Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

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Howard R. chartering 'Flamboyance' December 28, 1999

"Jim was very obliging and flexible and really sought to accommodate our group in any way he could. He is an excellent sailor and always inspired our complete confidence"...on the meals..."attractive presentation-high quality food and drink, well prepared-always enough for seconds...we had a fantastic time"

Stuart H. chartering 'Irie 75' December 27, 1999
"Everything was great...We enjoyed Joe and Lynn tremendously, so much that we included them in all of our social activities...the meals were as good if not better than many of the top New York restaurants and we consider ourselves dining enthusiasts."

Barbara P. chartering 'Breanker' December 20, 1999
"We just came back from our trip and wanted to thank you...We have never had such a great vacation in our lives. Having a beautiful private boat and a gracious crew is the only way to go!...Peter was absolutely great! Friendly, patient, whatever we wanted was fine with him"...on the meals,"Unbelievable! We were originally planning a meal or two ashore. We quickly cancelled these plans. Three absolutely gourmet meals a day...Alison went out of her way to make every meal special and Christmas dinner was one of the nicest in our lives...The boat was better than we expected."

Nancy S. chartering 'Windwalker' December 19, 1999
"Both Rick and Martie made us feel comfortable immediately and by the end of the trip, we felt we had made new friends...The meals were primarily gourmet quality and the servings more than ample. Our particular favorite was salmon wrapped in filo"

John R. chartering 'Cap II' December 19, 1999
"Boat was terrific-very comfortable accommodations...Ed- You really came through in the clutch for us when the other boat fell through! This was a terrific boat and crew and we had a great vacation! Many Thanks"

Craig S. chartering 'Silent Partner' November 26, 1999
"Gary and Laurie were very fastidious and kept the boat immaculate...Gary was a great instructor and took great care(and enjoyment) in giving my wife as much sailing training as she wanted. I even learned a lot from Gary's explanations." on the food "Very good, a nice variety. We cleaned our plates every time! They followed our preference sheets to the letter." on Ed Hamilton & Co..."Your services as a broker were excellent. We are already planning another trip on 'Silent Partner' and will certainly use(and recommend) Ed Hamilton to other cruisers. Thanks for everything!!!"

Daniel C. chartering 'Windwalker' November 25, 1999
"...Rick doesn't 'put on airs', we felt more comfortable and know he meant what he said...A
super person and a great captain...Martie adjusted and pleased us beyond expectation, ...beautifully presented, very tasty...everything was absolutely top quality."

Terry S. chartering 'Courvoisier' October 23, 1999
"Mike was very pleasant-it was like spending a week with a friend. Cyndi is my new best friend. She was great!" Her food was "absolutely wonderful, well presented and delicious. We got everything we expected and more. The information we had allowed us to make a perfect choice."

Michelle F. chartering 'Bruce's' November 19, 1999
"Ken and Angela tailored the trip to reflect what we all wanted it to be and accomplished that goal fully! They are a fun loving couple who made us feel at home and at the same time totally catered to our every whim...thanks to all of you at Ed Hamilton's...your organization was very helpful from beginning to end..."

Neil M. chartering 'Endless Summer II' November 14, 1999
"We could not have asked for a better captain and crew." on the meals, "fantastic presentation and quality...the meals were never overdone or heavy, very light and good for you. The cook was the best...In addition to being an excellent cook, Lisa was very knowledgeable about sailing...very pleasant to be with."

Elena V. chartering a crewed Moorings 4500 catamaran October 10, 1999
"The boat was immaculate"...on the food "In all aspects-Excellent."

Joseph D. chartering 'Uhuru II' August 14, 1999
"Dear Ed: I wanted to confirm my telephone call with you today regarding our charter on 'Uhuru II'. It was simply fabulous. The boat was superb, in beautiful condition, and an absolute delight to sail. Mark and Celia were wonderful and gracious hosts. Celia is a great cook, and her meals were a constant wonder. Mark had bounds of energy, took us on daily dives, spent time each day as my local fishing guide, and still had time for boarding with my son, and swimming with the dolphins with Loretta and my daughter...We could not recommend Mark, Celia and 'Uhuru II' more highly. Thank you for your help in finding them."

Guy A. chartering 'Imagine' August 8, 1999
"Mel is great and worked very hard to accommodate every ones needs, no matter how demanding...Joan was great and exceeded my every expectation. I cannot believe how hard she worked and how she produced those great meals from that tiny kitchen"...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."You guys were great...I was very pleased with how smoothly everything went. I would without reservation recommend anyone I know. It was great!"

Jim L. chartering 'Marolanga' August 7, 1999
"Once again I must compliment on your matching skills. 'Marolanga' and specifically Gus and Marcella are not only very professional, but two of the nicest people anyone would want to meet. Gus is a skilled sailor...Marcella is a great cook. She knows her way around a galley better than anyone I've seen yet...Ed, this is two for two charters back to back. 'Marolanga' was a perfect match for what I was looking for. This is why I will continue to come back to you. Many Thanks"

Laura S. chartering 'Mauna Loa' July 31, 1999
"...we did everything we wanted and more. Meals were wonderful. The quality and presentation were much more than expected. We could tell that the chef took much pride in his work...Your firms service was outstanding and we have recommended you to others."

