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We have quoted Lori and Ian's letter in full. They chartered 'Madiba' in April, 2007

'Dear Ed,

After completing our charter with Dave and Glywnnis aboard Madiba, we felt compelled to write a brief note to describe our amazing experience. We had great expectations prior to boarding Madiba and we weren't disappointed. Any reservations we had regarding the company of strangers in a tight space left us almost immediately. Dave and Glywnnis take a very personal approach to ensure that their 'guests' experience is memorable. They are passionate about what they do. They effortlessly strike the balance between professionalism and accommodating hosts. Dave is extremely knowledgable about the BVI, he anticipated and responded to elements such as weather, mooring conditions and crowds to ensure our comfort and support our itinerary. His suggestions for adventure were excellent, deciding on our daily activities was essentially stress free, it required one simple question, 'what are we doing today Dave?' We were never disappointed. Our experience on the boat was equally enjoyable. the appetizers, meals, and desserts prepared by Glywnnis were some of the best we'd ever had. The dining experience was enhanced by the ambiance created on the boat. Dave and Glywnnis were adept at moving about their business without affecting personal space; however they were able to anticipate and respond to any needs that arose. Our charter experience can best be described as awesome, we will be back!

Ian, Lori, John and Madeleine'