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We have quoted Bob's letter in full. They chartered 'Antillean' in February, 2006

'Dear John & Heidi,

We've been back about 2 weeks, still pinching ourselves to make sure our trip was real. This is a thank you note but I'm aware it's also a comment on your work. You sell a great product and you do it exceptionally well. If it won't embarass you, I'll go over the high points.

1. The virgin Islands, the wind, the water, the weather are wonderful.
2. The boat was everything we hoped for. Its a beautiful boat.
3. The prize was the two of you. From my point of view the experience was like being a guest in your home. You were very good hosts and very tolerant of us. Being overwhelmed by new company all the time could be tiresome, it was as though you had been to Butler school, while at the same time I came away feeling like a friend.
4. The food was wonderful and the sense of being served in such a glamorous setting was very luxurious.
5. James & I thought we were going to be pulling more ropes and helping. It was probably your good sense we did not. We might have fallen off.
6. It was great fun steering and gaining some insight and confidence in sailing and look forward to getting back on our boat and applying new skills.
7. It was very clear to me that you were both expert sailors, loved your islands and kenw all about them. The extra thiing was the grace and charm with which you shared your boat and your lives and took us sailing with you. It was perfect.
8. Smee is a great bird and gentle soul.
9. I have no critical observations.
10. I did find that after a week on the boat, I was barely able to walk for a while. I think that whether they want to or not, older guests should get out and walk around each day.

Again thank you very much for everything.

Best regards,

Bob. G.