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We have quoted David and Barbara's letter in full. They chartered 'Wanderlust' in March, 2006

Dear Dick, Craig, Debbie, DJ, Nedra and Jemma -

- What a trip. I unfortunately got right back into the work thing and was on the road all last week and therefore my tardiness in sending this message. We had the time of our lives!! I can honestly say that was one of the very best vacations ever. And Dick, that was very sweet to treat Bar and I to a great massage on our first night off the boat!! You all are such great professionals. I really learned something about running my own business in watching all of you treat your 'clients' with patience and amazing service. Captain Dick - you are an incredible Pro and Renaissance man! To have eight kids running around your boat and never lose patience - you are a better man than the four parents!! Having movies for them at night was really special also. Craig, the kids will never forget you - especially Libby! They will be teling stories about their rafting experiences forever - Jack now claims he was fifty feet up! Debbie or SAB - Jack and Will are upset about the boyfriend thing but will get over it, I hope. You were so great in teaching the kids to scuba. Nedra - I'm still sore from yoga! BJ - I gained 10 pounds! You really are the best chef in the BVI's - want to make sure we get many of your recipes! And Jemma without your incredible photogenic talents we would not have all the great pics to remind us of the trip. From the moment we met - to the barbecue at the Baths - to the watersports - to the incredible food - to the quiet coves and tremendous sunrises & sunsets being aboard the Wanderlust was an incredible experience. We miss you all - especially sitting here in my office in the middle of NYC!! You are all the best -

- David & Barbara K.