009
'Excellent. Great Crew, highly recommended.

George M. chartering 'Promenade' April 12, 2009
'(meals) Nicely presented, good quantity and high quality. Emphasize high quality, low price'

(link to letter)
Chris P. chartering 'Zingara' April 11, 2009
'It was perfect...excellent in all respects'

Raymond M. chartering 'Tachyon' April 10, 2009
'The boat was ready right on time and we were welcomed aboard without delay. The boat was kept very clean, but we never saw it! The crew did a great job of keeping the cabins made up adn teh cockpit clean when we were not around to watch them do it! The boat was very comfortable and spacious for our family of 5. The cockpit was especially roomy and it was nice having Queen rather than double beds in the cabins. We never felt on top of each other. Captain Jay was fantastic! He really seemed to enjoy our daughters and constantly interacted with them, taught them to drive the dinghy (a big hit!) as well as drive the boat. He taught them the fine art of snorkeling adn even introduced them to SCUBA. He was very laid back and always making suggestions to maximize the fun and experience. Captain Bernadette was also very involved in making sure we had fun. The meals were very good and plentiful. Our preference sheet stated we didn't want the Chef to have to make separate meals for the picky kids, and so we all ate the same food. While not as sophisticated as perhaps an all adult charter would be, it was as we had requested. Capt. Bernadette introduced the kids to some new items that they loved, and they were so excited about the yummy desserts every night! Captain Bernadette did a great job of creating a variety of healthy meals that the girls would eat, and that we would like. I even got her to share some of her recipes with me so that I could make some of the dishes when we got home. As we were on charter over Easter, Capt. Bernadette went above and beyond by having an egg decorating 'party' and teh girls were able to dye and decorate Easter Eggs. We also hid eggs around the boat for Easter morning!

They are a great crew for families. They genuinely like hanging out and having fun with the kids. By the time we had to leave, they were like part of the family. My husband and Jay ended up having a lot of interests in common and spent many hours sharing stories. Capts Jay and Bernadette will surely have a lot of repeat charters!

Jacobo B. chartering 'Aldebaran' April 5, 2009
'This is the most comfortable boat we have chartered. Justin was formal and respectful but at the same time very friendly always ready to please every need, specially regarding the activities, skiing, scuba, etc. Every meal was outstanding in every aspect, presentation, originality, taste. The boat and crew are outstanding, the descriptions are accurate.'

Dennis B. chartering 'Sublime' April 4, 2009
'Very comfortable. For us Sublime completely met our request for equal cabin accommodations and dive capability. What Stephanie Johnson delivered to us from that relatively small galley was amazing!'

Linda M. Chartering 'Two if by Sea' April 2, 2009
'Very comfortable, always the best sleep. Frand id a great job feeding our 20 & 15 year old sons. Really catered to them which was awesome.'

Nick N. chartering 'Silent Partner II'
'Ralph is very knowledgeable about the BVIs, fishing and sailing and is very flexible in providing instruction. I highly recommend this boat for a couple or small family. Ralph and Celeste really know and love what they're doing.'

Alex W. chartering 'Double Feature' March 29, 2009
'They worked hard and discreetly to keep everything ship shape. Jonny was high energy and very patient with the kids, especially the hair treatments!!! Kelly was an excellent chef, making everything from scratch. She offered great menus and adapted well for the kids' tastes too. She needs to write a cookbook for us! Kelly was organized, professional, friendly and tireless in the kitchen. Great boat and crew.'

Ken d. chartering 'Analisa' March 21, 2009
'Extremely good shape for it's age. 98% almost like new. Sunning area on bow was great as was the rear (aft) 'outside' dining lounge area. Very spacious master suite with lots of storage. (The Captain) Very cooperative, willing to teach, answer questions. Took us ashore in the evenings so we could participate in local nightlife, went out of his way to accommodate our schedule wherever possible.'

Ronald T. chartering 'McGregor II' March 21, 2009
'Tim is the best. Makes everyone feel at home. Julie is a gourmet chef. Food was exceptional.'

Deb W. chartering 'Obsession' March 21, 2009
'We were very pleased with the size of our cabins and the comfort of the salon. Lots of room for sunning. We had such a good time with Arno and Petra we can't wait to go back. The food was incredible. Our family is a little picky but Petra was able to take our preferences and create phenomenal meals. I wish she lived with us :) '

Jim K. chartering 'Can Can' March 20, 2009
'All the 'toys' and sporting equipment were available to us and we thoroughly enjoyed using it. Ben was very giving of his time taking us skiing, tubing, etc. The boat was perfect from a comfort standpoint. Ben was the perfect captain for us. He was very knowledgeable about where to go and what things would be fun. He was always happy to discuss everything from sailing techniques to places we might want to explore. What was really great was how both he and Nikki interacted with our children, playing board games, cards and encouraged their participation in everything we did. We were paricularly impressed with Nkki's ability to create fabulous meals in such a small space, and so efficiently. We really liked it that she interacted with us all. Nikki was a delight.'

Ann R. chartering 'Aldebaran' March 20, 2009
'Justin and Cayley make the experience. They are simply incredible. I was somewhat apprehensive about going again as I didn't think we culd improve on the first trip. I was wrong!'

Jim R. chartering 'Swish' March 20, 2009
'The boat was fabulous!' Emily and Euros were terrific hosts. They were completely tuned into us as a family needing to unwind. Yet always attentive and available. We really enjoyed them as a crew and as people. Best meals! Emily presented us with fabulous healthy and beautifully presented meals. Best meals on a vacation.'

Marv J. chartering 'Ad Astra' March 18, 2009
'Great boat and facilities, best of the four we've previously chartered. Bridget and Barry did a superb job in all categories. The boat was better than expected and your descriptions were accurate and realistic.'

Madeleine P. chartering 'Fantasy Island' March 15, 2009
'We were pleasantly surprised that the boat was kept so clean and beautiful during our stay. It was like a hotel, only better! Captain Brad made us feel safe and comfortable at all times. He was wonderful! Every guest raved about every meal. Your staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They walked us through the entire process and we felt very comfortable every step of hte way. We have already made recommendations and will continue to do so.'

Keith G. chartering 'Priorities' March 15, 2009
'The table setting and mood of the boat could not have been better. It was as though we had stepped on board a 5 star hotel! The boat was in pristine condition when we boarded and was kept shiny and spotless all week long! VERY comfortable. Hard ot believe that 9 people can co-exist in limited space for 7 days and not feel like we were constantly on top of each other. Both Rich and Lisa were the perfect host and hostess. They knew exactly when to be part of the group and when we woudl enjoy family time. The meals were delicious and presented beautifully. We felt like we were at a 5 star restaurant every time we sat at the table. It was the perfect holiday.'

Kelly S. chartering 'Swish' March 12, 2009
'Euros was great, fun, knowledgeable, patient - everything we could have hoped for. Emiliy did a fabulous job with the meals. It was perfect. Euros and Emily were wonderful. Very low key but fun adn welcoming. We would sail with them again in a minute!'

Louis L. chartering 'Marmot' March 8, 2009
'The food was excellent, in all ways just perfect!'

Althea K. chartering Priorities March 7, 2009
'Rich and Lisa were always attentive to our needs and comforts, but made us feel very comfortable. They were casual and friendly. They seemed to be able to read our wishes very well. Everything was outstanding. I don't know how Rich could pull off multiple incredible meals a day, while doing at least one, if not two big sails each day. He made the cooking seem effortless. We loved the food! We felt that your service was tremendously helpful. Through web postings and our detailed conversations, you helped us find an ideal match. Steve asked a lot of detailed questions about what we like and don't like, what was important to us and what did not matter, adn we honed in on Priorities'

Deborah E. chartering 'Swish' March 4, 20009
'All six of us felt that this was a truly spectacular vacation, with a good deal of credit going to our hosts. They were just great! The right amount of interaction with us, and they were both very gracious about any requests. We felt very pampered, and thoroughly enjoyed our entire time. The meals were fantastic. Emily did a great job on the food and accommmodated all oru food preferences and restrictions. The presentation was great, and the food was delicious.'Luke P. chartering '5 Star' February 2, 2009
'5 Star is a beautiful boat, and I was repeatedly impressed by how clean Hugh and Alison were able to keep it...very comfortable. Everything was great, adn if anything needed adjusting (we wanted the bimini up one day) Hugh and Alison were happy to accommodate us. The meals were astounding! Some of the best food I've ever had presented beautifully. There was always more than enough to satisfy, but i was usually so good that we always wanted more! Choosing between having seconds and getting to dessert has never been a more difficult decision.'

Carol P. chartering 'Viking Dream' February 23, 2009
'Sally and Mark greeted us with warm welcomes and it was perfect. Mark was excellent adn allowed us to learn and sail as much as we wanted to participate. He took great pleasure in his instructions as did Sally. We were given options each day that were keyed in to our desires and conditions. Sally's meals were some of the best meals we've ever enjoyed. The quality was incredible and varied. She should write a cookbook.! They provided us with all we requested and even had a drink of the day tha twere new and true to the tropics and with local Rum. That was fun and I've now an appreciation for Rum!'

(link to letter)
Ken M. chartering 'Genesis' February 20, 2009
'Just excellent in every category'

Van B. chartering 'Ad Astra' February 18, 2009
'Fresh flowers for us, what a nice welcome. (on the meals) All I can say is my husband and I gained 3 lbs each! I am copying some of the recipes we had. Excellent. We ended up buying spices beacuse of the way Bridget used them. Great meals! '

(link to letter)
Anne K. chartering 'Free Ingwe' February 17, 2009
'It was a perfect charter'

Kelly F. chartering 'Caribbean Dream' February 14, 2009
'Kelly was perfect. He was casual in a good way and very easy going. The meals were good. Angie did a good job of accommodating the kids too.'

Heather B. chartering 'Glory of Christianstead' February 2, 2009
'Very comfortable and spacious sleeping area. (on the meals) Very tasty and attractively presented. Very accurate.'

Luke P. chartering '5 Star' February 2, 2009
'5 Star is a beautiful boat, and I was repeatedly impressed by how clean Hugh and Alison were able to keep it...very comfortable. Everything was great, adn if anything needed adjusting (we wanted the bimini up one day) Hugh and Alison were happy to accommodate us. The meals were astounding! Some of the best food I've ever had presented beautifully. There was always more than enough to satisfy, but i was usually so good that we always wanted more! Choosing between having seconds and getting to dessert has never been a more difficult decision.'

Ryan K. chartering 'Honiara I' January 22, 2009
'The boat was beautiful and very clean and organized. The crew worked very hard to keep the boat very clean during charter. (on the Captain) He was an excellent sailor and a wonderful host. They both made us feel at home. (on the meals) They were delicious and well presented. Adele was an excellent chef and we ate like kings! '

(link to letter)
Mark F. chartering 'Priorities' January 17, 2009
'Boat was excellent - see letter. Your advise was very good, and all our questions were answered.'

Howard E. chartering 'Antillean' January 17, 2009
'They kept the boat very neat. He (John) was a terrific Captain, host and entertainer - very knowledgeable. (on the meals) Delicious, fresh, healthy and beautifully presented; it seemed there was a magic kitchen downstairs.'
(another guest) 'First time on a sailboat. Didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Great hospitality, fit right in. (on the Captain) Pleasant and down to earth. Always felt safe. Great sense of humor. Very accommodating. (on the meals) Fresh, tasty, creative and very accommodating to everyone's needs. Plenty of food!

Dr. Marty Z. chartering 'Breanker', January 17, 2009
'(on the Captain) Very comfortable and laid back but absolutely exudes the confidence one wants in the guy in whom you've placed your trust. (on the meals) I gained 8 pounds and loved every bite!!! This was my third BVI charter (on similar yachts) but it was by far the bst. The 'boat' was superb but the key difference was the exceptional skill and companionship of Kristian adn Marianne. This couple became friends to all of us.'

John M. chartering 'Victoria' January 6, 2009
'The boat was beautiful. Well crafted and immaculately maintained. The owner/crew obviously take pride in the vessel. Klaus and Martha are absolutely the best. They combined just the right balance between being involved with us and disappearing for us to be on our own. They took great pains to see to it that everything was to our liking. We couldn't have asked for a better experience! The people at Ed Hamilton were always friendly and helpful with any of the multitude of questions we asked.'

William D. chartering 'Tachyon' January 5, 2009
'Eric and Jacque were a perfect fit for our family in age, personality, interests, etc. Great trip and a great crew!'

Arline E. chartering 'ReAction' January 5, 2009
'We were surprised and pleased that our beds were made and bathrooms cleaned every morning. Ian was a great captain, very capable, but still relaxed. He and Polly are a great team, and they set a friendly and easy tone. Polly is such a good cook! We had a wondeful week.'

Shay F. chartering 'Aldebaran' January 5, 2009
'(on the captain) Justin was terrific. Our overall enjoyment of the trip was due in large part to the hospitality provided by Justin and Cayley. The meals were excellent. The quality of meals was a big factor to our overall enjoyment. Cayley did a great job accommodating us. (on our service) Emiliy did a fantastic job. Everything was exactly as described. The first thing she told me about Aldebaran was that the crew is phenomenal. We couldn't agree more. '

Eugene B. chartering 'Akasha' January 5, 2009
'Loved the 'tube' and the kayaks. (The captain) could not have been better. Instilled great confidence, and was very knowledgeable. (the meals) Outstanding. Like a top New York restaurant. On Zagat , it would be rated 30-30-30. Always adjusted for personal preferences. Everything was just as advertiesed. Information was excellent. Great that it is all on the web. Our trip was truly the vacation of a lifetime. Expensive, but worth every penny.'

