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Mark P. chartering 'Alexis' December 29th, 2005
'We felt very comfortable on the boat! We could spread out and relax, it was a wonderful vacation! Geoff was great! He gave us options about what we could do, he knew the lay of the land well and let us decide. He was flexible, knowledgeable and great with our kids. Bambi was great. She not only made wonderful meals, she presented them beautifully. She was also wonderful withour son who was a very picky eater. We planned this trip very quickly and flet tha tyou answered our questions and pulled it together for us efficiently and quickly!'

Robert D. chartering 'Millennium' December 27, 2005
'We were amazed at how comfortable and roomy the boat was. Did not even feel we were on a boat! The meals were perfect! Perhaps more food for us than needed, but we ate it all!! Lori is a marvelous cook! We felt bad that she had to be in the kitchen cooking. She was so much fun to have around and we were impressed with her food. (On the Captain) Perfect!! An interesting and warm guy. Nothing was ever a problem! Delightful!'

Helge W. chartering 'Wanderlust' December 17, 2005
'Wonderful boat, Wonderful crew, Wonderful holiday! Wanderlust has the best toys in the BVI! Dick is perfect in every way. He was so professional, but charming as well. BJ is a superb chef. Everything was just perfect.'

Bill H. chartering 'Casador' December 16, 2005
'Wonderful boat for four people...all of us thought the food presentation/quality/variety were excellent! Although not described as a professional chef, Marianne deserves the title...would definitely charter with Kristian and Marianne again on any boat!'

Becky N. chartering 'Duduza II' December 16, 2005
'We all felt right at home on the boat. Madeleine was INCREDIBLE!! Each meal was better than any restaurant! She made each dish fit someones' wishes and tastes. We were all so impressed with her cooking! It was exactly what we expected.'

Richard S. chartering 'Antillean' December 1, 2005
'John & Heidi were full of information on local sailing conditions & tips, how to anchor and moor safely in different places & conditions, couldn't have been better. Heidi catered to our desires perfectly! Your services both online and on the phone were very good and the staff very helpful.'

Norma L. chartering 'Mystique' November 22, 2005
(James) ' As a captain, he has our highest praises. Katherine's love of food preparation and presentation was always evident. She put a great deal of thought into her menu based on our list prevoiusly submitted. Katharine is a superb chef in every way. All of her meals were absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. She even surprised 'we Americans' with a lovely Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We simply cannot say enough about her talent as a chef and her wram enjoying personality. The boat was well described and very beautiful. The crew James and Katherine were outstanding. Their ability to work together as ateam was evident throughout the entire cruise. They are a superb crew. They, as a crew, together with a beautiful boat, made our charter experience on 'Mystique' an unforgettable and magical vacation.'

David T. chartering 'Blu Moon' November 22, 2005
'Everything about the boat was fabulous. Chris Bennet was a perfect combination of high standards for the care of hte boat, safety and relaxed fun. (the meals) Fabulous! The presentation, quality, quanitity, variety, etc would rival any restaurant. The boat did meet my expectations, I was very impressed by it.

John M. chartering 'The Dove' November 20, 2005
'Larry was most helpful with his comments, even when we asked the most inane questions!'

Charlotte H. chartering 'Serendipity' November 19, 2005
'Its a grand boat...cannot say enough good things about Trish! She's an excellent sailor and we did 8 knots! Trish is great for describing several choices and then we planned the day...The boat was better than expected, monogrammed towels and fabulous galley.'

Janet B. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' November 19, 2005
'Excellent! John and Fiona are awesome!'

Robert H. chartering, 'Irie' November 12, 2005
"He (the Captain) was very prepared and responsible. We have NEVER had 3x daily for 7 days better meals! It was 5* all the way! Fabulous! 2 of us did not like fish and were given chicken and steak - great! They were better than we ever imagined!"

Sarah M. chartering 'Serendipity' November 3, 2005
"(Captain)Trish Bailey made our trip. Her knowledge and enthusiasm extended to thouroughly answer every question asked plus expose us to new information / new questions. Her sailing skills allowed us to participate and learn without intimidation."

Beth P. chartering' Millennium' August 8, 2005
'He (Joc) was fun and amazingly knowledgable. A great resource and now a good friend. He was very accommodating to my 15 year old son who wanted to sail as much as possible. He let us get 'get in on the action' as much or as little as we wanted. Perfect! (On the food) Gourmet, top-restaurant quality, tailored to our own schedule and eating habits. Beautiful presentation, fabulous fare. Shaz was amazingly talented at cooking and entertaining and photography too. She was he best!

Charles J. chartering 'Purrfection' July 30, 2005
'Everything was comfortable and clean. Rachelle was wonderful going out of her way to make sure everyone would eat the meals She made fish for my sister and parents and had a separate (equally appealing) plate of chicken. The quality and presentation was amazing. We loved John's variety of napkin folding, we looked forward to it at dinner each night."

Bill A. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' July 5, 2005
'John was the perfect host and captain, one of the most attentive and accommodating people I've met. We were truly spoiled and pampered by Fi's spectacular cooking. Her attention to my family's rather odd and varied dietary requests was above and beyond my expectations. The cocktail of the day was eagerly awaited. Heather was extremely helpful, patient and professional. Looking forward to the next trip in a couple of years!'

Janet H. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' July 3, 2005
"Everything was perfect. Would sail anywhere with Earl and Bonnie. Delicious food/creative/great presentation. Exceeded expectations, hope to sail with them again."

Deborah E. chartering 'Crazy Horse' July 2, 2005
'We had a truly great time. Thank you for matching us up with Paul and Katie and Crazy Horse! Katie really bent over backwards to please us and the kids, which is a real challenge. We were all very happy with our meals for the week."

James B. chartering 'Liahona' June 20, 2005
"Tracy and Gordon did a wonderful job keeping things shipshape! It was more comfortable than we had imagined. Gordon was just perfect for us, by the end of the first day we felt like he and Tracy were old friends! Every single meal was presented beautifully and was delicious. Tracy is a master in the galley! We chose Liahona because of the description of the boat and crew, and were extremely pleased. Tracy and Gordon added so much to our fun, your descriptions were accurate. Heather was very helpful in answering questions quickly and thoroughly, we are very satisfied with your service and will definitely use Hamilton again!"
(link to letter)

Dr. Patrick L. chartering 'Angel Glow' June 20, 2005
"A very good crew. Good people. We would charter with this crew again, very definitely."

Tom B. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' June 19, 2005
"This sailboat is a 'picture'! John instilled an air of confidence. Felt totally comfortable with him at the helm. AND, he waited on us 'hand and foot' the entire time, helping Fiona at every step. Fi prepared meals that were fresh, beautifully presented, creatively plentiful, delicious, all from a galley the size of a breadbox! If you are blessed to go sailing in the BVI only once in your life, go on Sundowner of Arun!"

Kristi P. chartering 'Metani' June 12, 2005
"We loved the food. Presentation and quality was perfect. We include one vegetarian, one carnivore and one on the fence, we all felt accommodated. Judy was always great. By the end of the trip she was part of the family! "

Bill B. chartering 'Saga Boy' June 11, 2005
"Mick was outgoing, professional, friendly and willing to go where we wanted and take us snorkeling or ashore whenever we wanted. He had no problem taking one couple ashore and the other couple snorkeling. The meals were excellent. The fruits and vegetables were very fresh, they purchased fresh bread from the islands on several occasions. Charlotte was outgoing, professional, friendly and eager to please. You did an excellent job with the boat charter."

Bobby & Mica P. chartering 'Ad Astra' May 31, 2005
'Excellent presentation and variety, questionaire filled out in advance was paid attention to. Excellent!'

Ruthanne B. chartering 'Liahona' May 25, 2005

"The boat was very comfortable...The meals were great...I think the descriptions were very good...Your information and response to my questions was great. I highly recommend you to anyone who asks."

Stuart P. chartering 'Blu Moon' May 17, 2005
"We loved the boat and the custom add ons...Extremely comfortable, we didn't want to leave. Everything we wanted and more!"
(link to letter)

Aileen L. chartering 'Madiba' May 17, 2005
"It was just fabulous and the cabins so tastefully decorated...very comfortable, in fact, luxurious. We were made to feel so welcome instantly and felt very comfortable in both their presence. The meals were sumptuous, such great presentation, variety and taste. Everything was what we expected and even higher. We have sailed many times before but found your company so professional. It was a fantastic experience and we will definitely use your services againa s well as referring you to family and friends."

Deborah & William B. chartering 'Duduza II' May 11, 2005
"The Duduza, although larger than we needed for two people, was exactly what we wanted and very much as described. We cannot say enough positive things about Blackie and Madeleine Swart and their efforts to make our BVI experience a great one."
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Susan C. chartering 'Alexis' May 8, 2005
'Food was delicious, presentation just lovely and always served with a smile...You did a fabulous job helping us select boat!"

Karin L. chartering 'Three Moons' May 7, 2005
'It was amazing how beautiful and clean the boat stayed throughout the entire week. Randy and Shelly worked bery hard to keep it so! Cannot say enough about the varieties of meals, the abundance of food, the gorgous presentation. Shelly also accommodated us with low fat or low carb...Very satisfied with Heather and Ed Hamilton's comments...Heather was 'right on the money' in recommending 'Three Moons'!'
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Marv J. chartering 'Liahona' May 1, 2005
'Boat was about as fully equipped with toys and games as we could hope for. Don't find them better qualified than Gordon...Tracy did a superb job."

Rose W. chartering 'Madiba' May 1, 2005
'Immacculate...****Four stars to all. Very gourmet and presented as such. All our meals were delicious and presented with flair. A+ over all."

Deeney R. chartering 'Andiamo' APril 25, 2005
"The Andiamo was in great shape...We had been with Andiamo before so knew what to expect and the Andiamo again met all expectations."

Dean H. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' April 24, 2005
"John and Fiona maintain a great boat. It was clean and shipshape when we boarded and kept that way throughout charter. John is very professional, a good boat handler and very safety conscious. He and Fiona are a great team...Honestly everything was perfect, it was the best vacation we have ever had!!! I was very impressed as to how efficient and helpful the staff was --particularly the follow through, which is rare these days, keep up the good work!"

Andrea W. chartering 'Purrfection' April 17, 2005
"Absolutely delicious, artistic presentation. They were awesome! Best vacation ever!"

Mark F. chartering 'Swish' April 16, 2005
'Amazing! Every meal was beyond our expectations! Sales staff were a great help."

Tom B. chartering 'Cynful' April 3, 2005
"Cynful is a beautiful boat, in exceptional condition. Brett was friendly and charming, but most of all a real professional with a wealth of local knowledge. Ronnie prepared superb meals, presented them beautifully."

Tom B. chartering 'Aldebaran' April 3, 2005
"Everything was perfect!...Can't even begin to describe how wonderful everything was. From presentation to variety, all exceptional...I was impressed. We highly recommend Ed Hamilton & Co. The service was extraordinary...The Aldebaran and her crew were the utmost in professional standards. It was a marvelous vacation. The BEST!"

Gordon T. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' March 29, 2005
"Could not ask for a better captain. Our holiday was exceptional. We are planning to book through Ed Hamilton another week. We could not have been more pleased."

David W. chartering 'Mustard Seed' March 28, 2005
"It was the perfect sized boat for our size party (4). There were several allergies and preferences to deal with, and Jean did a great job dealing with them. Nicely presented, great quality and variety, and just the right amount."

Richard K. chartering 'Moonshine' March 27, 2005
"Both John and Lynn couldn't have been better. They were friendly, knowledgable and interesting. Lynne is a terrific cook, especially considering that she is doing it in such a small space. The food was varied, plentiful and delicious.

Frank S. chartering 'Island Skipper' March 27, 2005
"We all had a great time with Rob & Michelle, they are great people to know. Excellent personalities of both captain and mate. Rob took our son scuba diving 5 times. It was a trip he'll never forget. Rob & Michelle showed our son how to moor, anchor, set sails, etc...meals were great, plenty of food, delicious, nicely presented."

Len K. chartering 'Stenella' March 27, 2005
"The sun pads were great! A culinary delight! It surpassed any five star hotel an dhte boys loved it too! The anticipation of KC's next 'magic' was wonderful...the boat was lovingly cared for, it was a trip that will be a memory of a lifetime."

Christine O. chartering 'Andiamo' March 26, 2005
"Boat was beautiful, Jayne took pride in making sure everything was perfect. Everything we did was great! Jim was great - very flexible, he could go out and party or just read at night - he was a lot of fun....Amazing what Jayne can do with so little space! She also was great at giving cooking lessons to the girls!...Heather was wonderful to work with."

Jim K. chartering 'Pentesilea II' March 25, 2005
"This charter went better than we could have possibly imagined. Our children have already asked we can go again next year!...Hans let us participate as much as we wanted...The meals were wonderful...I believe you made a great recommendation of both the boat and crew."

Gerald E. chartering 'Flame' March 23, 2005
'Wayne was wonderful! (The meals) gourmet, perfectly prepared, exceptional presentation, superb quality, wonderfully varied. Barb was great! Blew us away!"

