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We have quoted Milt's letter in full. They chartered 'Blu Moon' in March, 2005

We tried to fill out your post charter comments form but found it impossible to do. The form just doesn't let us go far enough in heaping praise upon Chris, Julie and Blu Moon.

From the moment we first met Chris and Julie we only experienced an increasing level of appreciation for their warmth, hospitality and skills. If Blu Moon was merely a junkyard sloop, Chris and Julie would have more than compensated for whatever the boat lacked.

However, as a sailor, we must say that Blu Moon far exceeded our expectations. Not only was she immaculately clean upon arrival but continued to be so throughout the cruise. It was special that a spinnaker was on board. While most other boats were motoring or flopping around during a light air day we had a wonderful sail. The only other toy I would have liked to have had onboard would have been a windsurfer.

Chris seemed able to read our minds and took us to the exact type of anchorages we hoped for. He knew the fun spots to visit (like Willy T's), the secluded anchorages, and the best places ot swim and snorkel. We can forget his free dive lobster hunts that rewarded us with a phenomenal lobster dinner.

There is no way to describe what Julie does in the galley. The food was totally gourmet, presented as if in the finest of fine restaurants. A picture is worth a few thousand words so I have attatched a few of Julie's creations.

I guest by now you get the gist that we are 200% satisfied and would recommend Chris, Julie and Blu Moon without reservation.

Now we can't forget about Ed Hamilton Company and particularly Heather. From the website to the telephone conversations to the literature mailed to us...all first class! The phone call just before we departed was a great touch. Please don't hesitate to use us and our comments as a referral for Blu Moon as well as for your company.

Thank you again for your professionalism

Sincerely yours,

Milt & Amira