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We have quoted James's letter in full. He chartered 'Ad Astra' in Febuary, 2008

'To Whom it May Concern ---

We ( a group of close friends) recently completed a ten day charter on the Ad Astra. We spent the time cruising in the British Virgin Islands and found ten days to be the right amount of time to 'see it all' and not to feel rushed as probably occurs during the more typical on eweek charter. The extra time allowed us to get to Anegada where we spent the night of the full moon eclipse (February 20th). We experienced the eclipse after a day of snorkeling on the north side, visiting with the local pink flamingos, and after a lobster dinner at the Whispering Pines (one lobster was at least 4 pounds big).

We had a wonderful time and found Barry and Bridget (the crew) to be wonderful at all things. They did a great job of running and taking care of hte boat and seeing that we were well fed and entertained. The food was better than expected and we approved the menu before the trip began. The fact that they are also both divemasters who knew the best dive and snorkeling sites was also very helpful, especially for the four of us who were certified divers. They worked very hard but remained pleasant and had fun with us. They participated in a few competitive dominos games also!

The Ad Astra was in great shape. It was clean, everything worked (not always easy to do in the BVIs), and the crew made us feel at home. The boat is fully equipped wiht toys but the favorites were the dive/snorkel equipment and the 'noodles' used by many for floating around within a variety of coves and bays where we spent time.

The secret of a good charter (in my opinion) is the ability to connect wiht the crew and cause them to have as much fun as we have. Our group has traveled together several times and we all enjoy including the crew in our vacation experiences. Since our crew also felt it important to make sure we had a good time, it all came together very nicely.

We totally and competely endorse both the boat and the crew (Barry and Bridget). Unless you have issues with being on a fun loving boat with a fun loving and hard working crew, you can't go wrong by selecting the Ad Astra. I hope that the owner appreciates them and does waht he/she can to make sure they remain happy and aboard Ad Astra.

James J.'