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We have quoted Gisele's letter in full. She chartered 'Breanker' in February, 2006

Hi Heather!

Ralph and I just got back from the Caribbean...we spent some extra time in San Juan. Your form was awaiting when we got back and with the huge pile of mail somehow your form was lost!!! Anyway I htought I would just e-mail you my comments...We had a GRRREAT time!!!! Breanker is a perfect boat for a large group where not everyone has sailed. She is also beautifully maintained and very comfortable. It was the perfect call for our group...lots of room and the trampoline up front was really the place for most of us when under sail...the little ones literally lived up there!!! I can't say enough about what a wonderful crew Jason and Emily are...they were, quite simply, the best I've encountered so far. All our provisioning requests had been looked after; Jason consulted with us every day as to what we wnated to do and nothing was ever too much to ask...everyone on board got to do whatever they wanted and it was all handled with no fuss and diplomacy...Jason also is a master bartender!!! Cocktails were always delicious and fun. The cuisine coming out of Emily's galley kept us all in thrall of her skills. Every day we would say we couldn't eat anymore and, of course, the next day we couldn't refuse anything she put before us!!! She was even kind enough to prepare special entrees for som eof us, she is one of a kind!!! She made sure the little ones found 'treasure' in the caves at Norman and spent time in the water with Morgan getting her up to wakeboard!!! Morgan will always remember that time...Emily and Jason were experienced enough to see that we all had a 'brilliant' vacation...they're a remarkable couple and I'm grateful we chose htem as our crew...Also heather I have to thank you for your time and support and input when I started this were very patient. Thank you. I could go on but I think you get the gist, everyone was happy with the boat, crew, food, drinks & activities...we wanted for nothing. Ed Hamilton & Co should be very proud of the level of service it gives its' clients...

Many thanks,

Gisele M.