Sara J. chartering 'Last Fancy' July 8, 1999
"Thank you for a great holiday.. I especially loved everything more because of your ability to show us all you have learned and allowed us to remain safe and secure. I never thought this holiday would ever be so exciting and relaxing. These are times I will look back on remembering Pamela and Munro, Last Fancy, fantastic food, new adventures and beautiful sites. Thank you for showing the nine of us your BVI spots and sites!

"Dennis C. chartering 'La Dolce Vita' June 30, 1999
"I enjoyed learning how to handle this size boat from Capt. Hutterer. He is patient, knowledgeable, and I had plenty of time "at the wheel"...The food was incredible-I have never eaten better in my life...Better than what we expected...We highly recommend the "La Dolce Vita" experience..."

William A. chartering 'Breanker' June 12, 1999
"The boat was wonderful...Peter was absolutely fabulous. Very knowledgeable about where to go, where to anchor/moor, snorkel etc...He always seemed to have a story or comment about the area we were in...Alison did an absolute brilliant job in preparation,choice and especially presentation....I don't think there is any way to describe the food/meals. The food on this boat puts cruise ship meals to shame!.."

Bill L. chartering 'Gift Horse' June 9,1999
"Captain Tim was great. We were like one big family by the end of the charter. Our kids taught him their language and he taught them his. Clair was wonderful...presentation-excellent...quality-superb...quantity-we all gained 5-10 one went hungry...I can't say enough about the people at Ed Hamilton & Co. They are wonderful-Helpful in every aspect of our trip."

Dennis D. chartering "Southern Comfort" June 9, 1999
"Capt. Mike was great!...(we)Didn't know anything about sailing but Mike taught us a lot in one week. We think we could get S.C. underway!...Sandy and Susan were wonderful chefs. We ate on shore 3 nights-but couldn't wait to get back. The meals on board were better...Thanks Ed for a great trip."

Marion H. chartering 'Serendipity' June 5, 1999
"We had the most wonderful time aboard 'Serendipity'...The food deserves its own paragraph. From the home made bread to the shrimp caesar salad, every meal was a memory in itself. Chef Jo did a great job! Our captain Trish was always there to serve and answer our questions. Her sailing experience and knowledge of the natural world added much to our weeks adventure in the BVI...It was truly a remarkable time that we will always cherish"

Robert N. chartering 'Last Fancy' May 29, 1999
"I want to thank all of you. You did a great job-very professional-and a great help to our family who had never been sailing. The trip was great and we have already recommended you to our friends. Engaging but not intrusive, Munro and Pamela hit the perfect medium...The meals were delicious, beautifully presented, with different table settings, and always just hit the spot."

Ginny F. chartering 'Breanker' May 24, 1999
"The boat was in perfect order....We all felt we could not have had a better captain...Peter... gave a lot of instruction to my husband. He let him sail the boat whenever possible. The meals were excellent! Everything about them could not have been better...we had the best vacation ever! We are already planning for it next year. Thank you for all your help."

Missy C chartering 'Gannet' May 23, 1999
"Ian was great. It was especially nice of him to share his friends on Anegada with us. His guidance to our various anchorages was excellent...Liz was great...very nice breakfasts and lunches...more than we needed...did a beautiful job."

Matt W. chartering 'Silent Partner' May 5, 1999
"Just perfect!...Gary was great!"...on the meals-"Excellent quality and presentation. Laurie amazed us daily...she was great!"

Daniel C. chartering 'Windwalker' April 28, 1999
"Absolutely Fantastic!"...on Rick,"He is so easy going; knowledgeable, yet not so ostentatious. Simply easy to be around on a small boat. Rick seemed to know the exact amount of instruction Danny needed and or wanted; made learning fun and relaxed...Rick and Martie showed us beautiful anchorages we'd never seen"...on the meals, "Absolutely outstanding in all respects."

Travis A. chartering 'Tobogo' April 26, 1999
"Thanks so very much for your ever professional assistance with our recent charter on 'Tobago'. She was exquisite, refined, comfortable, and if fact, much more than we awaited. Her crew, Francoise and Francois Rives was exceptional...they are both excellent sailors and teachers...Francoise is truly a culinary artist...extraordinary in the galley...So much did we enjoy our outing, that we would like to put a hold on the boat for 'Antigua' race week next year."

Greg & Debbie F chartering 'Gift Horse' April 19.1999
"We had a fantastic time on our charter. Thank you for helping us select 'Gift Horse'.
The boat was great-and we enjoyed some great sailing...The food was terrific,too! Clare constantly amazed us with delicious meals. She even prepared separate, special foods for our picky eater. Tim and Clare went out of their way to make sure we had an enjoyable 'holiday' -and we definitely did!"