Margareta L. chartering March 22, 2005
"John and Heidi were wonderful. We had a great time. John took excellent care of us and we even brought some of Heidi's recipes home. Thanks to all of you."

Dave C. chartering 'Sojourn' March 20, 2005
'The cabins had plenty of room and the cockpit had a lot of room under shade compared to a lot of the boats we saw while we were sailing...The meals were great. They looked good, they smelled good and they tasted good, and there was always more if we wanted. (On Ed Hamilton & Co) You were very helpful. The best advice you gave us was to pick the crew first, then the boat. Rob and Tiffany were an excellent crew and really made the vacation a memorable one."

Tim B. chartering 'Aria' March 20, 2005
'Impeccable! Excellent food and presentation. Aria is an amazing boat with a flawless crew. Our trip exceeded our expectations and we look forward to doing it again! Thank you. We loved 'Aria' for beauty, sailing ability, and great comfort below and on deck. Amazing, outstanding meals by a sophisticated professional chef - he was also very nice to talk to and contributed greatly to helping the captain and the guests. Virginia (the Captain) impressed us all with her knowledge - her sense of the small details of safety, her constant focus and awareness of hte boat and everything that was going on at any time."

Fran M. Chartering 'Aldebaran' March 14, 2005
'Willo was great, always willing to accommodate our requests. Charlotte was very accommodating, let our 5 year old help out. Also played with her on days we wereoff doing water sports, extremely nice to allow was a fabulous trip."

Ernie L. chartering 'Amicus' March 14, 2005
"(The Captain) Charming, great wit, all around nice man...meals were much better than expected. Gourmet...artistic presentation...very professional!"

Christine D. chartering 'Belline II' March 13, 2005
'He (Walter) was great! He went out of his way to ensure we had a good time, which we did. So did Lela! The meals were outstanding and delicious. There was always plenty of food too! We had a wonderful time.'

Andrew F. chartering 'Liberte' March 7, 2005
"Liberte was very comfortable and a perfect size for a family of 5. Gordon was very professional and easy to get a long with. He seemed very experienced, calm and polite! Breakfasts and Lunch were outstanding. Hamilton's represented Liberte very accurately - the boat was exactly what we expected--The captain & Crew were excellent and we would sail with them again. All of you did a great job again 5 stars!!!"

Vic S. chartering 'Purrfection' March 7, 2005
' Its rare to meet a couple with such a wonderful combination of maturity and youthful charm, intelligence and sophisitcation. They added so much to our charter above and beyond their professional credentials. Their teamwork and mutual resepect set an example for our group in how to get along in tight quarters (some of us had never sailed before). Their enjoyment of each other was very infectious.'
(link to letter)

Cheryl S. chartering 'Aldebaran' March 6, 2005
'Whenever we returned from our daily activities, our bedroom, head and general living area were straightened up for us and spotless. We were amazed Charlotte found the time to do this, since her incredible meals always tasted as if she'd been laboring over a hot stove the whole time. How does she do it?...Willo felt like a good friend you'd known your whole life. He was an extremely insightful, quick-witted, personable and patient captain. We'd charter again with them in a heartbeat. The meals were phenomenal...even the mid-day snacks!....Whenever I called your offices with questions the person answering the phones could answer me straight away. That was great. And I liked that there was no lag between e mail correspondances. The literature you sent before the trip was great. THANK YOU ED HAMILTON & CO.! We had a fabulous charter thanks to you and the wonderful Aldebaran Crew!

Vic S. chartering 'Purrfection' March 7, 2005
' Its rare to meet a couple with such a wonderful combination of maturity and youthful charm, intelligence and sophisitcation. They added so much to our charter above and beyond their professional credentials. Their teamwork and mutual resepect set an example for our group in how to get along in tight quarters (some of us had never sailed before). Their enjoyment of each other was very infectious.' (see letter)

Leon M. chartering 'Ad Astra' March 6,2005
'Colin knows what he's doing, but he is also fun to be around. A people person! Everybody loves Penny. This was our second time on Ad Astra, so we knew what to expect. Colin and Penny are absolutely delightful."

Joe S. chartering 'Ciao Bella 63' March 5, 2005

'The boat was immaculate, and the crew very helpful...The boat and entire trip exceeded our expectations. Chris and Kate could not have been more friendly or helpful."

Milt R. chartering 'Blu Moon' March 5, 2005
'From the moment we first met Chris and Julie we only experienced an increasing level of appreciation for their warmth, hospitality and skills." (link to letter)

Joe C. chartering 'Lady Jane' March 1, 2005
'The meals were probably the most outstanding feature of the trip. All three were different every day and invariably excellent. Eveyrthing we said we liked was served in quantity that I could not finish. The boat was as advertized, can't think of anything I'd change.

Doug T. chartering 'Quest' February 27, 2005
"(Captain) Very knowledgable. Willing to answer ALL our questions. Had a great sense of humor and outstanding people skills! Exceptional balanced menus. Fresh ingredients, perfecctly seasoned and artfully presented, piping hot or chilled accordingly. Serving sizes were generous and we ate every bite! This crew has a special talent for making each guest's dreams come true with seemingly little effort. They work together seamlessly and anticipated our every whim before we did!"

Don B. chatering 'Crazy Horse' February 23, 2005
"When I talk with you I get a better feel on what to do, like where we go and the scoop on the crew...6 times and we keep coming back. What does that say about your service and your recommendations!"

Wesley F. chartering 'Aldebaran' February 20, 2005
"The boat was perfectly laid out for the number of guests/crew on board. All meals were prepared to perfection. The quality was excellent." (link to letter)

Terry H. chartering 'Ad Astra' February 19, 2005
"Colin and Penny mainain the boat and all the equipment on board very well. He (Colin) was also very knowledgable about the history, geography and local points of interest in the BVI. The meals were wonderful. Very well prepared and presented, portions were just the right size. The boat was even more spacious than we expected, the crew were very pleasant and accommodating and the meals were outstanding."

'The crew takes great pride and are very meticulous about everything...Colin has great interpersonal skills and he was able to develop an immediate rapport with our group...Chef Penny made every meal a gastronomical event."

Frank G. chartering 'Sojourn' February 19, 2005
'The boat was just fine but more importantly Robert and Tiffany were very welcoming and calming. Robert and Tiffany were just great, they were perceptive, accommodating and just good company. The kids and I got lots of hands on sailing and loved it. Rob was very patient and a great teacher. The food was great. Each night was a hit. I will tell you that your brokerage service is known as the most professional down there.

Eric C. chartering 'Reaction' February 17, 2005
'Brett is a knowledgable, professional captain who knows the best sucluded places. Caroline was very accommodating, especially with the kid's fickle tastes."

Jennifer P. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' February 14, 2005
"John was absolutely delightful! The food was amazing - definitely a highlight and something that should be heavily praised in the materials for Sundowner. Fiona is very talented and did a great job of accommodating the tastes of a 10 year old, a 44 year old and a 70 year old! Fiona was also absolutely delightful!"

Deb E. chartering 'Three Moons' February 13, 2005
"Our captain was perfect. He and the crew fit in with our group, it was a match made in heaven...Presentation (of food) was always extremely appetizing. Quality was five star and quantity was perfect. Shelly is a master.

Michael and Mary F. chartering 'Moonshine' February 13, 2005
"The food was great. There was always enough and a good variety. Plenty of fruit and snacks. Everything was accurate. John and Lynn were great hosts. We all had a great time. Our crew knew great spots to anchor and to visit."

Sally B. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' February 10, 2005
"Food was delicious, presented in a very professional manner. Better than expected. Want to book them 2006.

Bill S. chartering 'Purrfection' February 9, 2005
"(John) knew exactly what he was doing and did it extremely well, friendly, always had stories. (Rachelle was) funny, accommodating, unflappable and met any situation with calm competence. I can't imagine a finer crew or more perfect trip.

Susan M. chartering 'Andiamo' February 7, 2005
"Andiamo is lovely. The boat was very comfortable with cloth cushion covers in the cockpit. Jim was very friendly and encouraged us to do things he thought we would like --and he never failed us! Jayne had a different place setting for each dinner! Stunning presentation. Our motto was "no leftovers".

David K. chartering 'Cynful' February 6, 2005
"It was exactly as advertised. Heather handled everything to a 'T'". (link to letter)

Tom B. chartering 'Moonshine' February 5, 2005
"John was a pleasure to be around. Lynn did a great job. The menu fit us well. Well prepared and well presented. I really appreciate the help that Lynne and everyone else provided during my planning. Not sure if I could have pulled it off without Ed Hamilton & Co.'s help.

Judy G. chartering 'Breanker' January 29, 2005
"Al was wonderful. Very competent sailor. He had respect for the boat and we were impressed how well he took care of it. Sarah is an amazing cook!! The presentation was beautiful. Sarah served fantastic meals even with everyones dietary restrictions and preferences!"

Shelly F. chartering 'Exbury II' January 25, 2005
"Everything about Exbury is comfortable and easy! Josy is a gourmet cook and every meal is better than the last! Having this be our 2nd trip with Albert & Josy, we certainly came back specifically for them! They know the region in which they work and are happy to share any information you wish to learn about. They are truly worth the experience of a vacation that is relaxing, fun and carefree. You run an exceptional charter company. thanks for the opportunity to use you once more. See you next season!

Robert M. chartering 'Quest' January 19, 2005
"Steve is the perfect captain. He was always accomodating, made good suggestions about where to go, what to do, etc. The meals were to die for. Valda took great care in making sure there was variety and quantity. The meals were always well presented and delicious."

Paula M chartering 'Three Moons' January 10, 2005
"Third time on 'Three Moons'. Best charter in the area! Shelly is the best chef! Presentation, quality outstanding! 'Three Moons' is so much better than anyone could imagine from the brochure."

Raymond B. chartering 'Andiamo' January 7, 2005
"With 6 guests on board it was impressive how clean the boat was kept...Captain Jim was great. He was good at involving us in the sailing. Every meal was absolutely fantastic. The presentation was equivalent to a 4 star restaurant! It showed that Jayne put a lot of effort into presentation and quality...Jayne did an incredible job of insuring variety and quality. Her meals were paired with excellent wines."

Jeff W. chartering 'Exbury II' January 2, 2005
"Albert and Josy went out of their wayt o see we had everything we could possibly have hoped for...Albert spent countless hours of instruction with me for which I was most appreciative. We also had several navigation 'lessons' and loads of discussions...Altogether a priceless experience. I was very pleased with my experience with your service. Heather was especially pleasant and helpful as was everyone I spoke with. I would have no qualms in recommending you to anyone looking for a sailing experience."

Barbara T. chartering 'Gannet' January 1, 2005
" We were very impressed by the condition of the boat--it was obviously incredibly well maintained (especially the teak!) Our cabin was large and comfortable. There was adequate shade in the cockpit, the boat sailed wonderfully well- - beautifully balanced. The meals were very good. Enriqueta amazed us with what she could produce from her galley. She did particularly well in satisfying differing preferences for each of us. Ed Hamilton did a great job in matching us to the right boat and the right crew. Ed knew the type of sailing we wanted to do and the type of craft we were most comfortable with. We really appreciate the time Ed took to steer us in the right direction."

Gary W. chartering 'Bossanova' December 31, 2005
"Tem was the best! Very sociable, informative of the various areas and planning a very enjoyable trip! He built the boat so he knew everything! Taylor did a fantastic job on all the meals! Nothing was a repeat and he would cater to any suggestions or dislikes! You answered everything we could think of before the trip. Final connections were emailed in time to have prior to our departure.

George E. chartering 'Corus' December 29, 2005
"I don't know when Ann managed to sneak in and clean our cabins, but it was always kept immaculate! Bill is an excellent skipper. I am always amazed what Ann is able to create from the galley! The meals were excellent, both in taste and presentation! I think the boat and crew descriptions were usual your staff were very helpful, I think between your staff and literature you have everything covered!"

Pamela G. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' December 28, 2004
"...Which brings me to our crew, Fiona and John. I don't think it would be possible to find a more lovely crew - they are a darling couple and a terrific crew! From the moment we met them at the hotel we felt relaxed and comfortable. In fact, they made a point of finding us the night before we boarded in order to introduce themselves. John was a wonderful British gentleman and a very competent captain. He also served as the tour director and itinerary coordinator, ironing out and confirming the travel plans for our two boats. Fi was equally delightful and a marvelous cook. She related beautifully to both B., myself and our two young adult kids. Learning that our daughter, K. would soon be celebrating her 25th birthday, Fi surprised her with a birthday cake on our final night." (See letter)

Mike S. chartering 'Fantasy Island' December 21, 2004
"Clive was great, very professional and accomodating, great sense of humor, very friendly. Laila was creative and responsive to our requests."

Cary K. chartering 'Quest' December 20, 2004
"Meals were great and took all food preferences into account. Presentation, quality & quantity were great. Your service was wonderful in helping me set priorities and choose the best boat for our family. We would definitely consider another week aboard the Quest!"

