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We have quoted Susan's letter in full. She chartered 'Double Feature' in March, 2008


It is with both regret and appreciation that I write this email...regret that a fabulous vacation is over and I'm back at work and appreciation for the outstanding crew that quite simply made the trip what it was!

Our group of 8 boisterous people were simply awestruck by no tonly the professionalism that both Jonny and Kelly exhibited but their ability to consistently make each day better than the last!

The sailing was magnificent, even in the largest swells that the area had seen in years! Jonny adapted and reacted well to the challenges that accompanied the conditions and still took us to every destination we hoped to make. He was accommodating of our desire to have some privacy in anchorages when possible and yet still have access to getting to the bars and restaurants on the islands.

On the topic of food, I would seriously question why anyone would choose a restaurant over Kelly's cooking! She made it difficult stepping on the scale this morning! Again, with a wide range of 8 different appetites and preferences to deal with she consistently made all of us applaud for more! And not just for dinner but breakfast and lunch as well. Not to mention beautifully and professionally presented.

We spent the better part of the trip home discussing how great these two young people are and what a fantastic job they did...just wanted to share that with you and encourage you to do whatever it takes to retain them and have others experience the terrific vacation that we did.

My husband and I welcome any calls or questions you might have or inquiries from potential customers.


Susan & Jim R.'