(link to letter)
Grahame M. chartering 'Felicia' December 29, 2008
'Very clean all through charter, very comfortable, particularly 'king' cabin. Food was excellent and catered for adults and teenagers. Probably exceeded expectations.'

George M. chartering 'Ad Astra' December 27, 2008
'Spotless, inside and out. Barry was more than willing to give instruction on sailing and the boat's operations. (On the meals) Fabulous. Highest quality and always enough. Bridget is a very fine chef. Very accurate descriptions, the crew makes the difference. In this case, both Barry and Bridget were five star, willing to go above and beyond to make it a great charter. '

(link to letter)
Laura R. chartering 'Can Can' December 27, 2008
'Ben was wonderful! Nikki was fabulous and all of her dishes were great. She went above and beyond at every meal.'

Suzy O. chartering 'Phaedrus' December 22, 2008
'Charles and Leslie are a lovely couple. (meals) Stunning and delicious. Phaedrus is beautiful.

Kristi J. chartering 'Duppy Conqueror' December 22, 2008
'It was perfect for the 4 of us. The food was fantastic. Liz is an excellent cook and it just added to the experience. (Descriptions) were very acccurate. The pictures really did not do the boat justice. The living area was larger than we expected.

Michael D. chartering 'Elektra' December 21, 2008
'We spoke in advance about our food preferences, style, etc. It was exactly what we wanted. Very well prepared and served. We had been on the boat before so no surprises. Description of the crew were accurate. We felt the prep work was excellent, particularly the online capability which we used exclusively.'

Jeff S. chartering 'Sublime' December 18, 2008
'We will book Sublime again. It was the perfect family vacation, mainly because the crew and captain were so fine. Brian was the perfect combination of professional, interesting and fun. He put forth an extra special effort with the children. (Meals) Presentation and quality were fantastic. There was great variety, wonderfully fresh ingredients and beautiful table settings each meal. Stephanie was so pleasant, kind and hard-working. She balanced all the work of sailing wiht being a perfect hostess and chef. Wonderful Person.'

Hamilton A. chartering 'Viking Dream' December 15, 2008
'Immaculate, Mark or Sally even made up our berths every day! Exquisite! Everything was as expected.'

Tom D. chartering 'Duppy Conqueror' November 5, 2008
'Exceeded expectations. What Liz can do in a tiny kitchen is absolutely inspiring. Fresh baked breads, chocolate souffle, banana foster crepes, etc. The meals were delicious, beautifully preseneted. The portions were perfect, but she always offered more. Liz is very attentive and eager to pelase. ALan always quickly provided shade or drinks or offered to take us anywhere in the dinghy. He was always looking out for our safety and comfort, and providing suggestions tuned in to our interests. Exceeded our expectations. We have stayed at many exclusive, private island resorts. This was the best vacation we have ever had. Who needs a pool when you have the whole ocean? The food and service were the best.'

Allan H. chartering 'English Rose' November 23, 2009
'We really enjoyed getting to know James. He was the perfect combination of personable, but not dominating. He even answered rather difficult questions that our kids asked him with politeness and honesty. James did an excellent job of instructing adn letting the guests who wanted to sail, help with the sailing. The meals were beautifully presented and overall very enjoyable. Pam was wonderful...we felt like she was one of our friends. She and James make an excellent team! Your descriptions were very accurate.'

Tom H. chartering 'Drumbeat I' October 19, 2008
'The boat was super comfortable. The whole crew was great. Linda is an excellent cook. Allour meals were plentiful and presented beautifully. The boat and crew exceeded our expecataions.

Michael L. chartering 'Genesis' October 16, 2008
'We have just returned from our trip aboard 'Genesis' with Tracy and Petr Stejksal. What an amazing week it was! There is no question the islands are beautiful but Petr and Tracy's willingness to share their knowledge of sailing and the area made it that much more enjoyable. They both made us feel comfortable and welcome on their beautiful and immaculate vessel. Cook seems very inadequate (a title) for the meals prepared on board by Tracy. More like a feast for your eyes. But we soon learned, divine to eat as well. We looked forward to every meal in anticipation of the creative masterpiece placed before us! No detail overlooked.'

John K. chartering 'Two if by Sea' September 7, 2008
'Very nicely laid out. We really like Steuart and Fran. All our meals were great! Fran is a great cook!'

Dr. El Y. chartering 'Windfall' August 30, 2008
'Gourmet cooking. All was 5 star! Keep up your good work!'

Jeffrey W. chartering 'Fabiola II' August 22, 2008
'Good use of space, very well appointed. Chef was excellent. Every single meal was restaurant quality along with the presentation. Boat and crew exceeded expectations. It was a miniature version of a 175 foot yacht.'

Tami W. chartering 'Tachyon' August 17, 2008
'The boat was perfect. It looked like it was just waiting for us. We used the snorkeling gear every day and loved it. Eric was very outgoing and hung out with us, we loved that. He was very knowledgeable of where to go and what to see. Jacque was also very knowledgeable on what to see and what to do. She is an excellent snorkeler and not to mention excellent cook. We loved hanging out with both of them. I felt we met some true friends. Eric makes the BEST painkillers!!! We should know, we tried one at every bar we went to, even Foxy's. All of us ate everything Jacque made and loved every bite. If you have a fun energetic group of people then Eric and Jacque will make your vacation a vacation of a lifetime. The boat was beautiful and we wish we were on it again right now with Eric and Jacque. Thank you Emily for matching us up with this wonderful, outgoing, energetic couple for the vacation we will never forget!!

David F. chartering 'Ad Astra' July 30, 2008
'There was an amazing amount of room. We particularly enjoyed the trampoline area during long sails and star-gazing. Barry was professional at all times. He encouraged people to ask questions about sailing or South Africa an seemed to enjoy answering them. Every morning we had a meeting to plan our agenda for the day. Barry always presented options and strived to satisfy everyone. The meals were one of the many highlights of our trip. The portions were generous. We had fresh vegetables and fruit every day and at most meals. The presentation was elegant (ex: a salad with a palm tree in the middle made of a standing carrot and green pepper). The hors d'oeurves were exotic and tasteful. The boat, our first catamaran, was more than expected. It was roomy and stable during our long sails. With 8 total people on board, we never felt cramped or caged. At all times we felt like the 'Rich and Famous'.'

Dick H. chartering 'Sabore' July 21, 2008
'She is such a beautiful craft!!!! Exceptionally comfortable and spacious. 8 is a little tight around the table but Colin and Penny made it work just fine. Hopefully we did not cramp her style. (The Captain was) Very professional in handling the boat, but also friendly and accommodating when asking questions. Never nervous or excitable. (The meals) more than adequate wiht special sauces which Penny prepared from scratch. Nice variety.'

Matt K. chartering 'Aldebaran' July 10, 2008
'Perfect for our family! Loved Justin and Cayley! (the meals) Excellent and varied! We enjoyed every meal! Cayley even made a birthday cake for our little one's 8th birthday! Perfect balance! Very interesting couple, laid back and professional, fun too!'

Samuel W. chartering 'Quest' July 9, 2008
'The boat was built in 1991, but it looked great to us. The scuba was excellent, my daughters are 13 and 15 and had just received their certifications the day before departure. June was great working with them as they had not done any ocean diving before. She was diligent to show us unusual sea life, kept the dive very safe and gave us a wonderful experience. Vince and June were wonderful - they are very professional, which impressed me as htey are young at 26 and 24 years old. They run the boat as if they have been doing this for 20 years. Of seven in our party, only two asked about sailing instructions - Vince was very open with teaching and entertaining stories to go with teaching. June is an excellent cook - considering the tiny galley in which she had to work, she should get the Navy Merit Badge - the food was upscale, delicious, vaired, European in style, and even my daughters ate well. Our wives decided to join us at the last minute, and it was wonderful that Emily Mack, Vince and June made it happen. They enjoyed the trip thoroughly, a trip of a lifetime.

Jim H. chartering 'Fearless' July 8, 2008
'The Captain purchased a series of 'bird' kites that flew in formation and they were quite exceptional! He (the Captain) could be charming and engaging adn then allowed us our own space and privacy and had a keen sense of knowing when to do each. A.J. (the cook) was flawless, from a fantastic spinach salad, to hummus and 'pita toast' and omelettes, fruit and crabcakes. He also made a lobster fettucini. Exceptional chef and elegant presentation. Very elegant yacht and shows very very well. We thoroughly loved fearless, the crew and the obvious care that the owner put into it.'

Kathy S. chartering 'Belline II' June 22, 2008
'Cannot say enough good things about Walter. He made everyone comfortable, cooked great lunches, made us feel like friends, not just clients. We particularly enjoyed the expertise of the crew as to where we should go. They quickly learned the types of places we liked and arranged a great spot every day. Each meal just kept getting better. Wines were plentiful and appreciated with the meals. Loved the last night traditional Swiss meal. The descriptions of hte yacht and crew were accurate- however both were even better than you described! I would not change a thing.'

Deb L. chartering 'ReAction' June 10, 2008
'It was 'Spit Spot' the entire week. One short anchorage for a refuel found Ian scrubing the entire deck while we were off buying souveneirs! Wakeboarding was great! It was comfortable for a family of 5. Meals were spectacular. Polly's cooking was creative, well presented and always 'gone' by the end of the meal. We had a great time!'

Andy B. chartering 'Promenade' June 8th, 2008
'Scuba, snorkeling, kayaks, banana tube, predator - we loved it all. He (the Captain) was great. Our trip was better than we expected.'

Scott & Holly L. chartering 'Aldebaran' June 7, 2008
'We had an incredible time!!! Justin and Cayley were terrific and the boat was fabulous. We loved the entire experience including, of course, your direction, advice and good counsel. We would sail with them again without a thought.'

(link to letter)
Prissy C. chartering 'Carib Queen' May 10, 2008
'It was perfect for us. We especially enjoyed the flybridge. The food was perfect in every way, except that we ate too much! He cooked the things that we liked and for two picky eaters who didn't like anything green - he accommodated them every meal. We were so very pleased. I thought you were amazingly accurate. We were very pleased with the info you provided. You answered all of my questions clearly and promptly. We wouldn't change a thing.'

Bharatan P. chartering 'Duppy Conqueror'' May 3, 2008
'The boat was very comfortable. Alan has great people skills and he is also very professional in his dealings with the passengers. Great combination! All of the meals were excellent. Liz did a great job of tailoring the meals to our tastes. Presentation, quality and quantity were perfect. Liz is a wonderful human being. Always willing to help and with a smile! Your descriptions were on the mark! You also did a great job! I cannot think of any information that was left out.'

Cary S. chartering 'Tachyon' April 25, 2008
'Great Shape! Eric was great, filled us in on the intricacies of sailing. Very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. All meals were excellent, just the right amounts, even heathy - wonderful desserts and seafood. Jacque was awesome! You were right on the money with Tachyon and Jacque adn Eric.'

Terri R. Chartering 'Sabore' April 24, 2008
'The jewel of Village Cay Marina...Ed, you picked the right boat for us. I think we all agreed it was the best vacation yet. Colin was a pleasure adn did everything he could to meet the needs of our group. (the Meals) To die for - tastefully presented with different placemats, napkin rings every night, beautiful china and serving dishes. Penny and Colin are masters of the details whether it is the aesthetic or for the palate, they make dining an unforgettable experience. One observation was that the meals were just light enough so that one didn't feel unable to pursue another activity, if desired, after lunch. Penny is a dream. As I told Colin and Penny, usually the brochure/descriptions of a site are a bit 'fresher' than the actual property, but not the case with Sabore.'

Roy B. chartering 'Best Revenge V' April 20, 2008
'Beautiful and spotless. Paul is extraordinary: always calm, charming, fun and eager to please. Great wine selection.'

Gary C. chartering 'Serendipity' April 12, 2008
'Was great for the two of us. Trish was great. Despite inclement weather, she joined us on hikes, snorkelling etc. We would not have gotten half the enjoyment out of the trip without her active participation. Instruction was measured and patient. By the end of the week, we both felt very comfortable on the boat.'

Maureen C. chartering 'Alexis' April 12, 2008
'We were very impressed immediately. Impeccably clean. Extremely comfortable. We enjoyed Geoff very much. I never expected such amazing cuisine, in taste, presentation, etc. I cannot imagine another boat with such an amazing chef as Bambi.'