Liz L. chartering 'Lazy Bones' December 19, 2004
(On the Captain) "Outstanding and a terrific sailing instructor...he could not have been better. The menus were creative, realatively low-calorie (a request) tasty, balanced, varied and unfortunately for the cook, far better than any of the local restaurants, so we ate almost entirely on board...I think you (Heather and Ed) provide a superlative service. Far superior to my previous broker and would unhesitatingly recommend you and 'Lazy Bones' to anyone."

David K. chartering 'Breanker' December 19, 2004
"Al is great...a good sailer, fun, interesting. Sarah's an excellent cook. The meals were fantastic."

Andy S. chartering 'Gitana' December 18, 2004
'Boat was super comfortable, the master is so big...Greg was the best skipper we ever had. Professional, always looking out for our interests, educational, caring. Anna - it's like a 5 star restaurant. All meals super. The crew was super and we had a memorable family experience."

Barbara K. chartering 'Sojourn' December 17, 2004
"Rob was perfect. We were looking for a casual captain who made us feel at home rather than a formal engagement. He was very professional, discreet, entertaining, informative...Meals were excellent."

Wade H. chartering 'Antillean' December 17, 2004
"John and Heidi make it feel as if they have invited us into their home. (which they have!) John had great stories along with a great feel for the wind and along with Heidi a great knowledge of the BVI. Heidi is a great chef...she really presented magical meals...what a great addition 'Mr Smee" is to the team."

Jane W. chartering 'Duduza II' December 11, 2004
(The captain) "We became great friends within hours!! We've never laughed so much - They are a couple we will never forge and we can't wait to come see them again very soon! Everything was perfect and we had more than enough to eat.

Julie G. chartering 'Sojourn' November 20, 2004
"I would definitely recommend Rob and Tiffany for families. They were fantastic with the kids, and also great company for us."

James G. chartering 'Shellette' November 14, 2004
"Vladimir showed both my husband and friends how to do things on the boat and they learned a lot. He is a very methodical sailer and knows his stuff. We looked forward to every meal. Natalie's ability to make not only terrific presentations, but her own personal style had us asking for her recipes."

Nicholoas D. chartering 'Sojourn' November 7,2004
"All meals were made from scratch, i.e. fresh vegetable, cakes etc. The selection and quality could not have been better...I will write a letter of referral for Tiffany and Rob. They became an important part of our vacation and we thoroughly enjoyed their company and care."

B. Allen L. chartering 'Mawali' August 14,2004
"Jon is an outstanding skipper. Careful and watchful in an unobtrusive way...crew was very flexible..(on the meals) Delightful! Presentation, quality and quantity were excellent, exceeded expectations...Nicki was wonderful, friendly and easygoing."

Michael S. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' August 12, 2004

"John is first and foremost a professional who takes great pride in his boat and the service they offer while always having safety in mind. Our family truly did enjoy the company of Fi and John...The quantitiy and quality of the food was extremely good."

Greg C. chartering 'Pentesilea II' July 23, 2004
"Hans was great when it came time for us to learn more about sailing. What a great teacher!..(on the meals) wonderful, fantastic, couldn't have been better!"

Stephen S. chartering 'Ciao Bella' July 18, 2004
"..All of this is truly remarkable and I thank you for the combination of talent and elegance that you have created." (link to letter)

Lorraine K. chartering 'Sabore' July 11, 2004
"The trip of a lifetime...anyone who has an opportunit to sail with them on Sabore should pack their bathing suits and go! You will be SO glad you did!" (link to letter)

Nicole O. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' July 5, 2005
(The yacht) "Looked fantastic, you could eat off the deck...What a great guy-excellent skill and fantastic company...we noted that we always felt very safe in John's was absolutely top-notch...Fiona who is just cool in her own right is a fantastic cook. Lovely presentation, excellent quality and always leftovers...we adored both John and guys, particularly Heather were excellent, we are happy to be a reference for Sundowner"

Joanne E. chartering 'Lazy Bones' June 29, 2004
"Leah did a beautiful job with the meals. We can not imagine her creating such masterpieces in such a small galley. She was a fabulous cook...Both Leah and Rory did such a wonderful job--what a team effort!...We all had the time of our lives--the crew catered to our every wish and request--and always did it with a smile...Ed Hamilton did a gerat job--both helping us choose 'Lazy Bones' and keeping in contact with us along the way."

V.M. chartering 'Belline II' June 27, 2004
"Walter strikes the perfect balance of casual, friendly, fun-loving and authority. I would trust him to keep us safe, and he is an excellent party companion...Lèla is a great cook! We were constantly amazed at the haute cuisine on board. Lèla is so much more than just the cook. She is the perfect hostess. Heather's knowledge and description of hte boat and crew were excellent."

Jennifer S. chartering 'Three Moons' June 26, 2004
"Each meal was a surprise and presented with great flourish--the food was unbelievable!! If anything it exceeded our expectations."

Mary Jane D. chartering 'Purrfection' June 26, 2004
"Don was terrific. He went out of his way to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. Excellent host, excellent sailor!..Heidi went out of her way to please. The food was excellent and there was always more than enough. Presentation was wonderful. She did a great job. This was our third trip to the Caribbean and Heidi and Don made it the best. 10 out of 10. We had a fabulous time. You were most helpful. Can't think of anything right now that could have been improved in the entire experience."

Ned M. chartering 'Gannet' June 19, 2004
"Extremely knowledgable and professional--both Ian and Enriquetta were marvelous hosts and companions...The meals were wonderful and aligned to our preferences. Not only were they gourmet in preparation but the presentation was beautiful."

Ed K. chartering 'Pentesilea II' June 15, 2004
"Hans was a lot of fun and entertaining....inviting people who wanted to sail the boat to give it a try. He was a skilled instructor who knew how to give the right amount of guidance and encouragement...Ruth's cooking was fabulous! Beautifully presented and delicious!..She accommodated everyone's diet needs and food preferences--not an easy task! Ruth made everyone feel welcome and her work "behind the scenes' was unobtrusive...It was just as expected. Descriptions were fair and accurate. The trip was everything we hoped for and more!"

Michael V. chartering 'Ad Astra' June 14, 2004
"Excellent Captain...Penny is an excellent chef-great variety, originality, taste and presentation." (link to letter)

Maureen M. chartering 'Lazy Bones' June 14, 2004
"Rory was very knowledgable and patient. We enjoyed him very much. Outstanding young captain-safe, friendly-great skipper...Every meal was delicious and presented beautifully. First rate food and service...Leah was an awesome cook and we enjoyed her company very much..we loved the yacht and crew. Rory and Leah are an exceptional team-great job!"

Tracey C. chartering 'Tomcat' June 12, 2004
"Matt was great. He and Chani frequently emphasized that this was OUR holiday and whatever we needed/wanted would be taken care of. It is amazing what Chani could prepare in a galley that is about the size of my desk. The presentation was beautiful, we took pictures of every meal! I thought the description given to us was very accurate."

Dr. Rene D. chartering 'Lazy Bones' June 6, 2004
'Rory was easy to like, very attentive; we always felt safe and comfortable with his handling of the boat." Regarding the meals: "Presentation-Exceptional. Quality-Excellent. Quantity-we had as much as we wanted...Leah was accomodating and very pleasant. Everyone was very fond of her."

Jim R. chartering 'Eroica' June 1, 2004
"The boat was absolutely beautiful and well maintained...very clean...Mae is a fabulous cook, great variety, excellent presentation...we joked about putting Mae in our bags and bringing her home...I would recommend the crew and boat hightly."

John B. chartering 'Island Dreams' May 31, 2004
"Scott and Janice have kept the boat in excellent shape. I would not have known it wasn't a brand new boat if you hadn't told us before hand...Scott and Janice could not have possibly be any more professional or courteous...Janice is a magician with food!..Your descriptions were right on the money! I do not think we could have possibly had a better match...Your service was excellent."

Marvis B. chartering 'Fortuna of Leith' May 24, 2004
"Fortuna is a lovely boat and quite roomy...Greta was a very attentive host and was always willing to answer questions...The food on the boat was better than any restaurant we visited. every meal offered something new and different...she and her crew are EXCELLENT cooks."

Scott F. chartering 'Serendipity' May 19, 2004
" Trish was outgoing but also let us have our space. She was full of stories and very good information on the Island, reefs, fish and plants. She was environmentally educated adn concerned. However she wasn't a fanatic and was pragmatic when needed. "

Rich S. chartering 'Blu Moon' May 16, 2004
"Couldn't have been any better--superb!...Chris and Julie were great. Words on a page do not do them justice, you just have to go and experience it."

Dick H. chartering 'Sabore' May 15, 2004
"The crew had the boat sparkling, not a crumb, not a finger-print! First rate crew with a level of friendliness which never put them "in your face' but were alway sensitive to your interests and needs. They made the experience could have the most sophisitcated food writer from 'Gourmet' magazine adn they would not be disappointed. The food channel should do a piece on 'Sabore'...Communication with your office was great. Your descriptions were accurate and it surely is an exceptional yacht."

Dr. Todd T. chartering 'Belline II' May 15, 2004
"All aspects of Belline met our expectations and needs...Walter is a joy to hang out with...Lela did a great job in presenting and preparing lovely meals."

Mary P. chartering 'Island Dreams' May 10, 2004
"'Island Dreams' and Scott and Janice were outstanding in every way, especially for the sailing and scuba instruction we wanted...Your service was exceptional!"

Randall G. chartering 'L'esprit du Nord' May 3, 2004
"Perfect-a great boat and outstanding crew." On the Meals: " Lots of variety, tasted great each time. She is an extraordinary chef!"

Gen H. chartering 'Purrfection' May 2, 2004
"Don had a great balance of professionalism and outgoing friendly personality...Heidi's meals were a feast of flavors. She amazed us every day. There were many nights when Heidi got a standing ovation. A special thanks to Heather--was always informative and answered all our questions."

Jody G. chartering 'Sabore' May 1, 2004
"Accomodations were great. Plenty of room for all." On the food, " Quality--Outstanding. Quanitity--More than enough. Type--Outstanding variety. Presentation--Outstanding." On Ed Hamilton & Co. "Descriptions provided were very accurate, both on the boat and crew."

Paul S. chartering 'Belline II' May 1, 2004
"Everything was exceptional...five star food...the boat exceeded our expectations." On Ed Hamilton & Co. " Everyone involved did a first class job. We have no complaints, just compliments. Thank you!"

Charles B. chartering 'Flame' April 21, 2004
"Meal quality and presentation was outstanding! Quantity, heavy. All meals were gourmet...Desserts heavy, but delicious...It's very apparent, Barbara loves to please her guests...Pretrip instructions were satisfactory. No surprises!"

Dr. William Q chartering 'Southern Cross' April 19, 2004
"We enjoyed Capt. Keith very much...Claude is superb...light lunches and great dinners; french toast at breakfast was a big hit...Claude has a wonderful personality...Our second trip on 'Southern Cross'. It is excellent for four couples."

Aldine R. chartering 'Andiamo' April 12, 2004
"The food was the best we've had anywhere around the world. The presentation was gorgeous and quality and quantity perfect. Jayne is a fantastic chef...You answered every thanks also to Heather as she was so helpful in a number of incidents. Heather made me feel confident about our entire vacation.

Randy B. chartering 'McGregor II' April 7, 2004
"Tim was very professional when it came to operating his boat and meeting our desires...Julie's cooking skills were top notch and she always displayed a pleasant and outgoing personality. She was wonderful with respect to the kids (So was Jim) and even took care of them on occasion when Hollis and I went to shore...Boat was older but very well kept and equipped and layout was perfect for chartering. I remember Ed telling me not to worry too much about the boat but rather to ensure we had a captain and crew that matched our personalities. He couldn't have been more right! Tim and Julie were a near perfect match for us. All in all, one of hte best trips our family has ever been on. We will definitely do it again! "

Gina S. chartering 'Irie75' April 5, 2004
"Yet another amazing trip sailing the British Virgin Islands on the 'Irie' with Joe and Lynne Campbell. ..We enjoyed the best of what a vacation can offer..." (link to letter)

Jo Ann S. chartering 'Ayacanora' April 5, 2004
"Very comfortable and more deck space than expected...Captain and mate were very nice, made us feel very comfortable the entire trip...we got whatever we requested, whenever we requested it. Meals were just right."

Chris A. and Sherri B. chartering 'Antillean' April 5, 2004
"We couldn't have asked for a nicer captain and cook! Both John and Heidi were extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and great to be around for the week...the meals were delicious, very well presented and more than enough in quantity...(descriptions) 100% accurate. We especially enjoyed Mr. Smee, the ships parrot! Prospective guests should know that he is delightful and does not interfere in any way!"

Fred H. chartering 'Casador' April 4, 2004
"The meals were beautifully preserved and of good quality...very tasteful and ample...Excellent service from Maine."
(Read Fred's follow up letter in full)

Mark M. chartering 'Breanker' April 4, 2004
"Sarah and Al were always a step ahead of us. They made a very difficult job seem effortless and smooth, an excellent crew in all respects...Sarah's talent in the galley is exceptional! Each meal was superb and unique...Thank you Heather for recommending this boat and crew!" (link to letter)

Shirley J. chartering 'Tiare Apetahi' April 4, 2004
(Captain) "Very educated and versed in all subjects. Has the ability to talk and get along with everyone. Sandy was very helpful. I have never met a more skilled sailor...her local knowledge was very valuable...the food was great. Nice variation in daily menus, quality and quanitity were both great."

