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We have quoted Donnie's letter in full. They chartered 'Viaggio' in January/February 2010

Feb 10, 2010
Regarding: Viaggio Charter and Crew
Gerry Matt - Captain
Lisa Mead - Chef
Ashley McGowan - 1st mate and all around wonder woman

Chris P.

We had a fantastic week aboard the Viaggio. The crew could not have been more accommodating. We were met with smiles as we boarded the beautiful Viaggio. While still docked at Nanny Cay, we learned that our 21 year old son had been in a car accident back in Florida. We were unable to reach him and went into panic mode trying to reach a neighbor, hospital or sherriff's department. The crew of hte Viaggio were thoughtful and helpful. They got us set up on the internet to get the phone numbers we needed. They changed their schedule to allow us to do what we needed to do. We were finally able to reach our son and find that he was fine after spending the night in the hospital. What a relief! Our guests from Michigan arrived shortly thereafter and we tried to relax. We were served a fabulous meal.We felt bonded to the crew right away. We stayed in Nanny Cay that first night.

The next day we headed out into the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Each day we anchored in a beautiful setting. We always felt safe as the crew seemed to know exactly what to do at all times. They all helpe each other at several tasks. Each of them were willing to take us anywhere we wanted to go, or get us anything we needed. They were a great team.

Lisa prepared fantastic meals, snacks and appetizers each day. She was amazing. The food was always delicious and beautiful. Every morning I came up from my room to find Lisa greeting me with a smile and a 'Good Morning". Hot coffee and her smile started my day. We loved hearing her stories of the people of hte BVI and the places she has prepared meals. We never had a meal we didn't like. She carefully prepared a variety of foods in reasonable portions. Every evening meal was followed by a spectacular dessert. She shared cooking tips with us.She snorkeled with us. We love Lisa!

Ashley is a gem! Her bubbly personality and big smile makes everyone have a great day. She is so knowledgeable of sailing, the BVI and can do such a variety of jobs. She made beautiful table settings, set up rope party lights in the evening, cleaned, made the beds, turned down the beds, brought us towels, packed beach bags for us, played bartender, dinghy driver, gave us tips on where to go and who to ask for, etc, etc, etc, etc.... She did all these things in an effortless manner. She stayed up with us every evening to make sure we had every need addressed. she took care of things before we ever had the opportunity to ask for them. We love Ashley!

Captain Gerry was fantastic. He anchored us in some of the most beautiful, private locations. We really enjoyed his knowledge of boats, the BVI and other locations. He was so easy going. My favorite experience was his guided tour of the Baths. Amazing. We would not have attempted that on our own. There was so much to appreciate from his guided trip through the sandy path and then he snorkeled the area with us. It was absolutely beautiful. Hope we get to have Captain Gerry on a future charter. We love Gerry.

The Viaggio is spacious and beautiful. Loved the sun pads on the front of the boat. We ate every meal outside overlooking the blue green waters of the Caribbean. The Master suite was very roomy with lots of storage and a big flatscreen TV. The VIP suite was also very nice. We noticed the fit and finish of the boat right away. Everything was top quality adn had been well cared for. The sound system was really nice. We enjoyed watching the fish in the blue underwater lights at night.

This is a beautiful boat with an awesome crew. We felt so comfortable with all of htem. We could tell that each of htem enjoyed their job and really respected each other and the Viaggio. It was like being at a floating Ritz Carlton but better. Chartering a Yacht is a great vacation. Chartering the beautiful Viaggio with such an awesome crew made it a fantastic vacation with great memories. Our thanks to all!!!


Donnie and Valerie

PS. We also need to thank everyone at Ed Hamilton who set us up with Viaggio after our (another similar motor yacht) charter fell through. THANK YOU!