Steve O. chartering 'Pentesilea II' April 12, 2008
'Rose and Travis had prepared the boat extremely well. Travis and Rose got the impression that we wanted to play on the water, so they even borrowed a big flotation device (Big Mabel) from a friend and pulled us behind the dingy in it. Travis was also very gracious and patient in letting us each take turns at waterskiing and tubing, until we were either satisfied that we had done it enough, or until we were willing to give up trying. Travis was extremely friendly, and very willing to engage in either a conversation ora board game with any member of our party. He was every bit the professional, but low-key enough to keep everyone at ease no matter what the situation. Rose did a magnificent job putting the meals together. No two meals were similar, each one was very tastefully put together and presented. There was always more than enough for everyone, and she constantly offered to make more if anyone wanted it. '

Bob M. chartering 'Chocolate Blanc' Aprll 6, 2008
'Plenty of room for 4. Dan Scully was great.Your descriptions were accurate. I have recommended your company to several friends, very good, personal touch. We thoroughly enjoyed sailing on the Chocolate Blanc, great suggestion!'

George M. chartering 'Promenade' April 6, 2008
'Ample room for everyone. Presentation was superb, tempting for hungry swimmers, quality was very good and there was always more than we could eat. All of my expectations were exceeded. I would emphasize the flexibility of boat, captain and crew.

Bob B. chartering 'Antillean' March 30, 2008
'Heidi and John kept everything immaculate. We enjoyed the variety of music onboard! We thought Capt. John was the perfect stereotype for a caribbean captain.

Dr. Patrick D. chartering 'Quest' March 23, 2008
'He (the captain) was outstanding. We felt very safe with his judgement. Meals were excellent, gourmet. We will definitely request this crew again!'

Susan W. chartering 'Cookielicious' March 22, 2008
'Incredibly clean and neat. Ro quickly figured out what we liked, even prearing two entrees at times for those not liking fish. '

(link to letter)
John M. chartering 'Blu Moon' March 22, 2008
'Beds were made every day by first mate (Julie) very appreciated. Julie is a magnificent cook. We tend to be 'epicureans' but she raised the bar every meal.

Gail B. chartering 'Zingara' March 22, 2008
'We (all 10 of us) LOVED John and Rachelle. Rachelle went out of her way to prepare special food for the kids. She was amazing, a total homerun. We miss her! Great descriptions. Boat was beyond comfortable. This is my 5th Cat charter and by far the best boat and crew. We also loved Tom, he was amazing with the kids, fun and available.'

Carl L. chartering 'Angel Glow' March 21, 2008
'Spotless. Everything was perfect. Proud to be on board such an elegant and comfortable yacht. Captain is low-keyed and quiet but utterly efficient and professional. You always feel safe and in good hands. 5 star meals, excellent cooking & presentation, freshly baked bread every day, just perfect! Everything we wanted was available. Outstanding boat manned with an outstanding crew. Truly delightful.'

Jennifer F. chartering 'Solstice' March 21,2008
'Comfortable but not opulent, just our style! He (the captain) became like a good friend in one day, he WAS a good friend after a couple more! We had all we could want. Liza is just wonderful, fun, capable, low-key, quiet in her duties - a great match for Cliff. They work as a well maintained engine! You guys do a great job, which is why we keep returning to you for advice!!!!'

Eric C. chartering 'Eliza' March 20, 2008
'Matt was very willing to teach us sailing. All the meals were presented well and tasty! The boat was perfect!'

Fran M. chartering 'Moonstone' March 16, 2008
'Beautiful. Especially enjoyed the upstairs space. Meals were great! Very simple and healthy. Once again we had a great trip. Thanks for all your help, we will hopefully be back on a boat next March.'

(link to letter)
Susan R. chartering 'Double Feature' March 16, 2008
'Our group of 8 boisterous people were simply awestruck by not only the professionalism that both Jonny and Kelly exhibited but their ability to consistently make each day better than the last!!!'

Beth T. chartering 'Tonina' March 8, 2008
'It was always kept very clean. Everything was just perfect! They were absolutely wonderful! The presentation of meals was especially special. Your description was just right. No surprises except for being better than you described.

Stephen R. chartering 'Sandcastle' March 6, 2008
'the boat was always very clean. The boat was very comfortable, especially the aft cabin. Rik was fantastic, he was born for this job. Extremely good in every way (the meals). Presentation , quality and quantity. Sandcastle was fantastic, and your descriptions were etremely accurate. Rik and Ann were perfect hosts. I would definitely recommend this boat.'

(link to letter)
Joseph C. chartering 'Aurora '67' February 27, 2008
'Very comfortable. The meals were the outstanding feature of the trip. Presentation, quality and originality were A++ It was obvious that Sam made every effort to meet our requests. Everything went off like clockwork.'

Brent C. chartering 'Tonina' February 26, 2008
'very comfortable. Captain Pete was great! Comments about going back to our own cooking, etc were typically that we wanted to take home the recipes if not the crew. This trip, the boat, the crew and your help in putting it together exceeded our expectations greatly. The boat was exceptional. Pete and Karen were delightful hosts with just the right amount of interaction with us. We plan to return'

Andy R. chartering 'Zingara' Februrary 23, 2008
'Fantastic boat! Presentation and taste were outstanding. You all do a terrific charter, this was our 4th with you.'

Marc G. chartering 'Tachyon' February 22, 2008
'Spotless. All areas of the boat inside and out were very comfortable. I was traveling with 3 people who would be called 'foodies' and they were never disappointed with presentation or quality. There was little conversation at the table until the food was gone. All expctations were met or exceeded by the Stahls.'

(link to letter)
Ron C. chartering 'Pas de Deux' February 20, 2008
'Amazingly spotless! Beyond our expectations! Harvey is amazing both as our skillful captain and personally. Always cheerful. There is tremendous responsibility and he handled it expertly at all times. (on the meals) Exquisite is the word? Beautiful to look at, sumptuous to devour! Amazing what Tracy accomplished with a small boat kitchen. We are gourmet cooks as well and were impressed with each meal! Tracy went the extra mile with her cooking. We want to adopt BOTH of them! Thi swhole experience surpassed our expectations! We would not change one tny thing!'

Dawn R. chartering 'Priorities' February 18, 2008
'Very clean! We felt very comfortable on board. Meals were outstanding an beautifully presented! Our boat was what we expected but hte experience exceeded our expectations. The conveniences and comfort on board were fantastic! Ed Hamilton did a great job of matching our interests/situation with the right boat and crew. We loved the boat and crew!'

(link to letter)
James J. chartering 'Ad Astra' February 17, 2008
'Wonderful!! You did a great jo, Ad Astra crew are wonderful people, we had a wonderful time!'

George M. chartering 'Blu Moon', February 17, 2008
'Chris explained a lot of the details of sailing. We learned a lot and very much enjoyed the experience. Julie is an excellent cook with outstanding presentation. A highlight! Excellent and fair description. Very nice boat, extremely professional crew.'

Mike P. chartering 'Lionheart' February 16, 2008
'Very comfortable with plenty of storage for all of our provisions. Lionheart exceeded our expectations. Our previous charter through a different broker had left us very disappointed because of lacking equipment and an unprofessional crew. We were very pleased that this charter was even better than described. This was our 4th charter in teh BVI & by far the best. Captain Mobbsie's knowledge & professionalism were greatly appreciated. He's an excellent captain, divemaster, watersports enthusiast & just plain fun to be around. You are by far the best yacht broker. For choosing a charter yacht, we will not consider anyone else & will highly recommend you to our firends. Your staff is knowledgable & efficient. Thanks!'

John E. chartering 'Serendipity' February 16, 2008
'It was kept very clean and organized. It was very comfortable. Exactly what I expected.'

Jerry S. chartering 'Tachyon' February 11, 2008
'The meals were great and Jacque was very accommodating to certain dietary restrictions. Our week aboard tachyon was fantastic, much of that due to our great crew, Eric & Jacque. From the very first day, we were made to feel comfortable and at ease, and throughout the week that did not change. our group would strongly recommend Eric and Jacque for future charter trips.'

Jeff T. chartering 'Pas de Deux' February 9, 2008
'Our first impression of the boat was that it was fantastic. It blew us away! It was immaculate. Harvey was a great and incredibly accommodating captain. He was concerned for our comfort and making the trip enjoyable and memorable. Lunches were fabulous and breakfasts were great. Harvey was incredibly accommodating in getting us our of Tortola to St. Barths.

(link to letter)
Don A. chartering 'Swish' February 8, 2008
'Euros made our entire plan work then added some key fun stuff and selected great spots within our plan. Top Notch. (on the meals) Presentation: Excellent. Quality: Top quality gourmet, each meal was a new highlight of the trip. Quantity: Perfect. Emily: adaptable and accommodated some personal favorites on the fly.'

Dr. Barry R. chartering 'Tonina' Februrary 3, 2008
'Very clean, very well organized. Very good captain. Very approachable, we discussed the itinerary every eay. Meals were excellent. Boat was better than we expected. We had an excellent holiday. The boat was outstanding and the crew was exceptional. I would highly recommend this crew and boat. We had an amazing holiday.

Karen M. chartering 'Runaway' February 1, 2008
'They were wonderful! Completely comfortable and relaxing! Lisa was a culinary genius. She was a relaxed perfectionist who enjoys her work/job. Everytime she presented an unbelievable meal! Everything was accurae and realistic, however Lisa and Jim's pictures in the printout does them no justice! All questions were answered perfectly. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation!

Carol S. chartering 'Stenella' January 30, 2008
'Boat was very comfortable. K.C.'s meals were exactly what we asked for. She hit it on the nose. Her meals were attractively presented and tasted great! Gourmet is not an overstatement. Serving sizes were large. Emily did a great job telling me about the boats and we ended up with the perfect boat for us.'

Jim W. chartering 'Honiara I' January 29, 2008
'Adele kept everything in wonderful shape. The meals were excellent. Presentation was so enjoyable. The food quality and quantity could not have been better! The boat and crew were described very well. Everything was better than we anticipated. This was the most pleasant experience and a wonderful vacation. Our crew was very accommodating and sincerely desired to do anything to make our trip enjoyable. Adele and Pierre were wonderful and we enjoyed htem very much. We can't wait to do this again.'

(link to letter)
JoAnn N. chartering 'Catalyst 44' January 26, 2008

'Alan was an outstanding, accommodating, friendly, outgoing captain. The meals were superb. They were excellent in taste, presentation, amount and quality. Everything requested was taken care of. Everything was great!'

Bill G. chartering 'Sayang' January 26, 2008
'The cockpit was one of the most comfortable we have seen. Paul has a very comfortable manner. We tend to be more casual, he sensed that and responded very well. We enjoy food at home and in restaurants. We found Ratna's to be very interesting, delicious and simply but pleasantly presented. We loved it and there was plenty. '

Murray L. chartering 'Aurora 67' January 23, 2008
'We had a fabulous time, the crew was terrific. '

Gary G. chartering 'Graunya' January 20, 2008
'Very comfortable, very well kept, meals were fantastic, accommodated my wife (veg & fish) extraordinarily well -- meals exceeded our expectations. Boat, Captain, First Mate and entire experience exceeded our expectations -- wanted a very special week for my wife's 50th birthday and it was fantastic; beautiful boat, great service, great sailing.'

Sherry B. chartering 'Braveheart' January 16, 2008
'Lunch and dinner were the stars! Presentation very good. Enjoyed the napkin folding demos and frozen beverage of the day! All of your staff were very prompt and efficient. Communication excellent. I would book through you again and would travel the Braveheart if they were doing a different locale.'

(link to full letter)
Dr. Robert K. chartering 'Cool Change' January 14, 2008

'(on the meals) Good variety at breakfast, beautifully presented 3 course meals at lunch and dinner, good quality, esp. fresh fruits, and perfect quantities. Better than expected.'

David W. chartering 'Arabesque' January 6, 2008
'Our immediate impression when we boarded was that we had definitely picked the right boat. Obviously John takes pride in a ship-shape deck. Kath was a magician in keeping the rooms tidy and clean. The cabins were excellent. David and I thoroughly enjoyed the large master bedroom, lots of storage, very comfortable bed, lg. hatches for air (we didn't want the a.c.) and private bath. Our boys loved having their own cabins and bath, flatscreen in each cabin and their own thermostat for a.c. The salon area design was very inviting, although we loved spending most time in the cockpit for meals, game playing and reading. John was a great captain. First of all, we always felt our family was in very capable hands. he seemed a veteran when it came to sailboats or anything to do with the water. We were always made to feel that it was totally up to us how we wanted to arrange our days. Each meal was beautiful. Kath did a wonderful job of putting together lunches and dinners that were equally delicious to my husband and myself and also to my 19 and 21 year old. That in itself was a major feat. All week long we looked forward to her varied menus. We would 'ohhh and ahhh', say it was just too pretty or too much and then proceed to enjoy every morsel. Kath was also great about varying the mealtimes according to the activities we might be involved in. Kath is a dear young lady and a great pleasure to be around. She is so easy going and, like John, very even-tempered. She makes all that she accomplishes seem effortless. Ed. Thanks for your efforts re: the crew. They were great and we really enjoyed our charter.'

Mary H. chartering 'Sublime' January 5, 2008
'Tim had wanted to try his hand at certain tasks, Brian was very helpful and instructive. We were given options for diving, snorkeling and anchoring all given weather and wind conditions - a very adaptable and accommodating crew!!! A FLOATING 5 STAR RESTAURANT!!!!! Unbelievable quality, variety and presentation!! I was teh sole passenger requesting no beef or lamb but my family was served unbelievable filets and lamb chops while I received delicious fish.'

James S. chartering 'Arabesque' December 30, 2007
'Solid. Very good. All was good.''