Alan S. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' April 3, 2004
"Our captain was great! He was calm and easygoing and a big hit with our children...The meals were wonderful. We ate like kings. My older son, who doesn't eat, ate everything and declared it delicious! Our crew was very thoughful about our tastes...Fi is a delight and takes great pride in her work."

Bruce L. chartering 'Quest' April 3, 2004
"The boat was like a traveling 5 star hotel! It was perfect...Steve was the perfect host, fun, knowledgeable, great sailor, very hospitable...Valda was the best cook! The presentation was beautiful--we took pictures of most of the meals because we were so impressed...The boat was even better than expected--it went beyond our wildest dreams. I think your advertising is perfect."
(Read Bruce's follow up letter in full)

Dr. Tom Z. chartering 'Farrfly' April 3, 2004
"Our captain was great! The meals were fantastic...Rachel was great also. Very friendly and eager to please."

Randy P. chartering 'Campai' April 2, 2004
"Boat layout is terrific...Kate did 'restaurant quality' meals...she worked flawlessly. Presentation and service were perfect...your information was accurate. Boat was in better shape than I expected. They've done an excellent job of keeping the boat thoroughly up to date.

Claire L chartering 'Aldebaran' April 1, 2004
"Travis was very willing and professional giving instruction." About Ed Hamilton & Co's descriptions, "Very realistic--but even better was the advice we received on the telephone re: selection of crew which I believe made the holiday."

Elizete G. chartering 'Serendipity' March 28, 2004
"Trish proved to be a great captain...knowledge-wise--quite seasoned, especially for my older kids...she would take them snorkeling and showing them the special treats like turtles, barracuda, etc...For the adults it was interesting company, source of many conversations."

Dr. James C. chartering 'Andiamo' March 22, 2004
"It was fabulous...'Andiamo' has made every effort to far exceed our expectations...Jim made us feel safe, welcome and part of the program...The meals were fabulous...Jayne is amazing!!! She really matched the preference sheets to prepare interesting and delicious food."

Mark D. chartering 'Liahona' March 20, 2004
"Gordon was great...very personable, and was super with our children...great food...beautifully presented."

Norm S. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' March 18, 2004
"John and Fiona offered good suggestions and were happy to make necessary arrangements...The meals were wonderful. Fiona had obviously planned the menu well in advance. The crew, John & Fiona, really tried hard to make sure we had every need looked after. They took us to great snorkeling spots, the sailing was the type we requested, drinks & meals were always spot on. They let us have time alone. As a result of their efforts, we had a marvelous time. "

Leon M. chartering 'Ad Astra' March 14, 2004
"The boat was very spacious and comfortable. I was very impressed with 'Ad Astra'...Penny and Colin really made us feel at home, they are a great couple!..Everybody raved about the food: varied, tasty, nicely presented, just the right amount...they knew the preference sheets by heart!"

Dr. Peggy H. chartering 'Antillean' March 13, 2004
'John was delightful...very easygoing and relaxed...Mr. Smee, the parrot, was well behaved and quiet at night, he and our son bonded...Food was tasty, well presented. Heidi accommodated our diverse diets/tastes well...0ver all, this was our best sailing vacation."

Felicia M. chartering ' Island Dreams' March 13, 2004
"'Island Dreams' and her crew are absolutely wonderful. We fully intend to book with them again."

Dr. Tim C. chartering 'Shenemere' March 13, 2004
"I thank you for your sage advice in steering the Cordes family to the 'Shenemere' and her owners, the Warrens...I was impressed with both Ida and Dave's calm attitude and professional passion for sailing."
(Read Tim's follow up letter in full)

Mary W. chartering 'Purrfection' March 12, 2004
"Don & Heidi are a great team and a wonderful crew. Heidi is an outstanding chef...everything we specifically requested was there and the creativity we were hoping for was exceeded...I feel that Purrfection actually exceeded our expectations."

Jane F. chartering 'Eroica' March 9, 2004
"Jim is just a super guy, very professional with a very funny, very quiet sense of humor...Mae is a dear, also very professional and a wonderful, comfortable person to be around. She's easy to talk with, and just a lovely person." On the meals: "Fabulous! Always beautifully presented. The quality is excellent-everything fresh and delicious, and with neat little touches, such as crisp apple slices with a lime yogurt dip. Mae is very inventive, a wonderful cook." On Ed Hamilton & Co: " You all are wonderful. I always felt I could call you with any question and you would do your best to answer. You are the Best!

Paul M. chartering 'Aria' March 7, 2004
"Ed Hamilton & Co is an extremely organized and professional group. Your follow up was superb and your website functions great."

Dr. Ron H. chartering 'Lazy Bones' February 28, 2004
"If anything, 'Lazy Bones' was in better shape than we'd expected. Sean and Carolyn were friendly and professional. We parted as friends and feel priviledged to have spent a week with them. "

Gina C. chartering 'Belline II' February 25, 2004
" We were very comfortable with Walter. He was very pleasant to be with, with a great sense of humor...Out-of-this-world!!! Meals were well-presented, and were very delicious...'Belline II' was what we expected (and more) from the descriptions provided to us...The service provided by Ed Hamilton Yacht Charters was excellent. Heather was very accomodating and offered good advice on the boats that we were interested in at the start. She also answered our questions about the charter and was always on top of everything throughout the whole process."

Mona B. chartering 'Amazing Grace' February 25, 2004
"The boat and crew far surpassed what we expected. After eight charters they were the best!!!"

Patti H. chartering 'Island Dreams' February 16, 2004
"Scott and Janice obviously take pride in their boat/home and it shows...Scott is a great host, easy to talk to and when providing instruction, very patient and professional, as was Janice...The description and pictures of crew and boat were quite accurate. Your services were very helpful. We were fortunate to find the right boat/crew/timing on the first round of recommendation! Thanks to your accurate assessments and preferences and matching abilities. We are very keen to do this again next winter--on 'Island Dreams' again too...the total experience was very agreeable."

Randy A. chartering 'Liahona' February 16, 2004
"Excellent! Tracy catered to everyone's tastes. There was always plenty to eat (more than enough)...always timely and delicious, Tracy's sauces and dressings made the food especially tasty."

Patti H. chartering 'Island Dreams' February 16, 2004
On the Meals: "Quality was great, very fresh ingredients, prepared very nicely and a great varied selection. Could tell that Janice had greatly considered our preferences and planned the week's selections carefully around those. She is a really talented cook!" On Ed Hamilton & Co: "Your services were very helpful. We were fortunate to find the right boat/crew/timing on the first round of recommendation! Thanks to your accurate assessments of preferences and matching abilities. We are very keen to do this again next winter--on Island Dreams again too...the total experience was very agreeable."

Lee M. chartering 'McGregor II' February 15, 2004
"Everything was better than expected, the crew was great and a great match with us."

Lori C. chartering 'Aldebaran' February 14, 2004
"Travis was great! He was wonderful with the kids...Jess did a great job with our meals. They were delicious and well presented."

William K. chartering 'Gannet' February 14, 2004
"The fact that this is our second trip in as many years speaks for itself. We are contemplating a third trip. Ian and Enriquetta run an excellent ship and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others...exactly what we expected."

Nancy D. chartering 'Andiamo' February 14, 2004
"A great blend of professionalism and friendship...exceeded our expectations."

Karen S. chartering 'Ursa Minor' February 14, 2004
"Perfect blend of friendly and professional...we were constantly amazed at what Judy produced in her little space. Quality was terrific, as was presentation."

Carol S. Chartering 'Lazy Bones' February 11, 2004
"Boat was very spacious and comfortable. Having the bimini and dodger on the cockpit was wonderful--the shade was did a great job describing them. They and the boat were everything you said and more."

Mark B. chartering 'Island Dreams' January 25,2004
"I would be hard pressed to believe that there are many as knowledgeable and professional as Scott and Janice. They are first class people...Heather did a wonderful job of matching my criteria to the proper boat."
(Read Mark's follow up letter in full)

Kathleen D. chartering 'Antillean' January 24, 2004
"John is friendly, interesting and extremely professional. A really great captain." On the meals: "Probably the best I've eaten for a week ever...Heidi was great and went out of her way to take care of us. Gave us our space but also was fun to hang out with." On Ed Hamilton & Co: "Very accurate...crew descriptions were good as well."

Steve M. chartering 'Three Moons' January 22, 2004
"Shelly and Randy were perfect! It was our 7th charter and we loved it...highly recommend them!"

Jamie N. chartering 'Andiamo' January 17, 2004
"Jim is an experienced and safe captain. He was laid back, fun and knowledgeable, yet professional and respectful...there is no way to describe the food experience aboard Andiamo! We were beyond satisfied...Jayne is a gem...Jim and Jayne went above the call of duty each moment we were with them on Andiamo."
(Read Jamie's follow up letter in full)

Linda G. chartering 'Metani' January 17, 2004
"It was all we expected and much more...there are no words to describe the meals Judy prepared in her small galley. She could be a chef in any 5 star restaurant...the yacht was gorgeous, it is hard to believe that David built it himself...Judy and David and yacht 'Metani' was a most rewarding experience!"
(Read Linda's follow up letter in full)

John and Valerie R. chartering 'Kalikobass' December 28, 03
On the captain: "Kevin is an excellent sailor... the crew and boat performed beautifully! The sailing was great!!" On the meals: "Excellent, perhaps the finest in 13 years of chartering."

Gordon W. chartering 'L'Esprit du Nord' December 28, 03
"I wanted to drop you a note to say how much Alicia, Thomas and I enjoyed our 6 days on L'Esprit du Nord with Kate and Rob...we found Kate's abilities in the galley much to our liking and, of course, we ate way too much...In summary, Ed, we would not hesitate to recommend them to other cruisers."

Jim D. chartering 'Blu Moon' December 28, 2003
"We could not have asked for a better crew!...The captain and crew were exceptional with our children, we could not have asked for more!!!"

Kevin S. chartering "Anna Cay' December 22, 2003
On the meals: "Outstanding!!! Between a gluten allergy, diabetes, and one non-meat eater...I could not imagine how Titta could manage each of us every day but she often put together different main courses/breads for different people in the family. Amazing!... She is a magician in the Galley!" On Ed Hamilton & Co, "You all were great and very professional! This was our 6th charter so we knew what to expect."

Bruce A. chartering 'Luskentyre' December 12, 2003
On the Captain: "We all would be honored and delighted to sail with him again." On the meals: "Our cook was in fact a chef in every sense of the word"...and on Ed Hamilton & Co: "Your literature and telephone communications covered everything quite thoroughly. Many thanks."

Julie S. chartering 'Antillean' November 21, 2003
"John was the best! Totally relaxed and couldn't have been nicer or more easy-going. The meals were simply excellent throughout the 10 days...everything she put in front of us was uniformly delicious and every last morsel was uniformly devoured."

Helena B. chartering 'Eroica' November 15, 2003
"Mae is an unbelievable cook and she and Jim were the perfect hostess and host. They were very accomodating and friendly and made sure that the week was everything we had anticipated. I would recommend this charter to any of your clients and I thank you for suggesting 'Eroica'."

Rod M. chartering 'Shiwara' November 9, 2003
"I pestered Nick and Liz with hundreds of questions and all were answered cheerfully and clearly...Liz had obviously studied our preferences and built menus that we truly enjoyed."

Linda H. chartering 'Lazy Bones' November 8, 2003
"Sean and Carolyn became fast friends...Their relaxed presence balanced with professionalism was perfect...It's rather difficult to return home to cook average meals vs. her (Carolyn's) four star creations for ourselves." On Ed Hamilton & Co: "every step of the process was pleasant, informative and efficient."

John A. chartering 'Blu Moon' November 3, 2003
"Very nice boat. We are still laughing about what a decadent vacation this was. Sailing on the 'Blu Moon' was a rediculously good wife requested the recipes from almost every meal...crew were very pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We cannot say enough positive things about Chris and Julie...Very happy with Ed Hamilton & Co--service, information, and follow up, all were good."

Kathryn S. chartering on 'Bonnie Lynn' September 6, 03
"We were impressed with the skill and knowledge of the captain and his professionalism...the quality and presentation of the food was very high" On Ed Hamilton & Co, "We are impressed with your organization and follow-through. At no time did I feel we were on our own. Heather was always pleasant and helpful."

Mike C. chartering 'Belline II' July 21, 2003
"Arno's first priority was that 'Belline II' was in top-notch operating condition for a safe and smooth voyage. During sailing and even while tending to 'Belline II's other operations, Arno was approachable and pleased to answer even the most mundane question of us "non-sailors". ..WOW! Three meals a day...each one different, each one with a unique place setting (that's 21 different place settings), and each meal was "high quality restaurant standards"...Arno and Petra provided four star service with their four star meals!"