Chuck V. chartering 'Samoa' April 17, 1999
"Captain Rob was friendly, pleasant and approachable...provided details on where to go what to do...Olivia made several fruit drinks that were excellent...Meals were always a delightful surprise!...Presentations were universally elegant...She is an excellent chef wonderful knowledge and use of herbs, spices, fresh fruits/vegetables as accompaniments. Desserts were exquisite and sinfully good."

Bernard R. chartering 'Golden Star' April 10, 1999
"A beautiful boat very well cared for...Captain Keith was a true pleasure- always there, ready when we needed something, but never pushy or in the way. He has a fabulous gift of making you feel very comfortable...The meals were tremendous. Alison is a great cook and presenter of dishes. Everything was done to perfection...she took special care to ask if our daughter would like certain foods-very thoughtful...Your services were very good. All questions were answered before our departure-no matter how many times we called. You also handled our changes of dates with ease-thank you."

Charles R. chartering 'Of Course' April 10, 1999
"Jackson excellent sailor and a really nice person...very eager to teach-did a great job...Annie is an excellent cook, probably the best food and presentation of any charter boat we've been on...on Ed Hamilton & do a great job. This was our second time to charter through you and you are so much better than the other companies we have used. We'll be back!"

Jim D. chartering 'Metani' April 8 , 1999
"We spent the most wonderful ten days on board 'Metani' and cannot speak highly enough of her crew and owners, David and Judy Ramage. The boat was presented and absolutely beautiful condition and David's ability as a yachtsman was both inspiring and reassuring. Judy's culinary skills were magnificent and she was able to present mouth watering meals which perfectly matched our stated would be hard to imagine a more amenable and agreeable couple than David and Judy and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending 'Metani' and her crew to any prospective charterer."

Jason M. chartering 'Elektra' April 8. 1999
"Jerry made us feel very secure and comfortable. He is obviously an experienced captain, extremely competent, but easy going and warm.... The meals were exceptional, with plenty of food available for seconds. Heidi is a talented chef and presented a wide range of meals from soup to Roti to filet mignon, always beautifully presented and prepared....Heidi was an absolute delight....Your descriptions were right on target, even your descriptions of the crew were spot on.

James C. chartering 'Tobago' April 7, 1999
"Everything worked out perfectly. We might have been scared off with three kids going on board such a neat, perfect catamaran but they soon adjusted thanks to Francois and Francoise....Francoise and Francois were always there to please...The meals were perfect...French inspiration with a touch of the 'American' when needed...great kids food too."

Paul E. chartering 'Shiwara' March 14, 1999
"From your web site, with on line interest survey form and slide show, the politeness and professionalism of yourself and every one of your staff with which I talked or corresponded via e-mail, Ed Hamilton & Co. stood above the competition...'Shiwara' was absolutely beautiful. The cleanliness and attention to detail was a testament to Bungie & Di's pride in their boat. Food, from presentation to execution, was outstanding. Bungie and Di were gracious professionals at the start of the charter, and by the end, were friends. Our charter experience with Ed Hamilton & Co., Bungie and Diana Flynn, and 'Shiwara', exceeded our expectations. Thank you!"

John L. chartering 'Windwalker' March 7, 1999
"We soon discovered there was no reason for apprehension; this holiday exceeded every expectation. Beginning with the professional and friendly attention of your staff, to the beauty and cleanliness of 'Windwalker', to the great friendship and hospitality we felt from Rick and Martie, to the overly generous, delicious meals, this was an experience I would recommend to anyone."

Cathy B. chartering 'Breanker' February 21, 1999
"'Breanker' provides sufficient space to get away from each other when desired. It is excellent for sunning and very stable underway...Peter was very attentive and respectful of our wishes, he was always available but not pushy-he reads people very well...The food was excellent, varied and wonderfully presented. Alison is a tremendous chef and most accommodating. Lunches were especially well done and presented."

Don H. chartering 'Samoa' February 13, 1999
"Never been on a cleaner boat...Capt Rob was great with our kids...Olivia was a wonderful cook and presence on the boat"...the meals were..."Superb in every way"...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."You did just fine-I will use you again!"

Bob K. chartering 'Catalyst' February 6, 1999
"'Catalyst' is well positioned for four - six people. Boat is modern and well appointed...Kelvin did a great job as divemaster...was very sociable, professional and confident...Meals were just as we requested-The bread fresh with each meal-Tiffany prepares original dishes with fresh,bright presentations. Her desserts are as tempting as any restaurant....Catalyst was just as billed...well maintained and cared for by this young, outgoing couple."

Royce C. chartering 'La Buscadora' February 4, 1999
"Excellent captain...4 star meals presented by an outstanding cook-Sandie-have never eaten better food..".outstanding boat, captain and cook and crew, best of multiple similar experiences-second trip on 'La Buscadora' again truly outstanding."

