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We have quoted Fred's letter in full. They chartered 'Casador' in April, 2004

Dear Kristian and Marianne:

We arrived home safely--thrilled and rested after a magical week with you onboard 'Casador'.

Everything about the charter exceeded our expectations and we have much to thank you for.

As ardent bare-boaters for many years-it was with some hesitation that we decided to do our first crewed charter, but the fact of the years creeping up on us (our party now being 65-79 years) and the effects of a surgery last year, persuaded us that cranking halyard and sheet winches and fighting with an anchor--would be too much like work and a little risky if the weather got squally.

Our galley slaves also deserved a real holiday--after so many trips worrying about menus, food purchase and inadequate refridgeration.

So it was we surrendered the joyous independence of a bareboat experience and booked a week on board 'Casador', in the BVI.

If our concerns were that Kristian would be some evil Captain Bligh and the food would be salt pork and mouldy hard tack or that we'd be confined below decks while at sea or that we'd be rationed but one dram of grog per wrong we were!

The yacht was superlative, the service very friendly and professional (but not intrusive) and the food and drink ample and delightful. We sailed as much as we wished and finally got to visit Anagada.

When presented with the choice of several yachts by our broker Ed Hamilton & Co., we did pause at the description of 'Casador' as being "home built". This conjuring up images of some sort of wonky, hippydippy craft built of plywood, bailer twine and dreams.

'Casador' would be better described as "custom built". Both Clive and I have experience in building keel boats and for us it was a special joy to appreciate adn enjoy the careful planning, the sound construction, the comprehensive equipment adn the exquisite finish of 'Casador'. She is a strong, comfortable and fine sailer--easily logging 9-10 knots in a medium breeze.

Please accept our appreciation for a wonderful week's sailing in BVI and for the friendships made.

You may use this letter as a reference, which may help to allay the concerns of prospective charterers--especially those balancing their precious independence--with the absence of worry adn the added relaxation of a crewed charter--or for those concerned with the safety, comfort and performance of the yacht.

Best wishes to you both--we hope there will be another cruise in 'Casador'.

Yours very truly,

Fred H.