Mark W. chartering 'Millenium' July 20, 2003
"Shayne was outstanding. He's a master of dry wit, extremely gracious and accomodating...Kim is a wonderful person and a spectacular cook. She made specific adjustments for each member of our group and prepared great food...I believe you (Ed Hamilton & Co.) were very thorough in your assistance. I also had a very good exchange of information with Shayne and Kim before the trip. The pre-trip information forms were quite thorough and helpful."

Ethan S. chartering 'Lazy Bones' July 19, 2003
"The boat was perfect...Sean is an awesome captain. He makes sure everything is executed perfectly so you can enjoy the sailing...All of the food was amazing and plentiful. Carolyn is a fabulous galley chef...The boat descriptions Heather provided were an exact representation of the boat."

Julius B. chartering 'Lionheart' July 12, 2003
"Our captain, Mobbsie, was outstanding! His personality matched our group extremely well." On Ed Hamilton & Co: "Your staff did an excellent job answering all of our questions regarding the charter."

Ken R. chartering 'Sabore' July 10, 2003
"The boat was perfect!...beyond expectations...Tom and Nicki are the best!!!...Food was high quality and the presentation beautiful and creative. We had plenty of food, without being too big--portions were perfect."

Richard Z. chartering 'Silent Partner' July 9, 2003
"It was exactly as advertised. Gary and Laurie keep the boat in perfect condition. They are professional, friendly and hardworking. It was an awesome trip."

Paula M. chartering 'Breanker' July 6, 2003
"Sarah was exceptional, not only as a great cook but great with the kids, too. Her past nanny experience showed. Both Al and Sarah were fun, friendly people...we really enjoyed them."

Stuart B. chartering 'Ayacanora' June 30, 2003
"It was everything that we had imagined and more...Roberta is an amazing chef. She prepared everything to make us very happy following our dietary restrictions...the boat was exactly what was presented to us and it was the perfect place for our honeymoon...the form we filled out was fine--it asked all the right questions and because of it, our trip was perfect."

Greg S. chartering 'Northern Flight' June 28, 2003
"This was our fourth trip like this and the first with our family and we found it to be our best yet...Our hosts were very professional, accomodating, and attentive...allowing us to feel like this was our boat for a week...we throroughly enjoyed our week, learned a lot, and would have no hesitation to either refer anyone to this boat and crew or go again ourselves."

Rick A. chartering 'Belline II' June 28, 2003
"Walter...Outgoing, professional, and friendly. He was perfect for our family. He made every effort to make sure all of us got to do everything we wanted to do and did so like it was his pleasure to do so...considering the tight space and having to plan ahead that many meals for different tastes, the meals are slightly short of miraculous.Lèla...outgoing, professional, friendly, eager to please...Heather did an excellent job of working hard to find the right boat and crew for my family. Everything was as described from equipment to crew personalities. I honestly do not see how it could have been a better match for my family. That is why I will try to direct anyone who is interested in doing the same to Heather."

Steve W. chartering 'Quest' June 25, 2003
"Exceeded our expectations for hospitality, a four star hotel...couldn't believe what Valda brought out of the small kitchen, shared recipes with us...Valda and Steve will be friends of ours for a long time to come."

Pam A. chartering 'Island Dreams' June 23, 2003
"Scott and Janice both provide excellent 'hands-on' participatory sailing instruction...Janice is an outstanding cook...Scott and Janice provided our best week ever in the BVI. For us it could not be improved, a perfect fit."

Susan M. chartering 'Tom Cat' June 22, 2003
"Everything was good. Thanks to Heather, another trip well done! My friends are asking for your name due to our high praise. Thank you for trip #2, we look foreward to #3."

Jim & Elizabeth C. chartering 'The Dove' June 18, 2003
"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our vacation on 'The Dove'...Larry and Mary were excellent hosts...we'd be glad to sail with Larry again if the opportunity presents itself."
(Read Elizabeth's follow up letter in full)

Frank P. chartering 'Prima Donna' May 27, 2003
On the captain: "Harry couldn't have been better. He was fun, outgoing and a great person to be around! he really became one of our friends." On the meals: " I gained 15 pounds, do I really need to say more?...Harry and Gaby were excellent hosts and great people. By the time we left we had developed a great friendship with them and I was truly sad to leave."

Jay M. chartering 'Lazy Bones' March 21, 2003
"Highest marks for captain and crew...absolutely incredible meals...our first charter experience, but everything was as good as or better than expected."

Lauren O. chartering 'Bossanova' March 17, 2003
"We have traveled the world - this was our best vacation ever! Didn't want it to end!"

Peter B. chartering 'Mauna Loa' March 15, 2003
"Gary was terrific. Very professional and focused in his sailing instruction and very easy to be around...Jill is a great cook, good variety and very attentive to the preferences we expressed... We had a wonderful trip and would strongly endorse Gary, Jill and 'Mauna Loa'...It was all we could have hoped for. Jill and Gary were great and the team at Ed Hamilton made it easy to arrange."

Charles M. chartering 'Island Dreams' March 4, 2003
"Scott was nothing short of the perfect captain...the meals were just short of gourmet level. Janice continued to amaze us all week...The reference from Ed Hamilton and Co. were dead on the money."

Kevin M. chartering 'Duduza' March 1, 2003
"Blackie was an excellent captain and host. He was easy to get to know and his knowledge of the areas anchorages and activities was a tremendous asset. The match between crew and charterers couldn't have been better...How a chef can plan meals that please everyone in the group seems like an impossible task but Madeline did a wonderful job."

Francis S. chartering 'Island Dreams' February 23, 2003
"Your description of the boat and crew was exactly what we expected and hoped for; no change necessary...We were well prepared because of your information..." on the meals..."Excellent on all points...all meals exceeded our expectations."

Bob F. chartering "Shiwara' February 21, 2003
"Ed, Our entire family really enjoyed this vacation. Thanks for assisting us in choosing the right boat and a wonderful crew...David was very helpful and willing to allow us to sail. Collette did a wonderful job...presentation and quality were excellent."

Ken W. chartering 'Irie' February 15, 2003
"A beautiful boat immaculately kept...every meal was gourmet quality...we didn't even consider eating ashore...we didn't want to mis any of Dave's meals...The 'Irie' cruise was the most spectacular vacation we have ever had. I would not consider booking with anyone else...Ed Hamilton-You have and excellent company. Thank you for your excellent service."

John C. chartering 'Three Moons' February 13, 2003
"'Three Moons' was in great shape!! We couldn't have expected anything better...very comfortable cruising boat...the captain and crew were totally responsive to our needs...Food was particularly outstanding...Ed Hamilton & Co. did a marvelous job."

Julie M. chartering 'Duduza' February 2, 2003
"The 'Duduza' ia a very comfortable boat, and the vacation is counted as one of our most memorable and enjoyable. The one thing that really made it so was Blackie and Madeline. We could have been on a raft with them and would have enjoyed it. Madeline is amazing in the galley, plenty of food, beautifully presented, unique preparations that were delicious."

Dan K. chartering 'Corus' January 30, 2003
"The description of the yacht was perfect, the crew was wonderful and we wouldn't change a thing...The meals were fantastic- well presented and tasty Portiona were perfect!" on Ed Hamilton & Co..."there weren't any surprises as to what we were expecting. We were quite satisfied with the information we were given up front."

Sandy M. chartering 'Irie' January 27, 2003
"Ed, you and your staff did a great job. Your web page is great and your quick responces were very much appreciated. The meals were incredible, Dave has a masters touch when it comes to food. He, like Joe and Lynne, was a lot of fun to be around...This was truely a dream cruise for our family..Thanks for a job well done."

David B. chartering 'Flame' January 18, 2003
"Your information was helpful. Obviously you specialize in the charter itself and that service of matching us with the right boat and crew was perfect...all meals were exceptionally well prepared, presented, and incredibly wonderful!!

Rod and Sue F. chartering 'Double Feature' January 10, 2003
"Gavin was awesome...he was so good at keeping us going to new sites...without seeming to rush...Charlotte is an outstanding chef...She has everything right-waht we liked, the presentation was outstanding and we never had anything twice...The boat as more than what I had expected...I would never have considered the it would be so nice...We have traveled a little and had different types of vacations, but this one beats all and is a definate "do again"."

Suzanne E. chartering 'Sundowner of Arun' January 6, 03
"John was extremely competent and knowledgable." On the meals: "The presentation and quality was very good, similar to a 3-4 star restaurant." On Ed Hamilton & Co: "Heather did an exceptional job in her description of both the boat and the crew. We would definitely use Ed Hamilton again."

Mark and Anna H. chartering 'Taza Mas' January 5, 2003
"The yacht and crew was everything we expected and more....Dave was the best...he let my sons help with the sailing and they really enjoyed it." on the food..."Everyone had more than enough to eat. The quailty was first class...Amy was delightful...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."We were pleased with everything. We really appreciated the help with the airlines and hotels. They worked out smoothly."

Jay and Pat M. chartering 'Millennium' August 10, 2002
"We just arrived home from our week on 'Millennium' with Kim and Shayne and wanted to thank you all for a wonderful, wonderful vacation. Every day was a new adventure and every meal was a true delight. It would not have been possible without the support from your office."...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."Not sure how you could improve on your service. Form the first phone call we made, your office staff went out of their way to answer our questions and prepare us for this vacation. No question was too trivial. The recommendations we received from Heather and Lynne were great. We could not have done this without your help."

John B. chartering 'Sojourn' July 27, 2002
"We will recommend your company and the 'Sojourn' crew to our friends. We would never consider and other crew to sail us around paradise!" on the meals..."Impressive to say the least! Gerda was a fabulous chef. Presentation beautiful. She catered to our likes, dislikes extremely well - gained 5 lbs!" on Ed Hamilton & Co...."Would not change a thing. The literature you sent made it easy to match our needs."

Scott C. chartering 'Meridian Splendor' July 23, 2002
"Jaimee is a first-class chef. The food was prepared and presented with the same taste and flair of 5 star restaurants...It was an amazing sailing yacht. We intend to charter again with both 'Meridian Splendor' and Ed Hamilton & Co...personnel timeliness and responsiveness was excellent!"

David & Tara A. chartering 'Mauna Loa' July 13, 202
"The meals were superb! All of our meals were delicious, presented wonderfully and the portions were usually more then we could eat. It was like eating at a 1st class restaurant 3 times a day...All or requests were on board and Gary & Jill provided many others not requested...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."we felt you were very helpful and provided everything we needed to know."

Cathy R. chartering 'Three Moons' June 30, 2002
"'Three Moons' is a beautiful boat in great shape... Randy is great-he always asks us what we want to do, gets our ideas and then incorporates that into the schedule...Shelly works very hard to make sure that everyone's tastes were accommodated. The presentation of the meals was superb. It was like dining out for each meal - she is a great chef."

Robert D. chartering 'Millennium' June 24, 2002
"The crew had a taxi meet us at the ferry dock and give us a brief island tour before taking us to the boat - very enjoyable... We were impressed with Shayne's knowledge and obvious love of sailing. We had not given specific directions to Kim, but preferred to leave decisions to her, and we were not disappointed. Her meals are worthy of Gourmet Magazine" on Ed Hamilton & Co...."Your staff, especially Heather, is your most valuable asset...She could answer all our questions/concerns as well as help choose a boat...A especially good marketing tool is to speak with Ed himself...builds a lot of confidence!!"

Deene M. chartering "Pentesilea' June 22, 2002
"Everything was fantastic. Hans is a well-traveled person who listens well. All meals served with linens and silverware. Quality was extraordinary." on the boat..."was greater the our expectations."

Bill B. chartering 'Shiwara' June 22, 2002
"...we were glad that we opted for a larger more comfortable boat...The crew exceeded our expectations...We would definitely choose them again."

Bert D. chartering 'Sojourn' June 21, 2002
"This boat and their crew were the best we have had in our 5 sailing vacations of the Caribbean. There should be no hesitancy chartering them."

Robert W. chartering 'Gannet' June 20, 2002
"Ian is the consumate professional, a great guy, witty and made every effort to make our trip enjoyable. Enriqueta prepared delicious, imaginative meals. Very nicely presented with ample portions."...on the 'Gannet'..."nothing to change, A-1."

John S. chartering 'Tom Cat' June 15, 2002
"Mick's the greatest! Mick was fabulous with the kids and great with grandma...If Mick ever decides to captain a different boat, we want to know. I'd pick him over the boat any day. On Ed Hamilton & Co...Heather was dead-on in her description of the boat and its captain. She was easy to work with and very helpful. Thanks, Heather. My only regret is that we only did seven days."

David C. chartering 'Pentesilea' June 11, 2002
"Ruth produced amazing dishes from the galley. It's hard to believe she baked and cooked at the level with limited supplies and galley space available. Each meal was inventive and diverse."

Bernard D. chartering 'Swish' June 1, 2002
"Our charter with Mark Wehrley and Kate George was, without exception, the best we have ever taken...No one ever, helped us enjoy the charters as much as did Mark and Kate...Their companionship about the 'Swish' and their professionalism, as well as their east manner and obvious desire to please made our vacation perfect."