Lee Anne L. chartering 'Priorities' December 29, 2007
'LOVED IT! Food was outstanding. Definitely interested in each person's likes and dislikes. Exceeded expectations.'

Trevor L. chartering 'Phaedrus' December 29, 2007
'I was incredibly impressed to the constant attention to detail regarding cleanliness and service during the charter. The skipper Charles is a very intelligent, well read person, so we had some amazing discussions on a variety of subjects. He was extremely knowledgeable on our charter area and its wonderful history, and of the rest of the Caribbean. Lesley is a darling, also very professional, very thoughtful and misses nothing. They are a delightful team, and certainly were an extra bonus to the holiday. (on the meals) Amazing would be the word. Charles has had Chef's training. The food was beyond expectation. A great variety of meals, and so beautifully presented. I think you and your team are a delight to deal with. Your information and booking system meant that the information flow from you, and the information required by us is a very easy friendly system to use.'

Bob L. chartering 'Angel Glow' December 28, 2007
'Amazing meals, fresh, well-presented. Outstanding food!'

Jennifer F. chartering 'Fantasy Island' December 27, 2007
'(on the captain) Wonderful, a pleasure to talk to, fun to be with, very knowledgeable about boats and BVI. (the meals) Just right for our family, varied, beautifully presented, but not too fancy or lengthy, Colleen is a gem in all respects!'

(link to letter)
Chris P. chartering 'Swish' December 19, 2007

'Very clean, excellent in all respects. absolutely fantastic.

Wesley Y. chartering 'Alexis' November 29, 2007
'The boat was extremely comfortable with plenty of space for the two of us. The meals were outstanding in both presentation and taste. They provided separate meals when there was a difference in mine and my wife's dietary likes and dislikes. Both meals were exceptional. The boat was better than expected. It was in immaculate condition, something you wouldn't expect from a boat that is used for chartering.'

Brooks B. chartering 'Jet Stream' October 28,2007
'Everything was great! Tim was great, we really enjoyed all the time we spent with he and Marsha. We did not ask (for sailing instruction) but Tim sensed our interest and provided excellent lessons. The meals were fabulous! We are adventurous eaters and Marcia treated us to some culinary delights! It was the first time we experienced appetizers before breakfast! Marcia is great, we spent a lot of time getting to know her and Tim, they are very interesting and delightful. It (the boat) is beautiful and extremely well kept. We have dreamed of this trip for several years and it met our every expectation - Paradise! We are going again! Tim and Marsha were great to let us include them in our excursions! They provided great insight into the history of the BVIs. We really appreciated their knowledge of the fun out-of-the-way places. It was great!'

(link to letter)
Allen B. chartering 'Four Wishes' August 26, 2007

'Beyond our expectations. All outstanding. No change in your descriptions.'

Allan S. chartering 'Calibogue II' August 24, 2007
'A good sailing boat, made some swift passages. (On the captain) A perfect match for our crew, worked well with us in a professional and friendly way while allowing us all appropriate privacy.'

Barbara A. chartering 'Sublime' August 20, 2007
'All of the crew hit just the right tone. I really felt like I could trust Brian with my family's safety. Stephanie is an amazing chef and it is unbelievable that she has not had any formal training. Most importantly, the food was scrumptious but it was also beautifully presented. We have been teased for having so many food photos in our trip photos but it was so pretty we often had to go get a camera before eating it. Stephanie is so sweet. She spent a lot of time in the kitchen and the meals reflected that. We really appreciated how hard she worked for us. '

Randy T. chartering 'Sabore' August 12, 2007
'Great food and plenty of it. Both Penny and Colin were great wtih the kids and Penny would always make a point to prepare things the kids would like. I don't think I would change anything, I can't imagine a finer crew or yacht. While I didn't see every boat down there, with this crew it could be marketed as the finest in it's class.'

Dick S. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' August 12, 2007
'Everything was great. Extremely comfortable with a very kindly sea motion. Earl is a great charter captain and his seamanship is well above, no, at the highest level. Bonnie is the consumate chef. Meals were served al fresco when feasible. We were three different people with three very different appetites and she always went out of her way to make sure everyone got what they wanted.'

Joseph D. chartering 'Sublime' August 10, 2007
'Extremely spacious and comfortable. Great stoires and sense of humor, marvelous captain. Offered several times to teach sailing. Very knowledgeable about islands, history, culture, diving, sailing, shares it all. We had supreme confidence in their sailing ability. Harly used the motor. It will be very difficult to adequately describe the meals, words will not do justice to the care, presentation and quality of our dining experience. Every meal was 'DIVINE'. Stephanie is an amazing and tireless chef. Both the Sublime and her incredible crew made this the trip of a lifetime. And, as you know, we have had many wonderful sailing adventures, but there was something magical about this crew and yacht!'

John E. chartering 'Semper Fi' July 21, 2007
'Perfect! Great! 100% Incredible!'

Chris C. chartering 'Tonina' July 15, 2007
'This is a gorgeous boat. It is evident that Karen and Peter take great pride in its appearance. The cabins and bedding were luxurious. The sunning space was plenty! Peter and Karen were fabulous! We felt like we hit the jackpot with them. Each meal was spectacular. The food was delicious. Karen and Peter knew quite a bit about cooking and each meal was different and wonderful. The boat was exactly as we expected, and more. The pictures on the website were representative of the way the boat was truly kept.'

Fernando G. chartering 'Arabesque' July 14, 2007
'Both Gordon and Tracy were great!!!! Lots of fun, very committed to have everything perfect and delicious, ready to accommodate every wish, energetic. Great chef, we gained some pounds to show!'

Manlio A. chartering 'Seasauvage' July 9, 2007
'The boat was comfortable and well maintained. Didier is an outstanding skipper, very personable and knowledgable about the area. Sophie was very pleasant and full of energy. The crew was better than expected, the 2 teenage kids are a true asset, always helping, polite, etc. Bottom line: Probably the best sailing experience we ever had!'

Stan G. chartering 'Double Feature' July 9, 2007
'The crew look very young in the photos (which they are) however they are very mature for their age. Your service (Ed Hamilton & Co) was 1st class and by far superior to other brokers we have used in the past.'

Tom B. chartering 'Centre Court' July 2, 2007
'Excellent in all regards, we truly appreciated Petra's culinary skills, Arno's too! Perfect, Petra and Arno were even better than our expectations'

Sharon E. chartering 'Tonina' July 2, 2007
'Perfect! Very knowlegable! Kids learned knot tying too! Delicious - gourmet meals. Everything was just as requested.'

Lauren J. chartering 'Two if by Sea' July 1, 2007
'Thank you for a wonderful trip! Stu was a wonderful captain. We felt very comfortable with his ability to captain the boat. He is also a great scrabble player. Fran is truly a gourmet cook. Portion size and presentation were perfect. Fran is one in a million. The boat was everything and more than we expected.'

Elizabeth D. chartering 'Whale's Way' June 30, 2007
'Captain Eddie was wonderful and answered all our nautical questions and explained boating specifics. He and Cailyn also knew a lot about the areas we visited. We really benefitted from their knowledge and they were always interested in sharing experiences with us. Food was delicious and portions were more than adequate. Meals were never repeated unless requested (lobster). Food was fresh, healthy and great quality. We expected to go eat on shore more often, but once the kids experienced the food on the was hard to get them to go anywhere else! Cailyn handled it all with grace and always a smile. It couldn't have been as easy as she made it appear!'

Brad S. chartering 'Madiba' June 24, 2007
'We snorkeled every morning or afternoon depending on the route for the day. They kept all our gear organized, making it easy to get in the water. We cannot say enough good things about David. I don't think we could have had a better captain. He took the extra time needed to educate us on sailing and about each island we visited. I am totally hooked on sailing. Partly because of David. He went above and beyond making me feel very comfortable learning to sail. Glywnnis is a 5 star cook. We took pictures of our dinners each night before we enjoyed every bit of them. She really overdid herself in every aspect of breakfast, lunch and dinner...we have hopefully talked her into making a recipe book. A+. Your company did a great job. I want to thank everyone I talked to from Ed on down the line. Emily and Lynne were very patient with my many calls with questions.'

Kevin F. chartering 'Two if by Sea' June 23, 2007
'We love the projection screen for movie night, hammock, deck covering for our naps, soft. Steuart was absolutely great! Our experience with both Steuart and Fran was very positive. Steuart was an excellent teacher and obviously a very seasoned and safe sailor. Our meals were excellent. The quality and quantity superb. Fran presented our meals very nicely. Her desserts were great. Your description of TIBS was very accurate, your input regarding the crew was also very accurate.'

Beth A. chartering 'Sublime' June 23, 2007
'Perfect. (the meals) beautifully presented, plenty of food. very very good. Boat is nicer than photos and nicer than we expected.'

Mibs M. chartering 'ReAction' June 19, 2007
'Meals exceeded our expectations. Vegetarian and meat options were provided as main courses for our meals with beautiful fresh accompanying vegetables, meeting our family's requests. Snacks and cocktail party foods were provided daily, breakfast and lunch were fresh and hearty. We were delighted - the boat was in top condition. Crew was young and professional, energetic and eager to please us.'

Marie P. chartering 'Antillean' June 18, 2007
'They were very accommodating. All of the meals were excellent and well prepared! Very accurate - the food was amazing!'

Ted K. chartering 'Quest' June 17, 2007
'Well maintained, clean and well decorated. Ran a well organized, planned, professional trip.Fabulous food, med all of our requests/needs. Great presentation, hardy portions and excellent quality. Very pleased. Description of boat was accurate and met all our needs and expecatations. (Ed Hamilton staff) Superb - extremely helpful, efficient, personable, etc. Thanks! This was our 3rd crewed yacht in the BVI with your company. We are pleased with all aspects of our vacation from the planning through our last thank yous and goodbyes. We look forward to booking with you again in the near future.'

Tom F. chartering 'Braveheart' June 16, 2007
'Captain Jerry was absolutely outstanding! Captain Jerry was great at teaching and explaining. A real professional. ALso great with the kids. Exquisite, every meal was a delight, presentation was top quality. Descriptions were spot on.'

Mike A. chartering 'Paradise' June 14, 2007
'(on the food) The presentation was awesome, the quality was very good and the quantity was more than adequate.'

Dr. Mike C. chartering 'Drumbeat I' June 9, 2007
'Vince was accommodating in all respects. Linda did an excellent job of choosing and presenting great meals.'

(link to full letter)
Dan and Tina F. chartering 'Charm' and 'Promenade' June 9, 2007

(link to full letter)
Linda C. chartering 'Sayang' June 9, 2007

'I wanted to let you know we had a wonderful sailing experience with Paul and Ratna on Sayang. It was so much more than we imagined...'

Kate F. chartering 'Charme' May 25, 2007
'Both Dare and Leigh Ann did a great job of guiding us (i.e. snorkeling, diving) without us feeling like they were watching our every move. They were always there to pour a drink or pick up a breakfast plate but they wree not intrusive. A great fit for our group. Meals were terrific and wonderfully presented and prepared with great sauces and garnishes. Nice 'island' dishes and plenty of fruit. I think everything was accurate in the descriptions. Thanks to Emily and Lynne for help with pre trip planning including lodging and insurance.'

Steve P. chartering 'Promenade' May 5, 2007
'Perfect for 9 guys. Richard and Lisa Dixon are just the right combination of personable yet professional.'

Adam M. chartering 'Phaedrus' April 30, 2007
'The boat was large, roomy and very comfortable, especially the cockpit. Charles was a consummate professional adn his knowledge of hte area heightened our enjoyement of the cruise. The food was a highlight of the trip. Leslie had an extensive knowledge of local fora and fauna which greatly enhanced our experience. The boat was exactly as described, down to the liveaboard cat, Lila, who was a joy to sail with.'

Stan B. chartering 'True North' April 30, 2007
'Big and beautiful. The best boat in the BVI that we saw! Perfect Captain and crew. He could have been my son. Tiffany is a master chef. Also assisting on board Euros and Emily Williams. So helpful and kind - professional as well as a joy to be around.They were the best! We could adopt the whole crew and call them family! True North was a beauty but the crew made the trip. The other boat we sailed with 'Aldebaran'...was also an excellent boat. Their crew Justin Smit and Cayley were also on the excellent level of our crew of True North. I and my family would gladly sail with them again. Thank you for recommending both these boats and crews.'
Douglas D. chartering 'Free Ingwe' April 29, 2007
'Lee and Gemma decorated for our honeymoon. we loved the snorkeling and the expert guides. We were always invited to learn and help if we wanted. (the meals) perfect. Presented well and delicious. Amazing.'

Alex V. chartering 'Taboo' March 25, 2007
'Very comfy, lots of room despite how quickly she went! David was a pleasure to be with. He managed to separate his role as skipper from the social side so that the two were seamless but clear. Great fun, interesting, respected privacy, in command of his vessel. I put on 10 lbs on the trip so that should say it all! ...Amazed by the quality and variety of meal that Miranda produced from a relatively small galley. She always managed to sense our mood. The food was wonderfully presented and we looked forward to each meal. '

Mike L. chartering 'Duduza II' April 25, 2007
'Madeleine was a very hard worker, Blackie was awesome and we felt very safe with him as our captain. Awesome food!! We never had a bad meal. Everything was presented wonderfully and we always ate way too much! Everything was just as we expected. Ed Hamilton & Company was very professional. Updated throughout our reservation process and answered questions we had. We would use Ed Hamilton again and refer the name.'

