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We have quoted Brad's letter in full. They chartered 'Sundowner of Arun' in December, 2004

Dear Heather:

My family was extremely pleased with your recommendation of 'Sundowner' for our first crewed charter. Captain John and Fiona (culinary goddess and John's wife) were delightful people, and their combination of service and gracious friendship made this our best ever family vacation. In addition I was very satisfied with your service, Heather, and I will certainly recommend Ed Hamilton to my sailing friends. This charter was a bit complicated, because our boat was part of a tandem charter with our friend's similar boat requiring two seperate reservations.

John was very attentive to our comfort on the boat, and was clearly an accomplished and confident seaman. He shared the helm with me whenever we were comfortable doing so (actually whenever he dared), and he was very flexible with our plans for sailing each day. He knew the waters very well, and we were always in the right spot at the right time for whatever activities we planned. This included anchoring the boat in the best position in Trellis Bay for the New Year's fireworks. He was also a willing and helpful partner to Fi for every meal. He kept the boat in immaculate condition, and I was fascinated with his attention to various details and mechanics to assure his ship was ship shape. Finally, he was a gracious and enjoyable host with a lot of interesting stories about his days sailing.

Fiona created a variety of imaginative and terrific dishes. Nothing was merely ordinary, and every meal was created from Fiona's unique collection of recipes. My wife is a gourmet cook and quite discriminating with her tastes. She raved about Fiona's creations and was especially impressed. We have a teen-age son who is a bit less adventurous with food, so Fiona prepared a seperate dish fo rhim when appropriate (this included stocking up with three bottles of ketchup to assure he had his favorite condiment available each day). Fiona started each dinner with hors dourvres to accompany cocktails, then a three course dinner. Hot breakfasts and lunches were equally appealing. Fiona was also very energetic and personable with a wonderful British sense of good humor.

Importantly, John and Fi made wonderful companions and friends. We invited them to as many of our activities as possible (respecting their need for occasional privacy), and they were genuinely fun to share time with. It was very difficult to say goodbye to John and Fi, and we can't wait to book a vacation with them once again.

I would be happy to be a reference for John and Fiona (although it might be nice to keep Sundowner a secret!)