Todd Q. chartering 'Add to Life' May 31, 2002
"Steve and Jen were great. Steve let us do as much or as little as we wanted. Once the 'formalities' were done at the beginning, we had a blast... I do not think we could find better captain..we were able to choose what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to stay. It was perfect!...The meals were great, the presentation great, quality outstanding and I think we all gained 5 pounds, so there was plenty. Jen did a terrific job...the boat and the crew were exactly what we wanted and expected...the info packet you sent was very helpful."

Dan B. chartering 'Mauna Loa' May 27, 2002
"On the meals..."They were wonderful. Jeannie's presentation was beautiful and everything was artfully prepared and delicious...We enjoyed our trip immensely. A wonderful experience." on Ed Hamilton & Co..."You guys did a great job.!"

Susan A. chartering ' Serendipity' May, 25, 2002
"Heather was great at describing the boat and the captains personality. It was quite realistic. Even though this was a 'captain only', Trish really helps out in the kitchen with the cooking and provisioning...her involved, outgoing personality fit very well with our group. She took us to 'hidden' places and had great suggestions."

Judith K. chartering 'Island Dreams' May 12, 2002
"They work hard at keeping their boat in great shape, and it shows. On the meals.."Awesome, spectacular and more than sufficient..very inventive and creative, and most of all amazingly delicious...You and they did a perfect job. I would serve as a reference any time."

Moira S. and Ian C. chartering 'Exbury II' May 11, 2002
"Albert was superb. He was prepared to spend time on any subject we were interested in and got the balance between teaching and relaxing right. Josie is a great cook and we took home plenty of ideas. Josie had a good balance of fish/meat/fruit and was just what we wanted. I would emphasize this is a holiday where if you don't want to 'lift as finger' you don't have too."

Kathy D. chartering 'Southern Comfort' April 13, 2002
"Mike, Sandy and Cynthia were very prepared and welcomed us warmly...Meals aboard were the quality of a 4 star restaurant. Nothing we ate 'on shore' even compared...Sandy was so polite, efficient and engaging."

Tom M. chartering 'Taza Mas' April 8, 2002
"The highlight of the trip was the crew. We thoroughly enjoyed all four! Their attentiveness to the children, and even their willingness to watch them a few times for 'adult escapes' was beyond our expectations!"

Ami C. chartering 'Quest' April 6, 2002
"the boat was very roomy...Valda did a fantastic job, as always. She really put forth an effort to make sure we had different meals from last year....everything was fantastic...Heather and Lynne were both very helpful."

Bill P. chartering 'Tom Cat' April 1, 2002
"Dear Ed, I was recently part of a cruise on the 'Tom Cat' as part of a three week charter. I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge how wonderful both Mick and Rebecca were. They both went out of their way to make the week exceptional. It was hands down one of the best vacations I've ever had and I attribute much of that to the crew. I would highly recommend them to others!!!"

Jim T. chartering 'Purrfection' March 30, 2002
"'Purrfection' was in great shape-very nice boat...Craig and Karen were great...Ed Hamilton & Co. did a great job as usual."

Steve S. chartering 'Island Dreams' March 29, 2002
"Scott was outgoing, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with, as was Janice. They both went out of their way to accommodate us, and were particularly charming to our 5 year old. Janice was a pleasure to be with. Her cooking skills were amazing...We often asked..."how can she do this aboard a boat?" 'Island Dreams' was the perfect boat...This trip was one we will remember for a long time."

Robb M. chartering 'Baer Necessity' March 24, 2002
"Everything was as described or better...Terry was also extremely helpful in offering suggestions. His knowledge of the BVI enhanced our experiences at various island visits...Heather was particularly helpful the week before the charter."

Wayne G. chartering 'Silent Partner' March 22, 2002
"Extremely well designed for comfort, great master cabin...the boat was terrific, as advertised"...on the food..."excellent on all counts...Ed Hamilton service was great."

Linda R. chartering 'La Dolce Vita' March 19, 2002
"This was our second sailing trip with Tony and Dominique. You were right on the money as far as a perfect fit for our family. They were like friends this year. Heather was so helpful in arranging the two sailing trips we took. Thank you for everything! Your company is very professional and a first class operation."

Ken B. chartering 'Lady Jane' March 17, 2002
"The boat was more than we expected. We had initially picked another boat but heather suggested another boat, 'Lady Jane'...she couldn't have been more right. We were amazed at Jane's ability to pick up on our likes and dislikes and out do herself with each meal...Gary made us feel like we were just out sailing with a friend who was always happy to answer our questions...Gary and Jane always made us feel comfortable."

Jim N. chartering 'Gannet' March 16, 2002
"Ian was very friendly and had excellent seamanship excellent sailor...a superb knowledge of the VI's...Every meal was tasty, balanced, and well presented. We enjoyed the variety. There was always plenty to eat...Heather did a SUPER job in matching us to 'Gannet', Ian and Enriqueta. We had a fabulous sailing vacation, with interesting people in ideal sailing conditions."

Peggy H. chartering 'Luna' March 16, 2002
"I can't say enough good things about our vacation-It surpassed our expectations. Matt and Amelia are the best!...Matt is a very capable skipper, and safe...was very accommodating to our son...the meals were healthy, delicious, very attractively presented. Amelia made it seem effortless(but I knew it wasn't)...The service from Ed Hamilton & Co. was excellent...all questions answered, Heather was superb and very helpful...the match was an excellent one"

Robert P. chartering 'Quest' March 15, 2002
"Stab was a perfect host---always upbeat and very sensitive to our needs/wants...Valda worked tirelessly to keep things immaculate...This was our first charter so our expectations were pretty fuzzy. There were certainly no disappointments!! Your staff was very helpful throughout the process---both during the planning/boat selection as well as immediately prior to departure."

Jack & Jane F. chartering 'Eroica' March 14, 2002
"The boat was gorgeous! It looked brand new...We enjoyed everything...loved the kayak, the snorkeling, we all loved the sailing...Jimmy is an excellent sailor and a most thoughtful host. He was able to plan ahead and make everything seem effortless...Mae provided creative gourmet meals with lots of variety...she was a dear, and a marvelous cook...She took care of us like a mother, always making sure we were comfortable and happy. on Ed Hamilton & Co. "We think you did a great job and can't think of anything more we wish you would have done."

Walter E. chartering 'Capitol Gain' March 10, 2002
"Brock was tops!...Barbara is quite a chef...Just excellent. Gourmet almost always. Served beautifully...very well done"

Dick Q. chartering 'Purrfection' March 10, 2002
"The boat was exactly what we expected...Craig was very easy to get along with...Karen is a great cook...the food was great-and what we had expected. Presentation was great, quantity was just right.

Cathy P. chartering 'Shiwara' March 10, 2002
"Mike has a perfect personality for our group...Karen is a great person. She and Mike make working together look fun. We had a wonderful time getting to know them" on the meals..."Fabulous, fantastic, marvelous! 4 & 5 star meals. Beautifully presented. The quality & quantity were excellent" on Ed Hamilton & Co...."your office was most helpful."

Cindy R. chartering 'Bonnie Lynn' March 7, 2002
"It was wonderful to arrive and after a short period of time unpack and settle in and have lunch being served...Earl was always available to talk about sailing in the area and all aspects that our group inquires...the chair hammock provided lots of entertainment...Wonderful kitchen logistics...amazing what Bonnie and Tracy prepared in such a confined space...The selections were just the right combination of adventuresome local plus edible standards. Quantity was always abundant..."

Duff S. chartering 'Southern Comfort' March 4, 2002
"...Captain Mike was wonderful. He was a great match for this charter. Good job Heather!...Sandy is an excellent chef. Lovely presentation, excellent quality, everyone had all they wanted to eat...Sandy was super!...We had an outstanding time. Everything was super. Thanks for everything."

Jim M. chartering 'Luna' March 4, 2002
"The boat was what we expected, the crew exceeded our expectations...The food was great. How Amelia produced her magic in that small galley amazed us...Our only regret is that we will not be able to charter 'Luna' again next year."

Paul M. chartering 'Crazy Horse' March 3, 2002
on the food..."Beyond outstanding!"...This was our second trip with this boat and crew...We'll go again"

Bart M. chartering 'Ibis' March 3, 2002
"Our trip was perfect...Robert ands Nellie are great conversationalists, educated and knowledgeable. Great sense of humor, great stories" On the food-"Perfect. Plenty of variety. Plenty of food and could have had more- it was offered. Well prepared-good restaurant quality"... 'Ibis' is a beautiful boat, immaculately maintained, and a great sailing boat." On Ed Hamilton & Co..."You folks did a great job."

Michael B. chartering 'Shiwara' March 2, 2002
"We could not have asked for more in a skipper, either personally or professionally...We thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with Mike...Karen was superb as a cook and mate, and we enjoyed her company...culinary experience is unmatched in my experience...we would have changed nothing and wished nothing different...Heather was completely and promptly responsive from the first contact!"

Edward W. chartering 'Edruska' March 2, 2002
"Alan and JoAnne made the trip for us. They were fun to be around and knew how to be with us some of the time but gave our family "private time" as well...JoAnne is a wonderful cook, absolutely phenomenal! I can't say enough!...You all did a wonderful job of matching our needs with your boat offerings."

David S. chartering 'Shenemere' February 26, 2002
""We had such a fantastic vacation with Ida & Dave on 'Shenemere"...Each evening we all planned the following days activities and discussed the highlights of the day." On the meals...''Fantastic! Amazing! the quality and presentation always delicious...I can't believe I didn't gain weight. Ida is not a cook - she is a chef."

David S. chartering 'Shenemere' February 26, 2002
"Dave and Ida are a real team. We feel like they are special friends...a great guy, Dave's local knowledge of the best sailing and anchoring spots made us feel secure...all meals were a work of art...with our special dietary needs and preferences considered...all healthy choices to satisfy our variety of appetites...Everything was as described..."

Kathy M. chartering 'Corus' February 26, 2002
"'Corus' is in superb condition due to the loving care of Ann and Bill...Jim had ample opportunity to take the helm whenever conditions were safe to do so, had a great time sailing...Every single meal was excellent!! Beautifully presented, very fresh and flavorful...Ann is a very creative, talented chef...The boat was more beautiful and well maintained than we expected. Your description was very accurate and your recommendation of this boat and crew was perfect for us"

Jone L. chartering 'Lone Star' February 24, 2002
"Mark allowed my husband to sail as much as he wanted, and was willing to teach my daughter and brother...the best food I've ever eaten in my entire life."

David V. chartering 'Alegria' February 23, 2002
"Having only limited knowledge of sailboats, I still felt that the vessel was fairly and accurately described...I greatly appreciated Mr. Hamilton's directness and assistance in setting up this trip."

Mike H. chartering 'Gannet' February 21, 2002
"Both Ian and Enriqueta were very gracious and engaging hosts. We enjoyed them very much. The food was very good, presented well..quantity was fine. Everything went very well. The folks at your firm were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Service was prompt and professional."

Colleen H. chartering 'La Dolce Vita' February 19, 2002
"Dominique was terrific. Everything was presented with a special touch...the Seasonings were superb and a terrific selection of main could not go hungry on this boat...our team opted not to sail but Tony answered any questions we had and taught us terms and procedures...It was a great vacation...Thanks Heather!!"

David V. chartering 'Impulse' February 19, 2002
Troy made the trip very relaxed and fun...he geared the trip to our desires. The meals were wonderful...the ingredients were fresh and of excellent quality. For a group with such varied tastes, Alex did an excellent job. She was really great. We loved the boat, the staff and your staff too. We will call you for our next cruise for sure."

Michael S. chartering 'Irie' February 19, 2002
"Beautiful sailboat...crew were all wonderful and fun to be with. Meals were fantastic. My wife swears that the meals were better than those in any fine restaurant we have ever dined - and that is a lot. Joe, Lynn and Dave were the most wonderful hosts we could have asked for. We seriously doubt we could have picked a better boat."

Jim M. chartering 'Southern Comfort' February 17, 2002
"Great layout. Mike is a natural teacher - about sailing, the stars, you name it. Meals were great...dont change anything."

Bruce R. chartering 'Taza Mas' February 16, 2002
"The boat was very comfortable..comfy cabins with individual AC..nice showers, unlimited water..terrific cockpit area fit all 10 of us very comfortably. Dave was perfect. He knew when to join in and when to leave us alone. Amy is a terrific cook. How did she take the varying needs of 10 people and make food we'd all enjoy? The dinners were elegant and delicious. ..the whole crew, all four of them were gems. You did a great job of choosing just the right boat for us. Everything was just as you described it from the affability of the crew to the comfort of the boat."

Victor H. chartering 'Double Feature' February 16, 2002

"Gavin was outstanding. There when needed. Really great job at making you relax while letting you know your options. Strict attention was paid to preference sheets. Food was fantastic, presented with flair and delicious. Outstanding trip - best yet of all we have booked through you Ed!"

Gale M. chartering 'Lone Star' February 9, 2002
"Mark was outgoing, proffessional, friendly and fun! Awsome food and plenty of it. Presentation was excellent. Interesting variety and everything was delicious. You were helpful in selecting a boat that fit our group."