Brent S. chartering 'Seaprize' April 20, 2007
'Brent gained 7 pounds, I gained 5. Had lobster, tuna, mahi, grouper, salmon, lamb, chicken and beef dinners. Emma has a great repetoir of creative combinations; all got a thumbs up and were gobbled. She spent many long hours in a hot galley, popping up when needed to deploy or haul anchor or hoist the main. She will be an unbelievable chef after her further training in Toulouse. All lived up to our expectations, in fact Seaprize was better than expected due to a major refit last summer/fall.'

Dick S. chartering 'Antillean' April 19, 2007
'(on the meals) The quality was great with a lot of imagination. Heidi is an outstanding chef. We thought all representations were good. They have added to the bimini structure which was excellent to keep rain from the cockpit. We could be outside constantly - even in the worst rains.'

(link to letter)
Lori C. chartering 'Madiba' April 16, 2007

'Our first impressions were very positive. The boat was spotless throughout the charter. The crew managed this without compromising our vacation. We found the boat to be very comfortable. Tastefully decorated and not at all cluttered. Dave was an excellent captain. he was very skilled at adjusting/adapting to our pace/needs. Dave was very educational on sailing techniques and would include us in the experience when requested. The meals were truly spectacular. Portions were plentiful, menu was gourmet and diverse. Glywnnis was exceptionsal. Glywnnis always looked for feedback on meals. Meals were always timely. Attention to detail/presentation ws excellent. The boat was exactly as we expected. Emily's depiction of the crew was 100% accurate. This is a crew that is committed to ensuring thier guests experience is first rate.'

Robert B. chartering 'Quest' April 15, 2007
'(on the captain) He was very helpful and so nice. They were great! '

Roy B. chartering 'Best Revenge V' April 14, 2007
'Very comfortable. Cabins were even better than expected, boat was large and comfortable for all 8 of us. Paul was charming, relaxed, competent and a wonderful guide to the natural world. (On the meals) Spectacular! Presentation was gorgeous, eliciting gasps of approval and lots of photos, and food tasted as good as it looked. Katie was delightful, hard-working and always cheerful. Simply put, our expectations were very high, based on your recommendations and the website. All expectations were exceeded! We're ready to go back next year.'

Cynthia S. chartering 'Arabesque' April 13, 2007
'(Captain Gordon) happily accommodated our requests to participate. (Describe the meals) [Tracy] did a great job cooking for the kids without compromising the adult meals.

Hendrik V. chartering 'Antillean' April 11, 2007
'The 3rd crew (parrot named Mr. Smee) was outgoing, lovable and very entertaining.'

Susan B. chartering 'Cynful' April 9, 2007
'Everything exceeded our anticipations. The girls had a chance to take the helm, and they were excited about reaching beyone their 'opti experiences'. Each meal exceeded the previous one and many pounds were added to the adults' middles. Kate was very good with the children, and they loved her. The boat was everything we expected and more.'

Steve A. chartering 'Honiara I' April 7, 2007
'I am very satisfied with my introduction to sailing. We were completely satisfied with the meals served. They made a point of making sure we had everything we had asked for or suggested. We are boaters but had not been sailing before. The boat was what we expected and your description/recommendation with respect to a boat and crew were bang on. No changes. I will use your services again - hopefully soon! I would not know what to say in a reference letter except that Pierre and Adele were great hosts. Pierre was incredibly enthusiastic and his passion for the life he and Adele have chosen is contagious. He said one night that they do not try to offer an overly pampered environment but instead want to share with people their dream. That is exactly the feeling I had, I was sharing something great! We were still spoiled, dinners served and drinks catered, but it was casual enough to be comfortable. Thank you!

Karen G. chartering 'True North' April 7, 2007
'I would recommend the boat in a heartbeat. We travel frequently and this trip was one of our top 5! We adored Rob. He was professional, fun, interested and interesting. Tiffany is a fabulous chef. Her cooking was healthy, interesting, delicious and she had great presentation. Better than many restaurants, very aware of likes and dislikes. Emily was 100% accurate. The crew were fun and interesting. The boat was comfortable and great for cruising. You provided a great service. I would highly recommend to friends.'

Robert L. chartering 'Y Not' April 3, 2007
'He (Ernie) was ready to give sailing instruction if we wanted. The girls helped out a lot. They loved it. Our captain and crew were great.

'Robert J. chartering 'Aurora' March 31, 2007
'loved everything. awesome. The meals were amazing! Wendy met the needs and request of ALL! The presentation was delightful. Food was plentiful and delicious! The boat was better than expected! The crew would not have been better! They were very accommodating, outgoing, most enjoyable! The literature was perfect. Great experience - will definitely like to do this again! Wendy and Chad were the best!!!'

Tim H. chartering 'Braveheart' March 30, 2007
'Boys enjoyed the diving and we all enjoyed snorkeling. The boat and crew exceeded expectations. Very considerate and nothing was too much trouble.'

Kirk O. chartering 'Tachyon' March 27, 2007
'Better than expected! Even with our four children, they kept things clean. The boat was very comfortable. Incredible meals. Much better than expected. Every meal was perfect in taste, presentation, and novelty (as requested).

Tom F. chartering 'Zingara' March 24, 2007
'Lots of great common spaces, great outdoor dining. Good 'Zodiak' boat for tubing for kids. Franz was SUPER patient with the kid's requests! Absolutely the best meals we have had on a boat. Tiffany was incredible.'

Mark S. chartering 'Aurora' March 24, 2007
'(on the captain) Outgoing, professional, friendly. (on the meals) Quality outstanding, Wendy understood how to cook for a family, our kids (and us) ate it up! She was marvelous.'

Mara S. chartering 'Antillean' March 23, 2007
'(John was) delightful with everybody. John let the kids sail and taught them some knots (and magic tricks). (The meals) Delicious, healthy, just right for us. Tailored exactly as we had asked. Perfect. I would say that this is an excellent boat for families. Our trip was delightful. John and Heidi couldn't have done more to make us all happy.'

Karen S. chartering 'Double Feature' March 21, 2007
'Very comfortable. Bob was great! The meals were spectacular! I think the boat exceeded all our expectations.'

(link to letter)
Klaudia F. chartering 'Blithe Spirit II' March 21, 2007
'We sailed a great deal, Michel and Dominique enjoyed sailing every day and let us be involved as much as we wanted. Our cabin was spacious and laid out for ease of use. Michel has an infectious smile and soft way of expressing himself. (On the food) Incredible! A feast for the eyes, excellent presentation and taste. Dominique quickly adapted to the size portions we were comfortable with. She could read minds (really). Dominique was incredible. Her cooking is fantastic. Her selections pleasing. She introduced us to some very special food/drinks.

Gary J. chartering 'Katina' March 18, 2007
'This was the most perfect vacation possible. From the moment the crew spotted us, we were whisked away to nirvana. AWESOME still comes to mind. 'yeah, yeah, yeah' that is said with the most amazing enthusiasm by skipper Wayne regularly. This crew, all of them, Wayne, Nathalie, Pilar & Josh redefine professional fun makers...unreal presentation, the crew worked as one for every meal. AWESOME. I would emphasize how perfect she is, the boat looked brand new. She was very lovingly taken care of, how could we have cut a deal to stay on longer. Great Job Emily and everyone! Thank you, thank you this vacation was all you said and more, thank you.'

Kelly S. chartering 'Equity' March 16, 2007
'Great suggestions by the captain, lots of delicious food, great for both kids and adults.'

Karen T. chartering 'Two if by Sea' March 15, 2007
'Absolutely spotless! Very comfortable. Stu was amazing - he was completely competent and we felt very safe. Fran was very good at matching our requests - even to serving one guest a different entree - very appreciated! Fran was absolutely wonderful in every way - we love her!'

Martin B. chartering 'Bandera' March 15, 2007
'David was very accommodating. Our guests were pleased. fast boat. (on Ed Hamilton Co) You do a great job and I have referred others. Ours is not a typical charter as it is basically day sailing but it was perfect for our needs.'

Louis L. chartering 'Sagaponack' March 10, 2007
'Perfect. Super chef. The boat was just perfect!'

Susan A. chartering 'Belline II' March 10, 2007
'Boat was very comfortable! Lots of space to sit in sun or not. (on the food) Very nice presentation. Kids loved the food. It's why we chose Belline II. Boat was the last few days, I had lots of questions. I used that on-line service of yours - and got all my questions answered! That is a great service. Can't remember what the questions were, but that method kept all the stress out of it!'

Brett D. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' March 3, 2007
'John answered every question we had - whether about sailing, the history of the area, or even something totally unrelated! He was always approachable and accommodating. We couldn't believe how beautiful and delicious the meals were. Ther was always more than we could eat, too. The information was very thorough and your help timely. We have already recommended Ed Hamilton to others and will continue to do so! Everything about the trip exceeded our expectations. We felt so taken care of.

Karen G. chartering 'Mystique' March 3, 2007
'We really liked James. He is quite good at 'going with the flow' of different guests. James was very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging -- great instructor. (On the meals) Elegant, tastefully presented, delicious, filling, consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of taste, amount, variety and timing. You were terrific about answering questions and giving us helpful advice. Your descriptionsof James and the boat were very accurate.'

Frank T. chartering 'Ad Astra' February 24, 2007
'Colin was a good sailor and very good scuba instructor. did some great dives with him. Penny was great teaching snorkeling and a very good cook. We did eat out once, but Penny was much better. Very flexible.'

Don B. chartering 'Cynful' February 24, 2007
'This was our second year with Tony & Kate. They met all of our expectations and it was like seeing old friends again and getting reacquainted. Tony is one of the best we have ever had. Each morning we all decided where we were going. No problems...just an extremely relaxing vacation. Cannot be described to someone who has not been on one. Words do not do it justice. (On the meals) Without a doubt FABULOUS. Actually, the presentation makes you feel guilty about eating, but we got over that hurdle very quickly. The quality beyond words, the quantity TOO MUCH but we never left anything.'

Sharon D. chartering 'Cool Change' February 20, 2007
'I would recommend this to everyone. Ted & Gina were professional and social! We gained way too much weight. Great chef! Accurate. Ted has a lot of varied experience and interest which makes it even nicer. We were very comfortable in every aspect.'

Paul E. chartering 'Margaux' February 18, 2007
'Steve Rees was the perfect Captain for our group and trip. Wonderfully accommodating, secure, knowledgable, fun - the best. My son said on the way home 'Steve (and Marie) were the Aunt and Uncle you wish you had.' He was great with our 8 & 10 year old boys as well as my 83 year old father. We ate like royalty. Food was fresh with hot baked rolls, etc. Wonderful desserts and meal variety. We 'stole' some recipes and were amazed at what could come out of a ship's galley - with a smile and polite humility - Marie was great. It was all pretty good. The questions we had were either in your literature or quickly answered by phone. Your services were great as well. We had a great time.'

Lisa H. chartering 'McGregor II' February 17, 2007
'Everything was just right. Capt. Tim Miller is incredibly funny, extremely professional and very concerned that we were all having a great time. The (food) quality of a professional chef. There's no point in dining out anymore, we've been too spoiled.

Frank T. chartering 'Millennium' February 17, 2007
'Mike was an excellent skipper. He let us sail the boat and made us feel very comfortable. (Describe the meals) Best one could get. 10 for presentation, Quality outright superb. She is a great cook. We ate at 'Best Resaurant' on Peter Island, but Adele is sooo much better. Boat and crew were good descriptions. They both are very experienced. Mike was a great dive instructor and the equipment he had was TOP of the line.'

(link to letter)
Mark L. chartering 'Blu Moon' February 11, 2007
'We thoroughly enjoyed our sailing trip with Blu Moon. Everything was above and beyond what we expected...I can go on and on about the meals, the scenery, the customer service, the sailing ability, the guide and knowledge of the area adn private areas that only they seem to know about.

Betsy G. chartering 'Moonshine' February 11, 2007
'Plenty of space for us. (on the meals) Presentation- excellent, Quality - excellent, Quantity - too much but we ate every bite! We only had one 'picky eater' and Lynn remembered all of her preferences. Lynn and John are both really good at what they do and helped make our charter as close to perfect as possible. You guys are good at what you do as well. I've only heard positive comments, which is why we used your services.'

Carol N. chartering 'Honiara I' February 6, 2007
'We knew the boat was older, but you'd never know seeing the great shape it was in. Front cabin very comfortable, cockpit well shaded. Meals were excellent and well presented and of sufficient quantity. Descriptions were accurate. We are experienced sailors. We appreciate the importance of a broker matching crew with customers. This was a good match for us. Boat is important, but crew more so, as your literature has mentioned. Keep up the good work matching people to crew/boat.'

Lynn S. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' February 1, 2007
'John was very happy to help Marty chart and plot our course. Two of our party are professional chefs and Fi's food was exceptional- good variety, wonderfully prepared and served. It was wonderful, you paired us with a great couple!'