Richard N. chartering 'Ibis' February 3, 1999
"This was the second year in a row because we were so happy the first time. Bobie and Nellie Marie are consummate professionals as well as being warn and friendly people. And so interesting too...they could run a gourmet restaurant!...'Ibis' is a classic...This is a boat for romantic couples"

Marion D. chartering 'Tobago' January 26, 1999
"The boat was definitely as described. 'Tobago' is a lovely custom yacht, well thought out and equipped. The crew was extremely pleasant and competent(and it's their boat)"...on the food..."Excellent, plenty, beautifully presented and served. Lovely table cloths at every meal...Francoise was terrific...Thanks, Ed We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly."

John K. chartering 'La Creole' January 23. 1999
"I am enclosing our post charter comments but also wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed being on 'La Creole' and travelling for a week with Oliver and Sophia....Oliver and Sophia were a joy. Oliver was so professional but so friendly and always willing to please. Sophia was a great cook and hostess and the chemistry between the two of them was very good throughout the trip....Thank you once again for your assistance and you can be sure that we will be doing this on a repeating basis and will look to your company to assist us."

Barbara M. chartering 'Last Fancy' January 14, 1999
"We really needed a vacation...Our expectations were more than exceeded... thanks to your wonderful hospitality...Pamela, we really appreciated all your efforts to prepare our special diet-and you made it delicious too!...'Last Fancy' is a fabulous, roomy boat- Loved sitting on the trampoline...The only problem is was it ended too soon-The only remedy is we will come back soon.

Edward G. chartering 'Falcon' December 27, 1998
"...Mark gave us the very definite sense of his competence and ability as a skipper...Mark's knowledge of the BVI's was from our perspective, equally impressive...Mark was always one step ahead of us...Not once were we disappointed!...Now for dear Jane...she never missed a beat...From the first course to dessert the presentation and quality were superb. Jane was always most attentive and solicitous...we could not have enjoyed ourselves more nor had a better crew."

Roger D. chartering 'Silent Partner' December 20, 1998
"Thank you so much arranging my charter on board the 'Silent Partner' in St.Thomas. As you may recall, I called you on short notice with a request for a 7-day charter with a certified sailing instructor and a cook. You knew immediately who to contact and within hours it was all arranged. Your knowledge of charter yachts must be encyclopedic! The charter was everything we hoped for and more. Laurie and Gary Rainthorpe were both outstanding...There really is a big difference in yacht brokers. You know your boats and yourews better than anybody. You're the best!"

David S. chartering on 'Endless Summer II' November 29, 1998
"Miles was great and the whole crew worked great together...Lisa is a fabulous cook and person...worked very far the toughest position...Miles, Richard and Lisa were awesome!! We had the time of our lives." On Ed Hamilton & Co...."We felt very satisfied and if we do this trip again, would go through you, and would recommend you to others."

Nancy T. chartering 'Dabulamanzi' November 21, 1998
On the captain..."He was just what we wanted and expected! We enjoyed his company very much!...The captain provided great guidance and input but let us choose what we wanted to do and when....on the chef..."I can't believe what great meals came from such a small galley! We ate like kings-enjoying a lot of local produce and fare! We couldn't have eaten better at a five star hotel- plus we had such great company at each meal!

Nathaniel S. chartering 'Flamboyance' November 21, 1998
"Flamboyance and her crew were excellent! Our week aboard was one we will never forget. Jim and Teresa's attentive service spoiled us rotten....Teresa's meals were elegant and delicious. Jim was a gracious host who immediately made us feel at home....We feel as though we arrived as customers and left as friends. I highly recommend 'Flamboyance'!"

Jane P. chartering "Catalyst' November 8, 1998
"Kelvin was great and explained things in a manner that was easy to understand. He made it fun...They seemed to have a planned itinerary which was fine as we were novices. They were also willing to make any adjustments we wanted... All meals were beautifully presented. Many attractive place mats and table cloths as well as serving pieces and glassware." On Ed Hamilton & Co..."you were terrific. you made us feel special- I'm sure you had other calls on hold or to make, but we never felt rushed. The individual attention was appreciated."

Heidi T. chartering 'Antiquity' September 1, 1998
"We knew it was going to be a great trip, but we had no idea how great...Antiquity was immaculate...We received a warm welcome from Captain Dave and Margot...We knew at that moment we had come to the right place...The food throughout our trip was fantastic...Margot followed our provisioning checklist to a "T"...We highly recommend 'Antiquity'... to anyone wanting an adventure...And to the honeymooners out there, yes we were afforded plenty of privacy... It was like something out of a movie."

Dr. Robin D. chartering 'Butterflies' August 15, 1998
On the boat..."Clean, Tastefully decorated, comfortable" on the meals..."Excellent, Extraordinary"...on the cook..."outgoing, friendly, eager to please"

Jack B. chartering 'Edruska' August 11, 1998
"This boat was the best layed out boat we have been on. Alan was exactly what we wanted...was very patient with everyone. He could be very basic with the less experienced and also help fine tune the skills of the more knowlagble. We were able to sail whenever we wished. Joann was great. Always willing to tell what was in a dish or how long to cook it...Joann is truly a world class chef...I thought you were extremely helpful. You and your staff are very knowledgeable about chartering and you made our trip the most pleasant, relaxing, and enjoyable time we have ever spent. I would recommend Ed Hamilton and Co. to anyone who wants to take a totally stress free vacation."

