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We have quoted JoAnn's letter in full. She chartered 'Catalyst 44' in January, 2008

'Our weeklong sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands on the Catamaran, Catalyst, in late January of 2008 was the ultimate vacation! It was definitely a 10 out of a possible 10! We took land excursions, went clubing, snorkeling (for the first time), shopping, and laid on pristine beaches. We loved the smooth sailing with our captain Alan Roberts who regaled us with great tales of the sea as well as interesting facts about the islands. He was very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating in every way. Our first mate Jeanne took us out on excursions and went snorkeling with us and made fancy drinks as well as entertained us in many ways. Our lunches and dinners, exquisitely prepared by Alan, were gourmet, and the cuisine was much better than we had even dreamed possible! (We had opted for 'light breakfasts' which were very good too). A fantastic time was had by all aboard, and I highly recommend the Catalyst as the ultimate sailing adventure for all sea-faring enthusiasts!

JoAnn N.'