William P. chartering 'Ad Astra' February 1, 2007
'Colin was very professional but also down to earth and friendly. He would often sit and chat with us. He was very knowledgeable and informative about the islands as well as England. We discussed with Colin and Penny our desire to see different parts of the islands than we had seen last time. They also made sure we were able to see the Super Bowl. Too bad they couldn't have changed the outcome!! Penny is a fabulous and creative chef! We dined on a wide range of food from granola to salmon to pizza to stuffed french toast. Lunch and dinner plates were always cleverly presented.'

James M. chartering 'Madiba' January 27, 2007
'Very comfortable for 2 couples, outdoor space, ie. cockpit, sunning were great. Meals contributed to overall excellent experience, wonderful, awesome, excellent. Crew was wonderful, friendly and very accommodating!'

Suzanne S. chartering 'Blu Moon' January 24, 2007
'The dinners were all excellent, fresh fish, beef tenderloin. Your description was accurate. Julie and Chris were great and the boat was in excellent condition.'
Thanks for a wonderful time aboard Blu Moon. We really enjoyed the fabulous food and excellent cocktails. Julie, your Mahi and beef tenderloin were exceptional. My husband, Tim, is still talking about the pears poached in pineapple juice, calling it the best dessert he's ever had. Your boat is so well cared for and your expert local knowledge made for a great trip. It was so exciting to snorkel West Dog, truly untouched and beautiful, I can still taste the lobster Chris snared for dinner! My only complaint is that the time went by too fast. We hope to charter with you again!

Bruce W. chartering 'Ad Astra' January 21, 2007
'The boat was spotless, comfortable and nicely decorated. Much more spacious than we expected. It was easy to find a cozy place to visit with others or to read by yourself, either in the sun or the shade. (Colin) very charming, pleasant, great conversationalist but could guage when to join in or step back. A perfect people person an dvery gracious. Colin was a great instructor, giving everyone interested time at the helm. We participated as much as we liked. He was very patient in answering all of our questions. The meals were gourmet delights, beautifully presented, wonderfully varied, moste enjoyable and delicious. We were amazed at what could be prepared by Penny in her tiny galley. Penny is amazingly skillful in her preparation and presentation. Her charm adn wit equalled her culinary skills - such fun! I was very pleased with Ed Hamilton & Co. Very polite and courteous people I talked with. Everything from my initial phone call through the whole trip was seamless. Your website is very helpful.

Kent C. chartering 'Makayabella' January 16, 2007
'John met us at the dock and made us feel welcome from the start. Very comfortable. Fit in wiht us very well. (The meals) presented very well and tasted great. Quantity and quality were very good. '

Stephen T. chartering 'Blu Moon' January 15, 2007
'Chris was a superb sailor and regularly provided excellent tips on proper sailing techniques. Julie did a superb job of preparing excellent meals with beautiful presentations. I believe that your descriptions and the pictures provided in your and Blu Moon's websites were representative of what we experienced. I wouldn't change anything.'

Robin W. chartering 'Duduza II' January 13, 2007
'(On the food) Above average and very satisfying. Madeleine is a gem. '

Thomas M. chartering 'Bandera' January 11, 2007
'The boat was classic. It met my high expectations as far as sailing was concerned. David was outstanding. The meals were great. Lindy paid attention to our ever-changing demands.'
(link to letter)

Elaine D. chartering 'Angel Glow' January 9, 2007
'Even better than the pics! Shayne was great. We enjoyed him and his team. We feel like we've made new friends. Kim is amazing - I am still craving her food! The taste imagination and presentation was 1st rate. She also made 'special' meals for our picky guy. The comfort of the beds as unparalelled! Great storage!'

(link to letter)
Stuart S. chartering 'Antillean' January 7, 2007
'The meals were uniformly superb, simple but elegant, food beautifully presented...all of our requests were met. The boat was exactly what we expected. It was the right size for cruising, very comfortable and well appointed. The crew descriptions were great.

William B. chartering 'Sublime' January 6, 2006
'The boat was very clean and organized when we arrived...they kept all areas of the bed clean and neat. Brian was very friendly and interested in pleasing us. He worked with us on determining what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. He was enthusiastic and enjoyed the charter with us. Stephanie created gourmet meals and appetizers for hte entire week. Her lunches and breakfasts were more than we expected - such as crepes, omelets, and cooked lunches. Every dish was beautifully presented and delicious. She also went out of her way to provide special meals for one client. We enjoyed her cooking so much we came home wiht many of her recipes!!! We felt very informed about our boat and crew. We called and talked with your office several times to answer any questions we had.'

Mike M. chartering 'Pentesilea II' December 28, 2006
'Great teacher, both sailing, dinghy driving, motoring to anchor, Hans is a great teacher! Very nice, plenty foor both my wife and I and our (less predictable) children.'

Gina I. chartering 'Aloha Malolo' December 27, 2006
'All great! Captain Eric was very flexible...(on the food) presentation, quality and variety was all excellent. All of our special requests were met.'

Jennifer F. chartering 'Zingara' December 27, 2006
'Impressive Vessel! Flowers on table, friendly faces, helpful crew. Mark was EXCELLENT! Once he realized we had so much cruising experience, he was happy to let us steer under sail, help trim sails etc. He was always enthusiastic about any activities we wanted to do and was happy to change plans according to our suggestions if it made sense. Very knowledgable about the BVI anchorages--we were often alone or nearly so in gorgeous coves, even during the busiest week of the year. (the meals) Beautifully presented, prepared with great care, high-quality ingredients...The description was very accurate and appropriate.'

Don T. chartering 'Blithe Spirit II' December 26, 2006
'The skipper allowed us to sail as much as we wanted (under his supervision of course). Our son enjoyed helping with the sails. Every meal was different, surprising and expertly prepared and presented. Table setting also changed with each meal. For us as a family with diverse diet needs, we were delighted with the mix of vegetarian, meat and fish entrees. Vegetable and starch side dishes and salads were varied and delicious. Gourmet level food, plenty to eat. Plenty to drink, cooler on deck, Root Beer for kids as requested, variety of beer and wine and mixed drinks. Skipper makes great regional rum drinks. We left feeling we'd made new friends and look forward to a return charter. We didn't know boat charter could be so simple. To us this means Ed Hamilton staff work hard and efficiently. Thank you! We had the time of our lives!'

Diane P. chartering 'Sea Walker' December 23, 2006
'Richard. He made us feel extremely comfortable. He was friendly yet professional. We loved him. Extremely patient and complimentary (in teaching).'

Chuck H. chartering 'Antillean' December 22, 2006
'This boat is perfect for 4 people! Heidi was outstanding at putting together some very unique meals. We are very happy with everything and look forward to doing it again.'

John and Barb W. chartering 'Cynful' December 21, 2006
'Everything exceeded our expectations!!!'
(link to letter)

Walter H. chartering 'Ad Astra' December 21, 2006
'We were amazed at Penny's ability to create such gourmet fare in her small galley! And, while doing so many other things like playing games, taking pictures, hiking with us, etc. The meals were truly delicious and carefully selected to our liking as well! We were impressed at the ample space we had on board and also by the incredible number and variety of supplies that were constantly being pulled out and offered to us.'
(link to letter)

Sidney K. charering 'Aurora' December 20, 2006
'(The meals) Especially excellent, pfompt without being rushed, tasted great, accommodating individual tastes.

Guest on charter with Sidney K. chartering 'Aurora' December 20, 2007
Scott and Eden had a far harder job manning the cat by themselves than skippers and a bigger crew. They were professional, catered to everyone's needs (and handicaps), afforded us our privacy and created the atmosphere of a no-hassle vacation. They are capable of handling their own crew and providing a similar luxury experience, that's how good they are. Scott worked hard to keep the boat in pristine, presentable condition, down to handsewing the trampoline. He knew every whine, every knock and every hiss! (not many of those). Eden can head up a Ritz Dining room. Its clear she grew up in the restaurant industry. She could converse and cook at the same time in adept fashion. All in all, an experience I would repeat.

David and Lauren C chartering 'Freedom' December 20, 2006

'He (Gary) was a great teacher to us and the kids. Everything we asked for was in working order'

Paul Z. chartering 'Blu Moon' December 18, 2006
'The boat was always clean. We were all included in the sailing. The captain even was so kind as to take my chldren on a smaller sailboat at the Bitter End Yacht Club. The meals were outstanding. It was amazing what Julie could do in such a small galley. The boat was everything we had expected. It was an excellent trip.'

James H. chartering 'Blithe Spirit II' December 18, 2006
'Very comfortable. The captain was fantastic. He was very flexible and willing to go wherever we wanted. He knew all of hte good snorkeling and went with us. He let us sail whenever we wanted. It was very clear that Michel was an experienced, extremely knowledgable sailor. The food was spectacular all week. Perfect portions, more available for hungry teens if needed. Fabulous presentation without being fussy. Dominique was wonderful! The boat was exactly as we expected. No surprises. One of our best vaccations ever!!!'

Josh T. chartering 'Sayang' December 12, 2006
'Our captain's knowledge and confidence complimented our overall experience. The crew was more than willing to answer all questions and allow you to get a hands on perspective. We would like to compliment Ed-Hamilton and Associates on their accurate description. We could tell you really do your homework and our enjoyable charter was a reflection of that.'

Dean M. chartering 'Pentesilea II' December 10, 2006
'She's a beautiful vessel! Snorkeling was fabulous and Hans ws an excellent guide and watchful eye for safety and utmost enjoyment. Both Hans and Ruth made the trip a success. We instantly felt as if they were old friends. They truly love what they do and it certainly shows in all they do. Each meal was always just right, Ruth is an excellent chef and served it all with style and smiles. It was amazing what she could 'whip up' in such a small space.'

Glenn B. chartering 'Duppy Conqueror' November 26, 2006
'Excellent. Meals were excellent. Quality, variety, etc were all better than expected.'

Steve H. chartering 'Amaryllis' November 19, 2006
'It was exactly what I expected! Bob did a great job of answering questions, helping me learn more. If anything was 'wrong' it was too much food! Pat did a great job with quality and presentation. Awesome food! We REALLY liked eating on the boat. The only 'not good' meal we had was OFF the boat! '

Gary B. chartering 'Sayang' November 12, 2006
'In a sentance: absolutely the most relaxing, most enjoyable vacation we have taken in over 30 years of traveling...Do not think twice!! Call Ed-Hamilton & Company and say you want to be pampered and catered to by Ratna and Paul aboard the 54' sailboat Sayang in the BVI.'
(link to letter)

Erv B. chartering 'Stenella' November 11, 2006
'Stenella is a striking boat, with its red hull. First impressions were very positive...many other people commented on what a great boat she was! (other people on charter vacations!) 3 equally sized cabins a real plus, each w/ shower and head, beds very comfortable. We spent 95% of all waking hours up top, enjoying the bow sunning cushions (great for stargazing at night!). Andy has a dry British wit..Funny but extrememly professional when sailing, serving meals, etc. We LOVED Andy! A fantastic dive master also! KC is an amazing chef! One of our party began taking pictures of each meal, and my wife asked me to write down all the meals. Every dinner was comparable to what you would receive in very high end restaurants. KCs breakfasts and lunches were also unique and delicious. We had to force ourselves not to eat everything she presented, or risk not fitting into our bathing suits! Seriously, KC's meals were delicious, healthy, beautifully presented and Andy served them with class. 'Unbelievable' is the best way to describe KC! She is wonderful...gourmet chef, outgoing, fun, but totally committed to making each meal a great experience for us. Your descriptions were accurate, and if anything, understate the talent of the crew. Your literature was great! I especially enjoyed receiving both the book on the Virgin Islands, and the info on what to bring, tipping etiquette etc.'

Diane F. chartering 'Sandcastle 65' October 30, 2006
'The meals were out of this world! Not only in taste but quality & variety. The meals were one of the things I specifically bragged about on our return. Gourmet quality! ( I even kept a journal of each meal!!) The boat and crew far exceeded our expectations!'

Chris P. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' August 18, 2006
'We found Earl and Bonnie to be warm and delighful hosts, solicitous without being obtrusive. The meals were delicious and filling. No skimping.'

Robert S. chartering 'Sea Walker' August 9, 2006
'Very good Sea Boat. Eden is one of the best charter cooks I have experienced. All aspects of the emails were of the highest quality.'

Marshall M. chartering 'Ad Astra' July 26, 2006
"This was one of the best if not the best vacation we ever had - thanks to you and 'Ad Astra'. Everyone was delighted with the level of comfort and amenities. Penny is a remarkable galley wizard...portions, presentation, taste, variety - all ideal.".

Sue Ellen S. chartering 'Belline II' July 14, 2006
'Walter and Lela are great! (The Meals) beautiful, creative, plentiful, don't know how they do it in such a tiny galley!' This trip lived up to our expectation in every way!'

Peter & Deb W. chartering 'Viking Girl II' July 10, 2006
'The boat was very comfortable. The meals were fabulous, worthy of a fine restaurant. All as expected and better.'

Chris C. chartering 'Two if by Sea' July 7, 2006
Upon arrival all were impressed with the condition. We were at Village Cay Marina at 12:15 when Stu came up to us, introduced himself, and helped us with luggage. Each morning the boat was like the very first day, even after a long night of eating and partying. Stu's personality and professionalism set a bar in my mind which no other boat captain can possibly exceed. We cannot say how happy were were to experience a charter with his humor, experience, socialness and personality. Service could not have been better. Heather and others' willingness to answer questions was very nice. I have recommended your service to many, even before the charter!'

