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We have quoted Tim's letter in full. They chartered 'Shenemere' in March, 2004

"Dear Ed,

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank you for your sage advice in steering the Cordes family to the 'Shenemere' and her owners, the Warrens. You may recall early in our planning to "sail harder with something less", you suggested we would be far happier with the 'Shenemere'. Indeed you were correct, and our adventure/vacation exceeded each of our expectations. By now, you have received our completed questionnaire and know in what high esteem we hold Ida and Dave Warren. Convinced the questionnaire alone did not do the 'Shenemere' and her owners complete justice, I wanted to share with you some additional observations.

Foremost, we will remember Ida and Dave's flexibility in altering our course when either my wife or daughter decided to exercise a woman's right to change her mind. Each evening we would review the navigation chart and discuss all the options for the next day based on conditions and desires. My wife, Vicky, most enjoyed exploring; and therefore, Ida made sure we extended time ashore whenever possible for land expeditions including miles of hiking/climbing and hours of shopping. My daughter, Courtney, most enjoyed snorkelling; and therefore, Dave included in our itinerary some of the best reefs that this family have seen to date. I am the sailor in the family and was fully accomodated as crew by the Warrens adn especially good wind that week. I was impressed with both Ida and Dave's calm attitude and professional passion for sailing. For example, I was more upset by the torn mainsail after an especially hard jibe than they were!

Another pleasant surprise was the depth of knowledge Ida and Dave have for most all aspects of the BVIs. While we missed one opportunity to windsurf due to scheduling conflicts, Dave produced a second chance for us in what we initially thought was a dubious choice---afterall it was a "boardsailing sandwich shop and cyber cafe". Only on Trellis Bay could you have had such spectacular windsurfing as Courtney and I experienced!

Although I covered this formally in your questionnaire, I would like to emphasize how appreciative we were of the constant clenliness and superb working condition of the 'Shenemere'. Having owned a sailboat, we greatly appreciate the effort involved in maintaining such high standards. Ida's meals can only be described as exquisite. She especially accomodated my daughter's quirky teenage tastes and managed to put a smile on her face both before and after each meal.

Finally, Ed, I believe you deserve to treat yourself to the best and sail for several weeks on the 'Shenemere'

Best wishes,

Tim C