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We have quoted J. Thomas's letter in full. They chartered 'Cynful' in January, 2006

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

After spending seven sun filled days aboard 'Cynful' in the British Virgin Islands, we have now returned to Chattanooga and are experiencing snow showers....what a shock!

We just wanted to convey to you that Ms. Heather Harris certainly steered us in the right direction regarding our booking 'Cynful' for our winter vacation in the BVIs. The Captain, Tony, met us at the airport and in the blink of an eye we were aboard the boat enjoying a refreshing beverage. Tony & Kate knocked themselves out to ensure that our experience aboard 'Cynful' exceeded our expectations. The food was excellent and marvelously presented, including candle light dinners each night. Your company was certainly well represented as we experienced their unedning efforts as they went about ensuring that our vacation was special. Kate & Tony were warm, charming and extremely professional. It is rare in today's market that one could experience such a high level of client service.

Please convey to Tony & Kate our sincere thanks for a serendipitous experience aboard the beautiful catamaran 'Cynful'. We trust that they will be available in January 2007 for another trip to the BVIs!


J. Thomas J.