John M. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' July 7, 2006
'we could not in any way have had a better day for our 50th anniverary! Bonnie Lynn was as promised - Superb!'

Joe D. chartering 'Stenella' July 2, 2006
'Andy was the best pure sailor we have encountered. KC was the best cook we have chartered with, no doubt about it. '

Pete S. chartering 'Centre Court' July 1, 2006
'Everything was perfect! He (the captain) was great. Very cool and fun to be around. We felt like we were at a five star restaurant every night. The food quality & quantity were great too. The descriptions were great. We were very, very happy with everything during the week. We had one of the best trips of our lives. It was very laid back and recharging. The crew has a big part in making the charter how good or bad it is and our crew did an outstanding job of making it the trip of a lifetime.'

Mona H. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' June 29, 2006
'Our rooms were attended to daily and the boat was kept in immaculate condition. John's utmost concern was for our safety whether it be on the boat, beach or doing water activities. (The Meals) Outstanding in all respects. Fi is a knowledgable and accomplished chef. Each meal was a true delight and exceeded our expectations. Fi's meals were one of many hightlights of our BVI vacation. Based on your descriptions our experience greatly exceeded our expectations. John and Fi were not only an outstanding crew, but were fun, friendly and provided a family vacation we will never forget.'

Wayne Thomas chartering ' Cynful' June 21, 2006
'Our crew went out of their way to accommodate us. Our boat met our expectations, even exceeded them. Your descriptions are accurate. As far as we are concerned, things could not have been better. We booked through you in 1999, had a marvelous time and this years trip was just as wonderful. We will be back.'

Beth W. chartering 'Shenemere' June 21, 2006
'David is an experienced sailor, it was such fun and so relaxing!! Ida is a wonderful cook. We all felt very pampered. Our best family trip. David and Ida became like family, too. I would recommend it for anyone's next family trip.'

William D. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' June 21, 2006
'Pristine. Any sailing couple (or sailor) could learn a lot just watching John & Fiona at work.Very high quality fresh ingredients. Superb. Every bite! John & Fi's local knowledge of the sights, services and natural resources is excellent.'

Patrick M. chartering 'Duduza II' June 20, 2006
'Good quality, excellent for families.'

Robert F. chartering 'Amicus' June 8, 2006
'High quality, fine dining, romantic atmosphere. (descriptions) perfect.

Monica D. chartering 'Ad Astra' May 23, 2006
'Very comfortable. Colin was great. Excellent meals, Penny was absolutely wonderful about preparing foods we liked. She is an accomplished chef and presented her dishes artistically. Loved them all. Described very well. I would emphasize what a pleasant crew...Colin is great and Penny's personality is adorable. Everything went smoothly on the yacht. Questions were answered before we departed.'

Tarek S. chartering 'Madiba' May 27, 2006
'Great start! Beautiful and clean, with good cheer from the beginning! Captain Dave was top notch in all respects. (the meals) The best, on land or sea. Cannot believe what delicious food came out of that small kitchen. Glywnnis is a magician. Beyond belief how good the food was. Every meal. It was spot on. Emily did a great job of handling us first-time charterers.'

Eric S. chartering 'Blu Moon' May 18, 2006
'Chris has a professional and friendly attitude and a definite love for his boat. Julie surpassed our expectations for all meals and appetizers. She even kept our 11 year old somewhat 'picky' taste bud happy the entire week. Blu Moon is boat beyond comparison. I'm sure you cannot find a finer boat within this size category. Chris & Julie have put a lot of 'sweat equity' into this boat and it shows. We were a very lucky couple, along with our two daughters, to have experienced such a great vacation in the company of Chris & Julie aboard 'Blu Moon'. Heather and your staff were on top of it all. I couldn't recommend anything else beyond the service we experienced. Thank You...Great Job!!!'

Jeffery S. chartering 'Lifesong II' May 8, 2006
'Lifesong was in immaculate shape and Rachel & Richard were ready and waiting when we showed up at noon. One of the best attributes of Lifesong is that despite having every amenity you could think of, everything had its place and was always perfectly stowed and out of the way. Richard and Rachel were never too busy to dig something out no matter how obscure (like a blender for making last minute margaritas). Best tender of any of the boats we saw. Excellent snorkeling gear and great instruction from Richard. Richard was perfect. Always willing to lend a hand/help with any request. An excellent sailing instructor, never too busy to explain what he was doing. Perfect mix of giving our group space, but staying involved. Richard and Rachel's background made for some great dinner and cocktail conversations throughout the trip. Food was perfect. Expertly prepared, portions were catered to the individual. Good quality and inventive. Boat was just as advertised. In fact, I think the pictures don't even do justice to how wonderful it is.'

Alvin G. chartering 'Stenella' May 7, 2006
'Every meal was exceptional in persentation and quality and taste. Excellent boat as represented. Andy & 'KC' made the trip exceptional. We had sailed the BVI before but the other couple had never been in the caribbean, snorkelled or sailed before. Andy and KC made us all feel comfortable and worked hard at anticipating our wishes. We would recommend them and Stenella with no reservations.

Elizabeth M. chartering 'Carpe Manana' May 1, 2006
'Capt. Mike is a good sailing instructor and guide to local waters. He always took advantage of 'teaching moments' to emphasize the points we needed to know for ASA certification. Capt. Mike is clearly a knowledgeable sailor with good command of his craft. He was very clear up front with the requirements and feasabiliy of our desire to accomplish both ASA levels 1 & 3, which we all did. Since this was a 'captain only' charter, we provisioned the boat ourselves. Capt. Mike was very helpful in advising what items kept well and were easy to prepare while underway. We had chosen Bobby's Market in advance and he confirmed this as a good choice, but suggested we shop on the premesis for best selection rather than submit an order in advance. Capt. Mike pitched in with the breakfast prep and kitchen clean up. He makes a great Egg McMuffin!'

Stephen H. chartering 'Flying Ginny VII' May 1, 2006
'Nick is a very skilled skipper who has crossed oceans in small boats. Expert on BVI where he knwos all anchorages & local people. Outstanding food, Lyndsay is very skilled in provisioning, planning & execution, especially in a small galley. Constant variety and clever presentations were a treat. We photographed many dishes because they looked so good. Lyndsay listened to our comments and made adjustments accordingly. She whipped up cerviche with Tuna we caught and even did a mexican lunch for us Californians!'
(link to letter)

Richard W. chartering 'Irie 75' April 30, 2006
'The Campbells worked tirelessly to keep everything in immaculate condition. Fabulous meals with dedication to catering to eveyone's different dietary needs. Dave's abilities are an equal value to sailing & diving.'

Don D. chartering 'Antillean' April 29, 2006
'Jon is a charming captain, friendly without being intrusive. (On the meals) Gourmet! Presentation and quality equal to the finest restaurant. Food was the best experienced on a vacation of any kind. Marvelous! Descriptions of the boat and crew were clear and accurate, no surprises. Your staff was very helpful.'
(link to letter)

Michael & Kathleen J. chartering 'Crystal Clear' April 27, 2006
'Very entertaining, we couldn't have asked for a better captain. (The Meals) Excellent presentation. The quality of cuisine was outstanding..Thanks for the memories, love to have more!'

Oliver C. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' April 25, 2006
'Based on his (John) naval experience, we felt very safe with him and hisknowledge of the area was great. (on the meals) Excellent! Well prepared, fabulous presentation, good combination of flavors/colors/textures. Fiona announced the meals in the morning and made sure we would like the menu; she adjusted accordingly. John and Fiona went out of their way to accommdate our every need. We all felt pampered and relaxed. Something the three of us don' t often do. We appreciated your help in finding the right boat for our trip. My dad has only one arm, so it was important that he could get on/off the boat easily. John and Fiona were so helpful- without making him feel 'handicapped'.

Steve H. chartering 'Duduza II' April 23, 2006
'Blackie was excellent as a scuba coach/guide....a lot of fun as was Madeleine. The meals were outstanding. Especially noteworthy was Madeleine's abiltiy to handle two of the six in our group who were vegetarian.'

Tom & Michele H. chartering 'Best Revenge V' April 17, 2006
'Extremely comfortable for 8 guests. Paul is the best. We all enjoyed his hikes and his knowledge of marine life, flora & fauna. 5 star restaurant presentation and quality at each meal. There was always more than enough at each meal. We would all like to take Katie home with us. This was our 4th sail with Paul & Katie, each trip was as good or better than the last. They are simply the best!

Fernando G. chartering 'Arabesque' April 15, 2006
'(The Captain) perfect, pleasant, enjoyable, fun, knowegable, great. Very relaxed, he let us handle the boat, not intrusive. (On the food) Presentation and quality, award winning. Quantity - too much, but we ate it all!!! (On the descriptions) Information either printed or through Heather was perfect.'

Ken C. chartering 'McGregor II' April 15, 2006
'Great character...not enough can be said about the exquisite presentation and quality of food. Five stars. Julie is an incredible chef, entertainer, snorkel partner and shipmate. Ed Hamilton & Co., especially Heather, did a wonderful and professional job fulfilling our needs. Thank you.'

Ronald R. chartering 'Mawali' April 13, 2006
'When we got on board, the first thing I noticed was how spotless the boat was and how it was beautifully decorated with tropical flowers. I was surprised how comfortable the cabins were and how spacious the salon and cockpit were. Jon is a truly remarkable person. He did everything to make sure our vacation was all we expected and more. The meals were fantastic. The presentation, quaility and quantity were comparable to any top class restaurant. The boat was more than I expected and I was surprised to find how spacious it was and the amount of equipment onboard. Your descriptions of the yacht and crew were quite fair and accurate. Heather was most helpful in suggesting and providing all the relevent information I needed.'

Mark M. chartering 'Marmot' April 9, 2006
'Couldn't have asked for a better captain. (Meals) 5 star, incredible, amazing, everything was top notch!'

Robert W. chartering 'Irie 75' April 9, 2006
'Everything was perfect! Exceeded expectations in all regards!'

Joe V. chartering 'Amaryllis' April 8, 2006
'Very comfortable for a boat her size. Bob was great! The meals were all professionally presented and the quality was excellent. Everything we requested was onboard in plentiful amounts. Your descriptions were right on. We were very happy with your company. Emily was great. I will recommend Ed Hamilton & Company to our friends.'

Mary P. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' April 3, 2006
'He (John) was great, very attentive and totally on the ball. We loved him! (On the meals) EXQUISITE! 5 Star all the way! Emily was very helpful, answered any questions I had.'
(link to letter)

Margie D. chartering 'Alexis' March 27, 2006
'We really enjoyed Geoff and our conversations about the world. We couldn't have asked for a better captain & cook. Every meal was a real pleasure. Bambi was very attentive and incredibly organized.'

David R. chartering 'Fantasy Island' March 26, 2006
'Couldn't have been better, amazing amount of room for 10 people. Amazing meals. Great presentation. Highest quality, Laila is an outstanding chef. We requested healthy but interesting food. She hit it right on. And even kept one picky kid eater happy. I had been on the sister ship 'Cynful' last year, so knew what to expect, you recommended that the crew would be good with kids, and you got that exactly right. They were wonderful...helpful with thekids but also knew where to draw the line. Clive has the patience of a saint..taught two kids to waterski. All was great. Several friends have already asked for your name, and I can give it to them with no reservations at all.'

Jeff U. chartering 'Elysian' March 25, 2006
'A very good family boat. Sailing was cleary explained and fun, they patiently instructed my 7 year old! We were amazed at the food the chef prepared in a tiny kitchen, truly cordon bleu. Great crew. Mate could be a captain.'

Mike H. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' March 23, 2006
'We appreciated our captain's knowledge of 'good spots' and currents. The Sundowner of Arun is well maintained and beautiful in every respect. We all agreed that every meal was 5 stars plus and offered to be the first guests if Fiona opened a restaurant. The presentation and checking on our needs exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed eating outside and found it very relaxing. John's sailing credentials are impressive and Fiona's culinary skills unmatched on teh seas (we are sure!) They work so well together.

Mark & Linda R. chartering 'Mystique' March 21, 2006
'The beds were exceptionally comfy, the rooms spacious and the deck was not cluttered. James was eager to teach us how to sail. He was also enthusiastic to teach our daughter how to windsurf and was extremely patient. The meals were wonderful, healthy, substantial and creative. Presentation was beautifully done. The quality was excellent. Katharine is a great cook.'

Mara S. chartering 'Antillean' March 21, 2006
' He (The Captain) won our trust quickly, but remained laid back and confident at all times. (The meals) delicious, healthy, wholesome & plentiful, exactly as requested. Heidi was lovely and fun and gracious in every way. The boat was exactly what we had expected. The descriptions were both realistic and accurate. You guys - Emily actually, could not have been more helpful or prepared us better for what to expect. She also worked hard to make sure that this boat was a good match for us and it was. We would happily charter this boat again!! I only want to add what fun Heidi, John & Mr. Smee (the parrot) were to be around. He cheerfully tolerated the noise and tumult of our three children and never got flustered. Mr. Smee is an asset to the boat as he is as good natured and well mannered as his 'parents'.'