Charles O. chartering 'Island Dreams' February 8, 2002
"...much more than we expected...immaculate and well-equipped..Scott is a consummate professional both as a host and as a skipper...taught us some things we hadn't learned in over 60 years of sailing. Janice is a delight. Her meals were superb, her attitude and personality were delightful and she's an excellent sailor. Her menus were balanced, visually attractive and delicious. "

Rick H. chartering 'Sojourn' February 5, 2002
"The 'Sojourn' is a gem. Classic lines, beautiful wood accents and cabinetry, looks new even though she is over 10 years old...As far as the crew goes, you can't get much were right about Jerry being a big kid, and that's what made him special to us. He is laid back but professional, fun loving but responsible...if you have never experienced Gerda's cuisine, you don't know what fine dining is all about...I challenge any gourmet restaurant to top what this little lady can do in the galley...You folks are a class act. Heather was great on follow ups and questions...Thank you and keep up the good work"

Michelle O. chartering 'Island Fever' February 1, 2002
"Boat was very comfortable and really well designed...complete with everything...enthusiasm...let us play with everything from the stereo to the spinnaker....could not think of a better person to spend a week with on a boat than Chuck...extreamly knowledgeable, very thoughtful and professional, but completely relaxed - very reassuring and always ready with a quick smile....consistently surprised by the creativity, presentation and quality of the food - the portions were perfect. Debbie was idea how all that great food came out of the galley."

Richard B. chartering 'Island Dreams' January 31, 2002
"Scott was terrific. He had a sixth sense about when to be talkative and when we wanted privacy. Scott and Janice are both excellent sailors and were able to help us improve...we learned a lot and had a great fun. Meals were great and always attractive and just the right amount...We sailed with Scott and Janice last year and it was terrific. Hence we sailed with them again and it was just as wonderful."

Curt P. chartering 'Island Dreams' January 23, 2002
"Scott had the right amount of outgoing personality-all of us were able to have our "own time"...our chef Janice was just what we needed...was always totally prepared...the meals were excellent...tastefully presented." "Your company does an excellent job, even Scott and Janice commented on your company."

Thomas S. chartering 'Irie' January 19, 2002
"As always, diving was the highlight of this trip and all equipment was excellent. We also enjoyed the hot tub. The meals were some of the best that we have had - amazing considering the small galley he has to work in. The presentation was excellent and the portions were perfect."

Jay K. chartering 'Gannet' January 16, 2002
"As you are aware this was my 3rd trip with Ian and as always, my every wish was answered!"

Mary N. chartering 'Tom Cat' January 15, 2002
We had high expectations for the trip and almost immediately those expectations were surpassed, from the boat, the islands and especially the crew. Friendly, fun, attentive, Mick is a great captain. The boat was very comfortable. No matter where the boat was, we all could find what we wanted - stretch out, be alone or enjoy the group's conversation, in either the sun or shade. The food was comparable to a fine restaurant in presentation and taste, however much more in quantity. Rebecca's skills were wonderful...flexible..whether we wanted to dine early or late...very friendly, a lot of fun and as eager to please as Mick.

Andea W. chartering 'Swish' January 11, 2002
"Everything was very comfortable and much more spacious than any of us expected. Mark was wonderful...Michelle was a delight in every manner...the meals were delicious - wonderful presentation. The boat and crew were higher than our expectations ever dreamed - we truely had the perfect vacation. We're all looking forward to our reunion..again next year!"

Eleanor F. chartering 'Island Fever', 'Pentisilea', 'Jo' and 'Chateau' December 31, 2001
"Our memories...will always be very special. Keeping 27 individuals from age 3 to age 70 happy and smiling every minute of the journey was done with ease. These captains and their mates deserve medals...from the smiling faces you can tell all was perfect. Thank you one and all for all of your efforts in helping to plan our special family vacation."
(additional comments filled out by the children!) "Between the game system, Karaoke, water-skiing, tubing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming and sun-bathing we had all we could ask for. ...we returned from shore on New Years Eve to a dance party on our boat complete with disco light. Nick and Audrey ('Jo') were always up for anything, whether it was poker games till 3:00 am, carting us back and forth searching for island night spots, or adventuring out with us for a night snorkeling expedition."

Sid K. chartering 'Amazing Grace' December 29, 2001
"The total trip was truly excellent in all regards and this is our third trip of a similar nature. The boat was ship shape in all respects. The most remarkable aspect was the captain and crew's ability to tailor their services to individual desires as well as addressing the needs of the group as one. Additionally, they blended into the background when required and read our minds when we needed specific services. The total experience was a true delight and I speak for all five of us."

Peter H. chartering 'Irie' December 28, 2001
"From our first moment on board we were made to feel that we were really welcome into their home...Joe combined a professional responsibility with that of a caring host...the meals were exceptional in every sense. The variety, presentation and quality would have done justice to any 5-star and your team were extremely helpful, responsive and there was nothing further you could have done."

Michael P. chartering 'Amulet' December 26, 2001
"The meals were beyond our expectations, delicious and presented beautifully."

Bernard R. chartering 'Pentesilea II' December 21, 2001
"Everything was very comfortable. We were wondering how 7 guests would feel on the boat, but it was very roomy for everyone. Hans was amazing...He knew all the right things to do...Hans and Ruth made the sailing process fun and easy for everyone who wanted to learn...The meals were fabulous and flavorful. Ruth is an excellent chef. The presentation was beautiful...she's an outgoing and interesting woman. Your description was dead on. I wouldn't change anything except to say just how wonderful Hans and Ruth are as a crew."

Andy S. chartering 'Sweptaway' December 20, 2001
"Sweptaway is a beauty..spacious, classy, super equipped with all the toys...congratulations to the interior decorator. Fantastic trip and like all things, people are the ones who make the difference...all fabulous..super friendly and interactive...very professional, organized, responsive, clean and tidy....outstanding service."

Linda N. chartering 'Uhuru II' December 20, 2001
The boat was very roomy, spacious and well kept. We havw no complaints and only praise. We hope to do this trip again. The crew were educated, enjoyable, knowledgable, gracious, flexible and able to anticipate our every need. We wouldn't have changed a thing about the boat trip or crew.

Alex W. chartering 'On Seafari' November 28, 2001
"Very well maintained throughout the entire charter...spacious as well as presentation as well as quality was superior."

Bob and Joanne M. chartering 'Sandcastle' November 25, 2001
"We had a great charter on 'Sandcastle'. For two couples, I doubt there is a batter boat in the BVI crewed fleet. Rik and Ann make a good team, with their skills complementing each other. Rik is an accomplished, experienced skipper, who handles and sails the boat well. Ann's cooking is superb, the best we've ever had afloat (or ashore for that matter)...We would recommend 'Sandcastle' and her crew without hesitation, and I know that our friends who came with us, share our feelings."

Bret T. chartering 'Island Fever' August 16, 2001
"Very comfortable...The meals were absolutely fabulous-Debbie did a fantastic job with presentation and we were never hungry!...A super lady!...The boat was nicer than we expected-your descriptions were accurate...We had a wonderful trip, no complaints, and will defiantly go again...Thanks for all your help in finding the perfect charter for us-You made the whole experience painless!"

Jim Y. chartering 'Millennium' June 23, 2001
on the food..."gourmet presentation, excellent fare, unique selections, restaurant quality...I found Ed Hamilton & Co. to be the most helpful of the 4 or 5 companies i spoke to. That's why I worked with Heather,- she was super!"

Janis C. chartering 'Shibumi' June 18, 2001
"Jeff's knowledge and experience made us feel completely at ease...The meals were first class...Our preferences were surpassed by Cindy's creative ideas. Not a single person disliked anything served...Your descriptions of the yacht and crew were very accurate. I was extremely pleased with the guidance you gave us, and with the outcome of our charter."

Cathryn R. chartering 'Three Moons' June 10, 2001
'Three Moons' is a great boat for a charter. It is laid out very well with a very large saloon - it felt very roomy...the perfect boat for a family...Shelly and Randy took great care of the kids and showed them many great things while snorkeling...the meals were excellent. Shelly worked very hard to meet our adventurous eating styles...we liked some of the meals so well, we bought the cook book!...we look forward to returning next year."

Nancy M. chartering 'Metani' June 8, 2001
"Wow! What a great experience! You guys were right on the money in recommending the 'Metani'...The boat was incredible, and David and Julie were just delightful. Judy is an outstanding chef, a wonderful conversationalist and just a really neat person. David is calm, cool, funny and wise. He taught us sooo much about sailing...we felt totally comfortable...Thank you so much for your excellent guidance! We will rely on your services in the future I am sure!"

James B. chartering 'Sandcastle 65' June 3, 2001
"Rick was an excellent captain...I would highly recommend him...I could not have expected better...Meals were gourmet, beautifully presented, and just the right quantity...each meal was a surprise and better than the last...Overall I would highly recommend this boat and crew...I think the crew made the difference. We had a wonderful time"...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."We had all the information we needed. Thank you, you did a great job..."

Ron F. chartering 'Arc Angel' May 29, 2001
"Wow! What a sailing, great snorkeling, wonderful beaches...This captain can do it all...excellent sailing skills, instructional ability and is just a good, all around person. This was our fourth crewed charter and by far the best...Whether you are a skilled sailor, a novice wanting to learn or would just rather lay back and enjoy, 'Arc Angel' and Captain Elizabeth Jordan is a superb choice."

Gen H chartering 'Purrfection' May 19, 2001
"Sailed on 'Purrfection' two years ago - maintained very well - still looks almost new...nice size cabins...good sunning space...large bimini for shade...meals were excellent and presented beautifully. Portions would satisfy the heartiest appetite...Lauren is very sweet, talented, artistic and a great cook"...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."I have always found your staff to be very helpful. If you did not know the answer, you always got back to me with requested info. You have a great knowledge of the boats and a very friendly staff."

Richard B. chartering 'Silent Partner' May 5, 2001
"Gary was very friendly, we enjoyed his stories and knowledge...Excellent food, super quality and more then enough. Interesting mixture of a variety of requests that satisfied the 4 of us...Laurie wasn't just the cook, both she and Gary became friends and made us welcome in their home."...on Ed Hamilton & Co...."All of the info. was clear, concise and accurate. If we had questions they were always answered promptly."

Reg J. chartering 'Blithe Spirit II' April 22, 2001
"Michel and Dominique were always very attentive, encouraging activity and helpful for new things...on the food...we both gained 5 pounds, presentation was first class, quality was the best...everything was very tasty...Boat description was good and informative...Your help has reassured me that using a broker was the smart move."

David W. chartering 'Island Dreams' April13, 2001
"Scott was always the days progressed he became more casual and as the trip came to an end we had all established a nice friendship and we'll always remember both Scott and Janice very fondly...Scott and Janice work well as a team of the last day we were sailing om our own pretty much...they seemed to truly enjoy passing on their knowledge of sailing...the food was of a very good quality and variety...Janice's style of cooking which was healthy and light but very tasty...we felt your firm wanted to get to know what we were looking for and felt you made the perfect suggestion for us both in boat type and crew type."

Jodi J. chartering 'Anna Cay' April 12, 2001
"The boat was exactly as expected, amazing....Graeme and Brigitte were a delight, and professional beyond their years...Brigitte turned out wonderful meals. Each was beautifully presented and delicious...your service was excellent. Each of my calls and/or e mail requests was answered quickly, with courtesy, and most importantly with the information that I had asked for. I hope to be a repeat customer."

Robert M. chartering 'Shiwara' April 5, 2001
"The boat was very comfortable and Matthew and Jamie made it even more so with their wonderful manner of treating us a special guests...Matthew made our trip. He was wonderful...our daughter cried on the way home, she missed him so much...The meals were extraordinary-there aren't words to describe what a phenomenal job Jamie did for us...she was very flexible when it came to the kids...she performed magic in the galley."

Perry W. chartering 'Blu Moon' March 31, 2001
"Chris and Julie took considerable pride in their boat and it showed like a new boat...Julie was somehow finding time to clean...cook...get prepared for the next day and still had time to sit and converse with us. She was amazing....Chris impressed me as one of the most competent captains in the caribbean....I had total confidence in sailing abilities and his seamanship....We are still talking about Julie to our friends. She presented every meal with a touch of flair and imagination...The food exceeded our expectations. You and your staff were very courteous and helpful whenever I called. Thank you for helping us decide on Chris and Julie's yacht. It was the most memorable vacation we have ever had."

Amy B. chartering 'Best Revenge IV' March 10, 2001
"All was just as agreed upon...Rusty and Kate worked together seamlessly in presenting a warm, relaxing atmosphere...Rusty has a great sense of humor and his sailing skills are probably unmatched!...Kate is a true gourmet in the galley. Her culinary talents are magical...We would definitely book another charter and would be hard pressed to find a more affable, friendly, accommodating, hard working crew...Thanks for a memorable week."

Pat M. chartering 'Shangri La' March 5, 2001
"Boat was extremely comfortable-especially for 8 people...We appreciated Tess and Rysard's suggestions on how best to schedule our list of priorities...the meals were surprisingly the highlight of this dream vacation. Tess had the unique ability to please the eight of us with a pleasant variety of foods...Her passion for life and enthusiasm to please was evident as she presented each meal...your descriptions were extremely accurate...we feel the information received and easy communications prior to the trip prepared and informed us for this unanimously voted favorite experience."

