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We have quoted Bob and Bexie's letter in full. They chartered 'Cool Change' in January, 2008

'Dr. Robert K. chartering 'Cool Change' January 14, 2008

Dear Capt. Ted and Mate Gina,

I want to thank you both again for the recent cruise we took with you all in the Grenadines.

I can truthfully say that it was the most pleasant, bareboat or crewed, charter we have ever taken and we have been cruising in our own or chartered boats for the past sixty years boht in Maine waters as well as the Caribbean.

The boat is maintained in true Bristol fashion, seemingly effortlessly by you both. The accommodations were comfortable and more than adequate. All gear worked properly. There were no unpleasant surprises.

As captain you are extremely competent but yet treat your guests in am ost friendly easy-going fashion. You easily accommodated your schedule to our wishes.

The menu was to our liking and even my sometimes strange dietary wants were anticipated by Gina.

Please use this enthusiastic report in any way that you see fit and urge any potential charterers to call us for a reference.

I shall also communicate the report to Ed Hamilton.

Thanks again to you both for a splendid cruise,

Bob & Bexie'