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We have quoted Deborah and William's letter in full. They chartered 'Duduza' in May, 2005

My husband and I booked a charter with you during May 2005 in the BVI.
It was our first private charter and I guess you could say we got lucky.

I found Ed Hamilton & Co. early on while surfing the internet to research charters.
Your site was so informative, I kept going back to it, and soon it became the only site I was looking at.
From the get-go your organization/staff was responsive, informed and experienced.

The choice I made, after suggestions of several boats from your staff, was The Duduza.

The Duduza, although larger than we needed for two people, was exactly what we wanted, and very much as described.

We cannot say enough positive things about Blackie and Madeleine Swart and their efforts to make our BVI experience a great one.
They are a huge asset to both the owner of the Duduza and to Ed Hamilton & Co.
They possess a 'Want to Do it Right' spirit of generations past....we loved our time with them, respect them and consider them friends. Not only are they seasoned, experienced and professional, they were also very receptive to the moment, and to our changing needs.

This charter was the most relaxed time of our lives. We called it the do nothing, make no decisions charter.


Deborah and William B.