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We have quoted Clark and Anne's letter in full. They chartered 'Free Ingwe' in February 2009

I'm writing to thank you for setting up our vacation with Matt & Melissa on Free Ingwe. Paul and Jill and Anne and I had a wonderful 'first time' sailing experience.

The boat was very suitable for our needs, it was clean, comfortable and in good working order.

The hospitality was far better than expected. Melissa is a fabulous cook. Besides gourmet quality, we never noticed any 'portion control'. We ate and ate.

Matt was a skilled and considerate sailor. We were always comfortable with his expertise.

As a couple, Matt and Melissa were superb hosts. They were able to catch the tone and nuances of our group, adjusting the activities on board or on excursions to keep all 4 of us comfortable and happy. We particularly enjoyed playing cards, hearing stories and learning abou the ins and outs of running charters. Paul and Jill were especially intruiged by the business aspects of Free Ingwee. Matt and Melissa were very open and very eager to share their experiences with us.

We took the grand tour of the BVI, missing nothing. Matt and Melissa managed a terrific itinerary wihtout losing any spontaneity. It really didn't feel like there was a schedule, but we arrived at each harbor in time to get a mooring or a good anchorage, and we arrived in time to see or hear entertainment, not missing a show due to unexpected delays off our holiday schedule... They made reservations when we requested them, loaned us their cell phone and just took care of us as htey would take care of their best friends.

What a treat!

Clark K.