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We have quoted Terryl's letter in full. They chartered 'Jet Stream' in January 2010

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

Chris P.

I am writing to recomend our experience on board the Jet Stream with Captain Tim Schaaf and Chef Marsha McCoskrie this past week.

Our family of four, including my husband, 2 adult daughters and myself have just returned froma week of sailing, sun and fun in the British Virgin Islands.

We had a wonderful time and the 4 of us couldn't be more different people. Each day and every meal was tailor made for me and the rest of my 'crew' felt the same! Marsha's meals were fabulous and beautiful. She was also a great companion for various excursions as well as a wealth of knowledge about the local flora, fuana and homo sapiens! Marsha is the kind of person who doesn't recognize anyone as a stranger - even if she hasn't met you!

I felt extraordinarily confident and secure in Captain Tim's competence and ease. The pride he exhibited in the Jet Stream was fun to see. Although we never met his standards (!) it was fun to try! The atmosphere on the boat was good-natured, interesting, interested and cooperative - what a treat! Tim was great at keeping us organized and making the most of our experience. I could tell that both he and Marsha had read our requests and desires and took them seriously.

To that we added the beautiful clear waters, balmy weather and spectacular scenery and the novel experience of being at sea. We loved it and would definitely recommend this boat and crew to anyone considering this kind of vacation.


Terryl D