"Fred L. chartering 'Sudiki' August 7. 1998
"Much to our surprise even our trivial requests were looked after...The meals were a delight. They were exactly the kind of fare we enjoy...Presentation, quality and quantity were first rate. The choices the cook made were exactly right. What a pleasure!...Both captain and cook we found to be the kind of companions that were very easy and pleasant and contributed much to our enjoyment...The Sudiki turned out to be exactly what we expected from the pre-sailing information."

Gregg D. chartering 'Storm Petrel' August 5, 1998
"We wanted to express our appreciation for the wonderful time we had with Phil Levine on Storm Petrel. Our whole family couldn't have had a better time! Phil found plenty of exploring for us to do on the coast and islands of Maine, helped teach us sailing and navigation, cooked (even though we thought that was our duty), gave us miscellaneous supplies to round out what we had forgotten, was patient with our blunders, and was great with the kids. He made us feel like it was OUR boat...If we go sailing again, we want to do it on 'Storm Petrel'. It was one of those vacations we didn't want to end. Please pass our compliments on to Phil."

Paul M. chartering 'Shiwara' July 24, 1998
"Bungie was an excellent captain and host...Diana is an excellent chef; each meal was well prepared, well presented, catered to our tastes, and more than sufficient quantity...Diana truly made the trip. She was great with our 3 kids...has a terrific personality...The boat was nicer than we expected, although your literature was accurate( I assumed a bit of marketing hype).

Nancy K. chartering 'Gannet' July 23, 1998
"'Gannet' is a beautiful boat-very well cared for and like new condition." on the food..."Wish I had every recipe! Jan is a marvelous cook! Each meal was a beautiful presentation-we took pictures of the food-wrote about it in our journal...our tummies will not soon forget!...I loved all the new things I tried(I'm a picky eater usually)...Ed, your staff did a great job- kept right on top of everything and made us comfortable that we were ready to go when the time came. Also thanks for being so accommodating in replying to phone calls and faxes. We'll recommend you! "

Kent S. chartering 'Ocean Science' July 8, 1998
"Both Chris and Caroline were excellent regarding sailing instruction. They answered all my tireless questions and allowed us to participate in all aspects of sailing. Their extensive experience was appreciated by all...Food was delicious, portions plentiful...Caroline was happy to accommodate, even on a last minute basis...Chris and Caroline spoke very highly of you-'one of the very best!!'...We appreciated all the time you spent with us planning our vacation-it was great!"

Susan H. chartering 'Serendipity' July 3, 1998
On Trish "very knowledgeable of good anchorages and sea life...Always available, helpful...Let everyone who wanted to, participate." On meals..."Excellent presentation-even picnic was attractive...Quality excellent, as well. fresh-baked breads and desserts were impressive...Quantity-always more than we could eat."

Louise M. chartering 'Courvoisier' July 1, 1998
"Bert and I want to thank you for all your efforts in pulling together our family vacation on 'Courvoisier'. It was a very special week for us personally, made memorable by Mike and Cyndi. Their generosity and rapport with the children kept "F"(14), "C"(10) and "J"(6) beaming. And when the kids were happy...we're happy!! 'Courvoisier' is a very comfortable yacht whose home sailing area is magical. We look forward to our next charter."

Philip M. chartering 'Kwa Heri' with The Moorings(crewed) June 22, 1998
"Great job here. The boat was kept exceptionally clean...Simon was great. He was like sailing with a long time friend versus someone we just met...The meals were timed perfectly and were in large quantities...Kelly is great...Actually everything was great."

Bill C. chartering 'Ocean Science' June 20, 1998
"The boat was great, The food was great, The location was great, The weather was great and the captain and cook helped make it all even better than great...Every meal was special with a lot of hard work put into them...Better than expected. Emphasize the great cooking and friendly crew."

Ronn P. chartering 'Serendipity' June 13, 1998
"The week my friends and I spent on the 'Serendipity' was one we will not soon forget...Everything we could want to make our stay enjoyable was available...Trish made us feel she genuinely enjoyed having us on the boat...Joanna Forsyth is an excellent cook...We felt like every meal was comparable to a dining experience in a five star restaurant...we were happy to have made two new friends who made our stay in the BVI's a memory of a lifetime."

Dr. Brad P. chartering 'Gift Horse' June 6, 1998
"Tim was so fun...a great sport...He always had a great attitude...The meals on the boat were the best we've ever had! We scraped our plates clean every meal. The presentation and service was top notch. Clair was awesome. The boat is beautiful and well maintained! Service was superior."

Robert K. chartering 'Serendipity' June 4, 1998
"Everything was great...Trish was a gem! Not only was she great with the boat, she was terrific with our kids. (on meals)...Beyond any expectations I might have had! Joanna was great...everything was perfect. Trish was superb!"

