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We have quoted Ron's letter in full. He chartered 'Pas de Deux' in February, 2008

'Ron C. chartering 'Pas de Deux' February 20. 2008

When Harvey met us at the dock and escorted us to the catamaran, it nearly took our breath away at the beauty of this boat! We all felt so lucky to be aboard such a luxurious vessel.

Harvey and Tracy were such an amazing and mature couple; great cooks, ultra-competent boat handlers, 'and just the right touch of British wit' as my sister said. We felt that we knew them for a long time within hours of meeting them and that was such a welcome relief since being on a boat with anything less would have been difficult. We are a fun-loving group of people and Harvey and Tracy's sense of humor was wonderful.

The first night we celebrated the complete lunar eclipse on deck and they joined in us our awe at such a spectacle. The places they suggested we snorkel were perfect! Each day our famished appetites were satiated with Tracy's creative meals. We were greatly impressed with the meals she turned out.

Sailing was for Ron and I, the first adventure of such and we would love to do it again. For the rest of our group, three were competent sailors themselves for many years and it brought back many wonderful memories to them. Harvey's skill with the boat is to be admired.

Hopefully we will see them again, perhaps next year on the boat again. There is not often I would say I'd do it again, but this time I WOULD!!!!!!


Jean and Ron C.'