David & Barbara K. chartering 'Wanderlust' March 20, 2006
'We had the time of our lives!! I can honestly say it was one of the very best vacations all are such great professionals. I really learned something about running my own business in watching all of you treat your 'clients' with patience and amazing service.'
(link to letter)

Jeffrey P. chartering 'Andiamo' March 19, 2006
'Jim was great! Jayne is extraordinary. Every meal was a treat. Andiamo was a perfect experience, our best family vacation ever, Jim & Jayne were a major factor. (on Ed Hamilton & Co.) You did a wonderful job and we have recommended you already.'

Sharon B. chartering 'Slipstream' March 18, 2006
'My husband said during our trip that one of the words to describe our crew was definitely 'professional', which he said before we were on board, he never would have considered that being a word to describe such a situation! Cindy did a fantastic job...especially considering her work and storage space. The food was delicious, fresh and very well presented. You all did a fantastic job in preparing us for the trip. Heather was very accommodating and answered all of my questions.'

Steve M. chartering 'Alexis' March 18, 2006
'Alexis is a beautiful catamaran! The snorkeling was great, Geoff showed us lots of wonderful places to see beautiful fish. Bambi is an excellent gourmet cook! the presentation, quality & quantity was wonderful. We were truly spoiled! The boat was great! You have beautiful pictures on the website, but it's so much better in person!'

Dr. Richard L. chartering 'Venture' March 17, 2006
'The meals were excellent. Best cook I have seen in 10-12 years of charter experience!'

Dr. David A. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' March 15, 2006
'Earl & Bonnie are always a pleasure to interact with and be around. We consider them very dear friends and look forward to many more trips with them. Even when Earl was on his own, the meals were great, well presented, just the right amount, always tasty. They even had some wines that were on our previous trip with them. It is truly AMAZING the meals they prepare in that tiny galley. Heather and Leah (with Caribbean travel) were both very helpful and pleasant. The whole process was very smooth.'

Matt W. chartering 'Moonshine' March 13, 2006
'John & Lynn clearly take pride in their boat and their work. The boat was exactly what we were hoping for. The eating areas were comfortabel, the trampoline great for sunning and the rooms offered nice privacy and comfort. John is subtly hilarious. A genuinely nice guy who wants to make sure you enjoy yourself. The meals were fantastic. Lynn is a talented Chef, always making us say 'Wow!' upon presentation of the meals/appetizers, etc. We appreciated the quality of the food and the creative efforts. Lynn was a joy. Beyond her culinary talents, she is outgoing, funny, thoughtful and possesses great energy.'

Judy M. chartering 'Carabella' March 13, 2006
'Very comfortable. Meals were delicious, varied and beautifully presented. Portions were large, home baked breads were an unexpected treat. Excellent trawler experience.'

Robert M. chartering 'Flying Ginny VII' March 12, 2006
'They (Nick & Lyndsay) were also terrific at suggesting what to do and showing us places in the BVI we had never seen before. (Meals) Excellent, well-presented, good variety, kid-friendly. Lyndsay spends a lot of time thinking about the menu and making sure it agrees with our preference sheet. We would highly recommend the boat and especially the crew!'

Paula C. chartering 'Breanker' March 12, 2006
'Jason was v very accommodating and helpful in our ploan to sail with friends on a bareboat. He & Emily were in charge, respectful of privacy but always available to assist/serve/play host. Chef quality presentation, clean plates every meal, quantity was at least 2X any NYC restaurant! Delicious meals every day. Couldn[t get over what Emily did in that small kitchen and seemingly without effort. Homemade breads, cakes, and desserts to accompany substantial meals.'

Robert M. chartering 'Flying Ginny VII' March 12, 2006
'They (Nick & Lyndsay) were also terrific at suggesting what to do and showing us places in the BVI we had never seen before. (Meals) Excellent, well-presented, good variety, kid-friendly. Lyndsay spends a lot of time thinking about the menu and making sure it agrees with our preference sheet. We would highly recommend the boat and especially the crew!'

David V. chartering 'Mystique' March 4, 2006
"The boat was beautiful! Not only were they (the meals) wonderful to taste, they were beautifully presented as well - Flaming Bananas Foster no less. It was actually much nicer than we expected. This boat is beautifully maintained and the meals were the best we'd ever had. We have chartered 3 times, each was wonderful! This was the best.'

Chris S. chartering 'Makayabella' February 27, 2006
'The cockpit was awesome, best of any boat we had been on. John & Sue were fantastic. They were happy to show us 'their islands'. They were a gerat crew willing to do anything to ensure you have a great vacation.'

Don B. chartering 'Cynful' February 25, 2006
'Every day while we ate breakfast Tony & Kate freshened each cabin. The boat was really perfect for the eight of us. THis was a move up from previous boats in that Cynful was bigger thus had bigger cabins, cockpit space and even bow seats. Tony was just right, he participated in snorkeling, card playing, conversation...Kate did a great job. Actually, when we do this again next year one of the preferences will be to do 3/4 the meals. The food is so good that you feel you need to eat everything and by the third day its a contest to see if you can finish the plate. Like you feel bad if they have to throw out what you don't eat. What a problem!!! The crews and boats you represent have never let us down. Each one of our boat/charters have been the best. We have had great crews which is the most important element of a successful charter. You have done our group a fine job each and every year we have chartered through your office.

Dan D. chartering 'Andiamo' February 25, 2006
'Jim was happy to let Dan sail and coach him on various aspects. Jim and Jayne worked hard to accommodate our desires, checking out the swell/winds at varous sites. (on the meals) C'mon we're talking about Jayne here, new place settings each day, cloth napkins and co-ordinating napkin rings - all the better to enjoy the top-rated food. Clearly a trip highlight. '

Loren T. chartering 'Blithe Spirit II' February 24, 2006
'You can tell immediately that Michel and Dominique take great pride in maintaining the condition of their boat. It was in wonderful shape. The boat was very comfortable. We spent virtually 100% of our waking hours on deck...and loved every minute of it. Michel and Dominique were friendly and gracious hosts. When you go to a very nice restaurant and everything is just taken care of without being obtrusive is exactly how we felt the entire cruise. And, it was like hanging out with good friends. They were interesting and fun to talk with and enjoyed their company immensely. We were expecting that the food would be good but didn't realize that it would be, instead, fantastic. Dominique (and Michel) is a fabulous gourmet chef. Each meal of the day was a wonderful treat. They put a lot of effort into making each meal a wonderful, and pleasant, surprise. The food wasa simply delightful. We can't say enough good about it. Everything was just as you represented it to be."

Elizabeth E. chartering 'Best Revenge V' February 18, 2006
'It was fantastic! It exceeded all of our expectations! We were immediately happy when we saw the boat, and even happier when we climbed aboard. Katie did an amazing job always. We never knew she as cleaning, but everything was always clean! The boat was beyond comfortable, lots of space both above and below decks. Bathrooms were great too. There was always enough room for all eight of us when we wanted to all be together. Paul was fantastic! He fit in our group like an old/dear friend. The meals were fantastic. They not only looked delicious, but they were delicious. Katie made each meal original and creative. There was always enough and people nevver felt 'stuffed', portions were perfect. We all asked for recipes. Your descriptions were right on, pictures were up to date and accurate. The crew did change after our booking, but that iddn't bother us (because we loved Katie and Paul!) You provided us with everything we needed. Everything went smoothly and we had no issues. We are so grateful we booked thorough you and we will again!'

Eric C. chartering 'Pas De Deux' February 16, 2006
'The crew was great! Chris was terrific about teaching us mapping skills for sailing and how to refer to the stars for guidance. (on the meals) Wonderful, I gained 3 lbs! Jo was lovely, she shared her 'galley' with my continuously hungry boys!'

Charles A. chartering 'La Creole' February 12, 2006
'Oliver is a wonderful person. All meals were fantastic.'

Joel L. chartering 'Lady Anne II' February 9, 2006
'Absolutely spotless. First charter on catamaran, it was great. (The food) Outstanding, beyond expectations. Ed, your selection was perfect.'

Sharlene S. chartering 'Antillean' February 5, 2006
'The boat was in great shape! John was very personable, I don't think that we could have picked a better captain. We really enjoyed the evenings spent on deck swapping stories with him and Heidi. The food was unbelievable! I'm a picky eater, a VERY picky eater, but Heidi managed to make everything just right for me. Heidi and John were everything that we had hoped for, and then some!'

Carol A. chartering 'Lazy Bones' February 4, 2006
'Everything was great. Simon and Joanna were a lot of fun, worked very very hard and made the trip a huge success. Thanks for finding them!'

Gisele M. chartering 'Breanker' February 2, 2006
'We had a GRRREAT time!!!! Breakner is a perfect boat for a large group where not everyone has sailed. She is also beautifully maintained and very comfortable. It was the perfect call for our group...'
(link to letter)

Brad B. chartering 'Blu Moon' February 1, 2006
'Incredible shape and condition. Chris explained what he was doing and answered all questions. Gourmet in all respects, amazing qualiy, taste & presentation. Desciption was accurate. Your service was excellent."

Thomas J. chartering 'Cynful' January 31, 2006
'Tony & Kate knocked themselves out to ensure that our experience aboard 'Cynful' exceeded expectations..."
(link to letter)

Sheldon F. chartering 'Two if by Sea' January 28, 2006
'Not only did the bed fairy come everyday, but Fran and Stu kept everything spotless! The boat looked and smelled new. Stu was amazing. He had a wonderful knowledge of the harbors, places to go, things to see and experience. His stories kept us laughing the whole trip! The presentation of the meals was excellent! We took pictures of every meal Fran served. They were so delicious we encouraged her to publish a cookbook of her meals (including Stu's libations). The boat, crew, food, toys, etc. were exactly as expected. My one question to Ed Hamilton is this - are all of your crews as wonderful as Stu and Fran or were we just lucky to have gotten the best?'

James T. chartering 'Aldebaran' January 26, 2006
'It was spacious and comfortable...Willo was perfectly willing to allow and invited helm tending...(the meals) Gourmet in presentation and preparation. The quality and quantity wer just right...your descriptions were very good. What we anticipated from what you said was what we received.'

Liz S. chartering, 'Fantasy Island' January 23, 2006
'Clive was great. We would and will sail with him again. Laila was an outstanding chef. Her presentation was beautiful. Colors, and flavors were wonderful. the quality of meats was great. She was always there to refill plates or add anything we wanted.'
(link to letter)

Jessica B. chartering 'Crystal Clear' January 23, 2006
'The boat was great! Charly Zhar is about the most personable guy I know. Carolina, the first mate, was outstanding as well. When we arrived they were strangers, but when we departed, they were our friends...words cannot even much, mouth-watering masterpieces for every single meal, prepared with such care and pride. Delicious and gourmet. We enjoyed very much. Everything we requested was there...and plenty of it. We were completely satisfied and then some. It was our honeymoon, so it was special to begin with, but we left the trip planning another!'

Erin K. chartering 'Angel Glow' January 21, 2006
'I just returned from a cruise aboard 'Angel Glow'. The entire experience was wonderful! The crew (Shayne, Kim, Alex & Katie) were professional, accommodating, and truly on e of the best parts of the vacation. They went out of their way to make our trip even better than we could have imagined. I can't thank them enough for making this vacation one I'll never forget!'

Cheryl H. chartering 'Antillean' January 19, 2006
'Great sailing knowledge. My husband learned a great deal from John Gould. His years of experience are invaluable. They recommended harbours and locations for a quiet night and were perfect every time. This woman should open a restaurant. The variety was amazing. Always fresh. Utitlizing the local fresh fish and fruit. Descriptions were accurate. This boat was in excellent shape, both inside and out.'

Dr. S. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' January 15, 2006
'(The captain) Very capable and confident...very willing to tolerate my 1,000 questiosn. Very helpful...Excellent meals! Fional really tried to match our preferences.'

Dr. Y. chartering 'Ibis' January 14, 2006
'Bob & Nelliemarie seamlessly exchange either being at the helm or in the galley cooking! They are curteous, kind and forbearing of any of our mishaps..'
(link to letter)

Hans M. chartering 'Pentesilea II' January 14, 2006
'The captain let us sail whenever we wanted! The meals were first class, beautifully presented, very tasty and varied.'

Charles F. chartering 'Phaedrus' January 8, 2006
"We want to say thank you for organizing everything so well and linking us up to the most wonderful boat and crew..."
(link to letter)

Kim L. chartering 'Panache' January 7, 2006
'Spotless from stem to stern. Panache is very comfortably, practically and aesthetically laid out. We couldn't have asked for a better fit between crew and guests. We felt we were leaving a part of our family behind when the charter ended. (on the meals) Outstanding variety, ingredients, presentation and service. Kudos to Tracy's cooking and Jessica's service. Tracy went out of her way to make the best gluten-free food guest Susan had ever tasted. '

Donald G. chartering ' Arabesque' January 7, 2006
'(Captain) A terrific guy with lots of personality, lots of fun...(on the meals) My daughter in law started taking pictures as the presentation was so lovely. Everything was delicious and to our taste. We had all the information we needed and were thrilled with the boat, the captain, the crew and everything about the trip!'

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