Ron S. chartering 'Diversion' May 31, 1998
"Very comfortable. Space was excellent and boat well laid out...Tom has a great talent for adapting. He constantly molded himself to meet our vacation needs...All meals were healthy, very well presented and just enough to walk away full. The variety was amazing...Your service was professional and complete. We will be recommending your company."

Oksana W. chartering 'Flamboyance' May 29, 1998
"Jim is a great guy-have only great things to say about him-he is very professional-but also a lot of fun."

Irene B. chartering 'Flamboyance' May 29, `1998
"This was, by far, the BEST vacation of my life! I have never been so relaxed and so well taken care of. Jim and Candela were the perfect hosts and crew. They made us feel very welcome, and pampered us for 8 days. The professionalism, the courteousness, the friendliness these two people possess, have truly made this a wonderful experience and my memories of this trip will last a lifetime."

Randy B. chartering 'Sense the Magic' May 28, 1998
"We found Alan to be pleasant and professional. He was very good with our sons...Jan and Alan are a nice team...The boat was beautiful...the kids ate and played and said 'Good job Dad! This is our best vacation ever!'...Thank you Ed...for helping us make the right decision. We will definitely do it again some time"

Robert S. chartering 'Koolrider Too' from The Moorings, May 26, 1998
"We recently returned from our charter in the Virgin Islands and want to share with you how much we enjoyed our vacation...the trip surpassed our expectations...The charter was a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure...In addition, the meals we had were outstanding-we expected to have a cook on board, but not a chef...Many thanks to you and your staff for arranging such a fantastic trip!"

Mark C. chartering with The Moorings on a crewed Beneteau 510 May 12, 1997
"This was our first sailing vacation, and trip to the British Virgin Islands...we were very pleasantly surprised...The Moorings and Ed Hamilton and Company were great."

Bill K. chartering 'Sopris' May 8, 1998
"Sopris has the best layout...Chris was great...good sense of humor...very easy to be around...Robin really listened to what we wanted to do...provided exactly what we asked for in meals and drinks...beautifully presented...we both enjoyed Robins company very much...We have a very high regard for Chris and his sailing expertise."

Jeremy F. chartering 'Irie' May 7, 1998
"Excellent food-We're big eaters and everything was great...The boat was great...nicer and newer looking than we expected...All was great."

Meredith F. chartering 'Shellette' May 1, 1997
"I can't think of anything that could be done better-you've perfected the charter cruise...Every moment was truly enjoyable thanks to your natural way of taking care of all of us...thanks for a perfect vacation. We'll definitely join you again for another great time."

Pam H. chartering 'La Creole' April 23, 1997
"It's very obvious that Oliver takes great pride in his boat. It was very well kept...Oliver was a relaxed and gracious captain...more than willing to share his expertise...a very patient man...Meals were very good...presentation was great...We tried many dishes we'd never had before...your descriptions were accurate. You and your staff were very helpful..."

Cecilia B. chartering 'Purrfection' April 19, 1998
"Super helpful and very accommodating! They even dropped us off at the airport...Excellent food, lots of it and well prepared...It was everything we expected and more!"

Jeff C. chartering 'Gift Horse' April 15, 1997
"Although I have been back from my crewed yacht vacation for nearly a week, I cannot stop thinking about what a great time I had...'Gift Horse' is a beautiful boat...The attention to every detail of our stay was incredible...We cannot say enough good things about Claire's cooking...(she) has earned quite a reputation throughout the West Indies...Tim was the perfect captain, always offering another fun thing to do, but never making any of us feel as if we had to do something...Thank you again for helping arrange a vacation that I simply cannot get out of my system."

Richard K. chartering 'Quest' April 30, 1998
"Perfect...Wayne and Nicki are perfectionists...It's amazing the things that Nicki can produce from that little galley...Because of preferences, she would sometimes prepare different items at dinner to please everyone."

Marie C. chartering 'Prelude 56' April 29, 1998
"Above comfortable - best boat ever stayed on...Excellent meals-made to order...presentation exceptional..adjustments made throughout the week with ease...You guys and the boat/staff were great. We couldn't have had a better time!...Four stars for the 'Prelude' and her crew."

Jacobo B. chartering 'Endless Pleasure' April 12, 1998
"...I must tell you this time was as much enjoyable as the first time and even more...the boat was excellent...but what really made the difference was the crew; they are outstanding...they went out of their way to please us and specially to please and entertain our children...thank you for the excellent advise..."

Charles R. chartering 'Meachelle' April 5, 1998
"Exactly as advertised. We were not in the least disappointed. Thought you did an excellent job...we will definitely use you again for our next charter. A very pleasant experience and professionally run organization."

Mariano L., chartering 'Purrrfection' April 2, 1998
"The cruise was absolutely perfect for my idea of a holiday."

