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We have quoted Dan and Tina's letter in full. They chartered 'Charm' and 'Promenade' in June, 2007

'Dan and Tina F., chartering 'Promenade' & 'Charme' June 9-16, 2007

We are just back from our Charme cruise. Dare and LeighAnn are a fabulous crew. You should be very proud to recommend this charter. For being two young people, they have created a truly remarkable experience aboard Charme. Our agenda was a bit unusual, as we were 'trailing' the Promenade charter so we could be close to, but not on top of our daughter's charter. We really appreciated the flexibility and grace with which Dare and LeighAnn conducted our vacation. LeighAnn is a wonderful cook and a graceful first mate. Dare is a very capable captain. Together, they present a serene and secure team to the charter guests.

The Promenade crew also deserves kudos for their energetic and fun-filled efforts iwthour girls. The girls absolutely raved about Lisa's cooking and they thought Richard was ' the bomb'. Brad, the second mate, was also a hit with the girls. Please thank them all for us. As parents, we feel the Promenade crew struck just the right balance between all out fun and parent-approved safety. All who could scuba were encouraged to do so. There was plenty of other fun for non-divers.

Activities were varied, interesting and educational. Each snorkeling spot was carefully chosen and definitely worth the time spent there. Lauren Bethune, the dive instructor chosen for the Charme cruise, was capable and fun. We simply do not have the superlatives to describe the entire experience.

Both crews had great things to say about Ed Hamilton, too. The remarks were unsolicited, so you can be sure they both appreciate the experience of working with you, too.

Thank you for your recommendations.

Tina F.'