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We have quoted Dr. El's letter in full. They chartered 'Ibis' in January, 2006

Dear Ed Hamilton

Both Kathleen and I thoroughly enjoyed our time aboard IBIS. The reason is the crew; Bob & Nelliemarie seamlessly exchange either being at the helm or in the galley cooking! They are courteous, kind and forbearing of any of our mishaps.

We were comfortable, and enjoyed their hospitality. Being waited on efficiently in timely fashion for gourmet meals was gratifying. Bob and Nelliemarie were able to sail IBIS under adverse conditions on a 7 hours voyage from St. Kitts to St. Martin - (20 -30 knot winds and sea swells 7 -10 feet) ; those were challenging.

I do recall in 1958 sailing in a regatta at San Francisco, from the Golden Gate westward out to the Farralon Islands aboard a 38' sloop; that was as rough as the cconditions off of St. Kitts. Sailing from St. Kitts to ST. Martin 19 January 2006 was both exciting and exhilirating.

In addition to sailing, Bob & Nelliemarie drove us around St. Martin. We visited gardens, and had lunch at a jungle locale. We also visited sites at St. Kitts, had lunch there and saw a world-class batik shop.

In summary, our charter with Bob & Nelliemarie aboard IBIS was outstanding, a '5-star' eventful week which will provide us with many happy memories.