Kathleen D. chartering 'Quintessence' April 3, 1998
"We had a great time on our charter, you found us a fabulous boat and crew, Thank you!!!...both guest cabins were very nice, cockpit was very comfortable and boat had two great sunchairs aft. We were out side all the time, except to sleep. ...Liked Dino, he was very serious about his job and safety while being very nice and friendly at the same time. He really wanted us all to have a good time. Lisa and Dino were both very nice people. We all enjoyed getting to know them both...This is our second charter with you, we have been very pleased with your help and guidance on both occasions. I think we had all the information possible before we went, plus the security of knowing we could turn to you if we had any problems. We would use you again..."

Dr. John L., chartering 'La Creole' April 5, 1998
"'La Creole' was just right for a family of four. Oliver was so accepting of when and where we wanted to do things, even our son fishing late at night....let us participate all the time and was clear about the hows and whys.

Joel G. chartering 'Holga' March 31, 1998
"Boat was always clean and organized...Robert was great! Very friendly-we felt comfortable with him right from the beginning...meals were always presented in a pleasing manner, quantities were adequate...delicious...Nenette was excellent-always pleasant and really went out of her way to please all our tastes-especially the children...This was the Greatest vacation ever! A wonderful adventure and experience."

Dr. Rhett S. chartering 'Shiwara' March 30, 1997
"Bungie and Di were so good with the children especially since one was 7 and one was 12...They adapted beautifully...Di's meals were fabulous. She really paid attention to our requests and made gorgeous, healthy, wonderful meals!"

Susan B. chartering 'The Dove' March 30,1998
"...our cruise on 'The Dove'...we could not have enjoyed more...Larry and Hannah were absolutely marvelous - and all the arrangements went extremely smoothly...(on the boat)... Wonderful - exactly what we'd requested...Larry is laid back but professional and we loved his 'Dove'...your information and help was excellent. It couldn't have been a better holiday."

Phyllis R., chartering 'Elektra' March 28, 1998
"The boat was beautiful, deck space was great...Jerry was very friendly - we enjoyed him very much. Meals were excellent - presented beautifully, excellent variety. Heidi did a wonderful job. Your services were, as usual, great."

Bruce and Carol L. chartering 'Gift Horse' March 28,1998
" We had another wonderful time with (Tim & Clare) on Gift Horse. ...great meals - gourmet class and customized to our individual taste, responsible attitude toward safety, environment, everything, delightful company....made us feel so well looked after.... took such good care of our family as well. We'll be back! Cheers and good sailing."

Joseph J. chartering 'Cruise Forever' March 28, 1998
" Very comfortable-much more spacious than we're used to on a boat! Our 13 year old son and 'Captain Joe' bonded,(they both could recite dialogue from the movie "Austin Powers"). Val did a terrific job...tons of food, expertly prepared, nicely presented...she quickly responded to any and all special requests. The kids were very comfortable around her...Capt. Joe was great with both of our teenagers, he knows how to get a party going...entertaining, great sense of humor...My husband and I were impressed with the prompt responses, depth of information and guidance Ed Hamilton and Co. offered. You did a great job steering us to a boat that matched our personalities, expectations,etc.

David H. chartering 'Golden Star' March 23, 1998
"Our crew...Keith and Allison...were absolutely delightful. The impeccable condition of the boat and the cleanliness...Alison made my fourteen year old daughter and her girl friend feel right at home. We have bareboated at least three other times in these waters but Keith was still able to show us sights we had never seen and some of the finest snorkeling ever...can't wait to do it again."

George D. chartering 'Antaeus, March 22, 1998
"Larna and Tocker were excellent in all areas - particularly with the kids...The boat was lovely...the food wonderful and your hospitality excellent...We look forward to staying in touch with you and returning to sail with you again...Your company was very helpful. Your employees friendly and efficient. Thank you."

Richard F., chartering 'Ocean Adventure' March 22,1998
"John is an excellent instructor. He favors a 'hands-on' approach and had all our boys sailing happily and participating in all aspects of boat management. He is also careful and safety conscious. Heidi catered magnificently to our individual preferences and even provided special meals for our 'picky' eater. Food was abundant, nicely presented and varied. Heidi is a delightful person - neither too talkative nor too reticent and unfailingly good humored. Also a very competent crew! ...the crew are outstanding."

Mike B. chartering 'Gift Horse' March 20, 1998
"The boat was just what we expected and more. The reason we chose 'Gift Horse' was because of your descriptions of Tim and Clare - and you were right on the money!...They were very fun loving and humorous... Also, we were particularly interested in your description of Tim as a "keen fisherman." He was that. We caught our first Tarpon!...There weren't any surprises - except pleasant ones."

Paul S. chartering 'Prelude 56' March 19, 1998
"Capt. John Hunter was very professional yet down to earth and would explain things to us in a manner that we could understand. We truly appreciated his knowledge of the sea...We would certainly enjoy sailing with him again in the future...Our chef Kathleen, was a delight! She had a very pleasant and easy going personality and was well-read and up to date on current events and had a great sense of humor...she deserves a 5 star rating as a chef.Everything we ate was delicious."

