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We have quoted Kristen's letter in full. They chartered 'Aloha Malolo' in January/February 2010

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our charter on the Aloha Malolo. It was the best vacation we have ever taken! It was truly an amazing experience for us. Every member of my family enjoyed themselves more than they can ever remember. Eric and Evelyn were a perfect match for us and I really appreciate you recommending them for us. They made the trip for us. We had very high expectations for this trip and they managed to exceed them in every way. There is no way we could have had any more fun on this trip. (Well, maybe if found some treasure and didn't have to leave). Eric and Evelyn were so wonderful with our boys, and we enjoyed their company as well. We are already planning when we can charter again with them.

I also appreciate all of your help in planning this trip. Everything went so smoothly (both in setting up the trip and in our travels). It was the best travel planning experience I have ever had. You (along with Emily and Lynne, too) were so helpful. All of your advice helped us to have a completely stress-free and wonderful vacation. And again, I can't thank you enough for working so hard to match us up with the right crew - you were exactly right in telling me they would make the difference. I don't think we could have possibly had hte same experience by just picking a boat off a list by it's specs.

I wouldn't hesitate to plan another trip with you, and I tell everyone I know about what great service and advice we have received from you. Thank you for everything.