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We have quoted Rick's letter in full. They chartered 'Dreaming On' in March 2011

We had the pleasure of being a guest on the catamaran, Dreaming On, for seven nights.

We had a fantastic week with Geoff and Iza on their floating home, Dreaming On. Some of our family members had reservations before going on the trip of how we would get along in tight quarters for a week with people we had never met. We can honestly say that Geoff & Iza made us feel comfortable and were so easy to be around, that our fears were soon dispelled. Seriously, the week went fast without any time of feeling we needed our own space. They gave you space and they seemed to sense it, before we realized it, that it would be nice to be only with our family. They truly were a joy to be around.

Geoff and Iza let us help with the boat and the sailing, but didn't expect us to. We wanted to learn and offered to help and ony then did they accept the assistance. We had fun learning some sailing and 'captaining' of the boat.

The food was wonderful! Iza is very talented. She was organized and had fresh ingredients and a great blend and variety. We had various fish dishes, pork, steak and chicken! She even prepared to perfection some fish we caught. She was easy going and always 'went with the flow'. A few meals we elected to eat on the Island we were visiting. Geoff & iza always wanted to do what worked best for us! One of our kids wouldn't eat 'green' food (vegetables). Iza always had something extra for him when we had our salad!

The sailing was awesome! We learned and we relaxed. Iza and Geoff had great snorkel and diving suggestions. We knee boarded and Kayaked. They always were eager to assist us in any way; we wanted to see some NCAA tournament basketball games and they called to places to see where we could find a TV. They were accommodating in all ways.

We, unequivocally, would highly recommend renting Dreaming On to couples and/or families. We had the vacation of a lifetime and would do this again in a second.