James B. chartering 'Breanker' March 15, 1998
"They even cleaned the salt off when it got wet. Super job...Pierre was a great captain. Very good sailor...(on the meals)...outstanding - we all gained five pounds...(on the boat)...
exactly what we expected."

Karen G., chartering 'Quest' March 15, 1998
" we had everything we needed...the girls enjoyed skiing and skurfing...Niki was a great cook and my 17 year old loved everything...excellent."

Dr. Charles G. chartering 'High Seas' March 13, 1998
"...the time we spent aboard High Seas was nearly perfect...Each meal was more fantastic than the do seem to have the magic touch. Your knowledge of the islands, your incredible boat handling skills, and your professional, yet warm demeanor, set the tone for the entire trip...really found a way to make each person feel very special. You were as interested in what our ten year old had to say, as you were in your sailing discussions with Rick."

Greg D. chartering 'Serendipity' March 8,1998
" Trish is our idea of perfect - she was generous with her knowledge - and herself...definitely above and beyond! The meals were uniformly fabulous - delicious, exquisitely presented - and healthful...As a pretty competent cook myself, I was really impressed by the imaginative, beautifully cooked food. We cannot say enough good things about Serendipity Eco-Adventures. For people wanting to learn as well as see, Trish is an excellent choice."

Beth,Jin and Daniel chartering 'Last Fancy' March 7, 1998
"The difference in the 'relaxation factor' as compared to our previous bareboating experiences was phenomenal...This was our most relaxing and enjoyable trip to date...the meals were beyond compare...thank you so much for a perfect vacation." On Munro and Pamela..."You're both so charming... it was an absolute pleasure listening to your stories over our gourmet meals!"

Craig W. chartering 'Cruise Forever' March 7, 1998
"Our week spent aboard 'Cruise Forever' was a wonderful sailing experience. The crews knowledge of the area, skill in sailing, culinary expertise and friendly nature made our vacation memorable."

Dr. Andrew N. chartering 'Last Fancy'.
"The meals were always beautifully and originally presented. Quality could not have been better. We have eaten in several Caribbean restaurants and strongly believe that every meal Pamela provided, far surpassed any dining experience we've had on land. the food was healthy which we appreciated...and who would of have guessed we'd be having freshly baked bread every day on a boat! Delicious!...Munro and Pamela always maintained a perfect balance between being friendly and professional, while at the same time allowing us to feel a sense of privacy...I think this is a difficult balance to achieve and yet they provided such an environment with perfect grace. We certainly hope to join them for another trip."

Don and Gina F. chartering 'Shellette' March 3, 1998
" Martin and crew made my 50'th birthday a beautiful memory we all will remember for a long time. Martin was very informative. All the meals were presented beautifully...quality and quantity were plentiful,...everything was wonderful"

Mark K. chartering 'Marolanga' March 1, 1998
" Outgoing...professional...friendly...Gus was very informative...excellent food...great presentation...Marcella made us feel like part of the family."

Dr. Al R. chartering 'Flash Verde' February 26, 1998
"...what an outstanding time we had on Flash Verde...Mike Svinth, the skipper, and Heather Robb, the cook, made our sailing a tremendous success. Mike is not only an excellent sailor with extensive local knowledge, but was very pleasant and solicitous in asking us what we wanted to do and then carrying through. Heather is a first rate cook and I can say that despite the fact that my wife is a gourmet cook and graduate of the French Culinary Institute(not easily impressed), this was absolutely the best cuisine we have had on a cruise...we had an outstanding time and would highly recommend them to anyone...You gave excellent service from first contact to this follow through."

Edward B. chartering ' Octant ' February 26, 1998
" Meals were outstanding! Food and presentation was akin to a Four Star restaurant...much more than we expected! Can't say enough about our cook Annie! Mike and Annie were grand hosts. They gave us just the right balance of open water sailing, island touring, and relaxing anchorages with swimming and diving. A special note must be made of Annie's cooking as she proved herself the master of her galley and our gustational hearts. Any subsequent Caribbean trip wouldn't be complete without her presence!"

Felicia G. chartering " Jessie' February 24, 1998

" Great Food! Great Fun! That about sums up the magical experience we had on Jessie. Your love and warmth is transported in all you do and we're happy to call you new friends!"

Jackie N., chartering 'Storm Petrel' February 24, 1998

"Phil and Sandy were the most enjoyable and interesting people we have met in quite a long time. Their interests and ours were in sync over a wide range of music, arts, business pursuits, sports, food, etc. Phil was great. We were able to find a high point (to view the eclipse) in relative solitude. The place he suggested for viewing was wonderful. We will always cherish this special event. Phil made it even more so. We came away with such an incredible sense of happiness and friendship. I can't wait to call you up to schedule a time when we can meet up with Phil and the 'Storm Petrel' again. As a novice, not knowing what to expect, your help and service were very much appreciated."

Michael W., chartering 'Quintessence' February 23, 1998

"Dino was outstanding...highest recommendation, very personable, genuinely friendly, professional skipper...confidence inspiring for our non sailors."

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