John C. chartering 'La Dolce Vita' March 4, 2001
"The boat was kept immaculate...was very comfortable and quite right for two couples...Tony was a treat to spend a week with, a talented sailor...a keen sense of humor, too...All meals, especially evening dinner, were exceptional and truly gourmet. Being at sea creates big appetites and Dominique always provided more than we could handle...Dominique was always smiling and cheerful...The boat was better than we expected...I cannot imagine having a more fantastic week than we had w/Tony and Dominique aboard 'La Dolce Vita.."

Patrick M. chartering 'Mauna Loa' February 25, 2001
"Recently we spent a week aboard the 'Mauna Loa' in the Us Virgin Islands. I thought I might let you know how impressed I was with Dan Dawson. In a word, Dan is a prince...The perfect compliment to Dan's efforts, were those of Lisa Mead, our chef. Our meals were perfection; exactly what each of us hoped for. And the added bonus for us was that Lisa's good-natured sense of humor made the meals even more pleasant. Additionally, you certainly to be thanked for your thoughtful matching of our group with the 'Mauna Loa'."

Kirk O. cchartering 'Breanker' February 25, 2001
"The boat was very clean...exactly what we wanted...The meals were excellent and presented beautifully...Your staff was very helpful and we were informed of all information needed. Al and Sarah are "top notch"!"

Joseph D. chartering 'The Dove' February 18, 2001
"...The boat is a classic beauty...You said Larry was special-but that did not do him justice-a truly great captain-A true renaissance man...the best we have had, ever!...on Carol...A true gourmet cook-every meal was different, a surprise, and better than NYC'S best!

Paul D. chartering 'La Buscadora' February 9, 2001
"Allow me to begin by saying this was far and away the best experience we have had...Mike manages to combine a true sense of professionalism with a marvelous sense of humor...Perhaps the real "glue" to the boats total operation is Sandy...I have eaten many places-land and sea-and her cuisine is five star!...More than excellent...And the boat! As soon as I saw a picture of her, I knew it was the one. Though not as old as I, she was in great shape and is obviously a real love in Mike's life...she exemplified class.

Mark B. chartering 'Island Dreams' December 20, 2000
"Scott was fantastic! We wanted to learn a bit about sailing and he let us help with the sails, steer and taught us more than expected!...The food was fantastic! It was gourmet and was very healthy and the portions were perfect. I even came home with a few new recipes!...The description was accurate and we thoroughly enjoyed the were always helpful when we called with questions...Thank you!"

Edward E. chartering 'Lady Anne' December 19, 2000
"We would like to enthusiastically recommend the 'Lady Anne II' and Patrick and Pascale Gommilla. The boat was beautiful and Patrick inspired great confidence with his attention to sailing safety. Pascale's meals were works of art. They helped to provide a perfect family vacation"

Bob S. chartering 'Catalyst' November 25, 2000
"Ralph is an exceptional young man. He was gracious and a stimulating conversationalist-as was Debbie. We enjoyed being with both of them. Debbie is a chef extraordinare. Her meals were excellent. Each day we anxiously awaited new treats! Duck, lobster, steak etc. was prepared with precision in quality and presentation. Her South African Chicken was a real special dish we enjoyed. Your description was good, but failed to emphasize enough that Ralph and Debbie Harris are just "good" people!"

Mike W. chartering 'Bruce's' November 18, 2000
"We loved everything! The boat was immaculate. Karen and Mike were wonderful...Mike was terrific and interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed his company...Karen presented wonderful meals, she worked very hard trying to please everyone. She was great!...We had a wonderful experience with Karen and Mike. We look forward to going on another trip with them!"

Meredith M. chartering 'Uhuru II' November 18, 2000
"We just wanted to say that Mark and Celia Pistor deserve great rewards for delivering a great charter. 'Uhuru II' is a spectacular boat but it was Mark and Celia's hospitality that made our holiday fabulous. They knew when to join in our activities and when to leave us alone. Mark is and excellent captain and showed us so much about snorkeling. Celia's cooking was amazing... they even cooked us a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We HIGHLY recommend both 'Uhuru II' and Mark and Celia."

Nicholas H. chartering 'Shangri La' November 17, 2000
on the boat..."very neat and clean all the time...Ryszard was very informative and loosened up as he got to know us. Tess was especially helpful and gracious. Chris was very good with our kids and always looked out for our needs." ...on the meals..."Awesome-we took pictures of everything and got recipes! Great South African wines also! Tess made extra meals for the kids-very helpful...Tess and Ryszard were 1st class- I would recommend them and the boat to anyone."

Bill W. chartering 'Elektra' November 13, 2000
"A wonderful experience! Jerry and Heidi were absolutely great to be with." on the food..."Great variety, the right quantity, excellent presentation." "Your service was first class."

Alicia M. chartering 'Catalyst 44' November 12, 2000
"The boat was perfect for two couples...Ralph is a great captain, guide, instructor and friend. He really made you feel welcome...Deb is not a cook, she is a chef! Her meals were so good and the presentation was top notch...I think she gave me every recipe."

Michael B. chartering 'Blithe Spirit' October 25, 2000
"The boat was in beautiful condition...very comfortable, was made even more so by the attitude and demeanor of Michel and Dominique!"...on the food,"Excellent, incredible & unbelievable! The food was simply the icing on the cake. It completed the whole experience!...Not only did they reflect our requests, but once on board, meals were discussed in advance...The boat was more than we expected."

Lisa M. chartering "Windwalker' September 16, 2000
"Rick was better than anything we had imagined. The perfect captain for the perfect cruise!...was extremely generous with his time...gave us opportunities to participate...couldn't have asked for more...I'm at a loss for words to describe Martie's talent and enthusiasm as a cook, other than to say "magnifique"!...the meals were better than we asked for. Martie, you are amazing in the galley. Your description was quite accurate and left us with an impression that turned out to be 'spot on'."

Margarita E. chartering 'La Buscadora' July 28, 2000
"Dear Mr. Hamilton, A few lines to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with 'La Buscadora'. Sandy's cooking is the best I have ever had on a charter. The crew is very professional and attentive. Captain Mike made the trip a very special one."

Saul A. chartering 'No Problem' July 24, 2000
"One of our best vacations...The boys enjoyed driving the runabout. The video/DVD player was a big bonus when the kids got restless...Bob was very good about allowing me to sail whenever I wanted...Crew was available when we needed them but also gave us plenty of family time without being asked...Excellent food. Not a bad meal...Bobbi was very accommodating with the kids...The boat was better than expected...the sharpest boat in every harbor we entered. Very roomy. Plenty of private space."

Jeanie F. chartering 'Shellette' June 17, 2000
"Ed, I just attended one of your chartered tours around the British Virgin Islands and had the vacation of my life. I was joined by my family and friends an the 'Shellette' with Pam and Mike Donnelly for the past week. It was the most relaxing, tailored, effortless and breathtaking trip I have ever taken. Thank you for helping arrange us with such a wonderful, caring couple and their beautiful boat the 'Shellette'. We were all so sad to leave Pam, Mike and the wonderful islands to go back to work. But we have the wonderful memories and plans for next year. Thank you, Jeanie F."

Joseph M. chartering 'Best Revenge IV' June 10, 2000
on the captain..."great personality - witty, fun to be around"...on the meals..."Excellent. Every meal was served with plenty to eat. This is our seventh charter and we feel the food was the best...(Katie)was an excellent cook. I was surprised she could do so such a great job for her age...Your company did an excellent job and will recommend you to friends...Best crew, boat and food in 7 charters."

Greg F. chartering 'Uhuru II' May 30, 2000
"Celia and Mark both took such great care of the boat...were friendly and yet knew when to give us our space...Meals were delicious, always plenty to go around. Every meal was very tasty and presentation was beautiful. My kids came home expecting me to cook like Celia! ...This trip was so above and beyond anything we could have imagined. If we ever did another trip like it, we would ask for the same boat and the same people."

Maria G. chartering 'Swish' May 27, 2000
"We would like to let you know that we had a superb vacation aboard the boat 'Swish'. This was the first time we had chartered a boat and it was everything we expected and more. "Swish' is a great boat, very well maintained and had plenty of room for our two families. Peter and Fiona made the trip wonderful also. They are great people to be with, very friendly and fun to talk to and easy to get along with. They did everything they could to accommodate us. Fiona's cooking is wonderful and the food she produced from the galley for all of us was amazing! We would love to travel with them again and would highly recommend 'Swish' and her crew to anyone wishing to charter a boat."

John P. chartering 'Elektra' May 26, 2000
"The boat was truly immaculate! Very inviting, open, airy and bright"...on the meals-"Five Star! Creative, excellent presentation, scrumptious and plentiful...Heidi was great...a great asset to the sail...There were no expectations that were not met"

Janet N. chartering 'Ibis' May 25, 2000
"Both Robert and Nelliemarie are excellent hosts. They make you feel welcome and comfortable...Meals were fabulous...perfectly in line with our provisioning request. Quality was superb...Please pass on our thanks to 'Ibis'. This was a wonderful week of sailing, gourmet dining, great snorkeling and the extra special attention for my husbands 50th birthday. Wonderful!!! I found your services to be first class, helpful and friendly."

Cathryn R chartering 'Bogey I' May 24, 2000
"Bogey I is a great boat - it's layout was great for our family...very comfortable - the cockpit area is very large. Mike was great. He went out of his way to make sure the kids had a good time. The meals were great...Susie went out of her way to include local produce and fish in her meals. Our daughter was a bit pickier and Susie made sure that she accommodated her tastes as well."

Karen G. chartering 'Uhuru II' May 15, 2000
"Mark was knowledgeable about the area and made everyone feel at home...Celia is a gem. The food was displayed and tasted even better...Everything was exactly as stated. I wouldn't change a thing."

Marion B. chartering 'Flamboyance' May 12, 2000
"We enjoyed Jim very much. He was easy going and very accommodating. He added a little extra flair with his "theme night" costumes and decor...Sonya did a great job...Our daughter-in-law especially enjoyed having a female her age on board...Did a great job with meals...very well presented, good variety...Your company was very helpful and knowledgeable in answering questions and making recommendations."

Bruce K. chartering 'Best Revenge IV' May 8, 2000
"I just had to write and tell you what an extraordinary time we just had on 'Best Revenge'. While we expected to enjoy ourselves and the boat, the entire experience exceeded our expectations. While the boat was terrific, it was our crew of Kate and Rusty that brought the whole trip over the top. They both anticipated our every need, and always made sure that we were happy. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful holiday. I hope we can do it again sometime soon."

Barbara F. chartering 'Girl Friday' May 7, 2000
"Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our our sailing adventure throughout the British Virgin Islands...all expectations were exceeded...Captain Fred is a wonderful person-he and his first mate enhanced the pleasure of our trip...Joanne was a pleasure to spend our vacation with...Every dish was excellent and well presented. I even took home some recipes...would change nothing...thank you so much for giving us the experience of a lifetime.

"Stanley G. chartering 'Flame' May 7, 2000
"The boat fit us a to a "T"...Wayne acted in a greater capacity than 'boat captain'. He was a most gracious host, tour guide, dive coach, and island historian...Both my wife and my daughter wanted to 'take Barb home'...Presentation and quality were first class with more than generous servings...The boat was actually more than we expected considering its age. Your descriptions of yacht and crew were fair and accurate."

Jerry E. chartering 'Black Angel' April 30, 2000
"Brian was super, easy to talk to, and always willing to explain things...meals were excellent. Barbara is a master at preparing outstanding meals in a small space. The presentations, quality and quantity exceeded our expectations...on Ed Hamilton & Co....Your service was excellent!"

Wendy J. chartering 'Windwalker' April 23, 2000
"Rick was an outstanding and very knowledgeable captain...The meals were great, Martie prepared wonderful meals. The presentation was outstanding, the quality was superb...did an outstanding job with everything. The boat/Capt./cook were described very well and once we arrived our expectations were exceeded 10 fold!"

Kristy L. chartering 'Dabulamanzi' April 20, 2000
"We just wanted to thank you for finding us just the right yacht for our vacation...Your comments, which helped us make our decision, were very candid and on the mark. I could go on forever- the 'Dabulamanzi' is a beautiful classic boat that everyone admired no matter where we went...Scott and Kirby were fantastic...always enthusiastic about whatever we had in mind...Scott and Kirby will undoubtedly remain our friends for years to come."

Iain E. chartering 'Crazy Horse' April 18, 2000
"The captain was excellent in all respects...there was ample food prepared to a very high quality of cooking and presentation. Breakfast, in particular was a delight...Katie was wonderful!...Paul and Katie were both great and helped to make it a wonderful holiday."

John D. chartering 'L' Espirit du Nord' April 17, 2000
"An absolutely beautiful boat...a perfect charter boat...Sam has an amazing depth of experience...he has excellent people skills...James did a terrific job...The meals were beautifully presented, creatively constructed and delicious...this boat was wonderful and fully met our expectations."

Jerry W. chartering 'Samoa' April 15, 2000
"We absolutely loved Rob and Olivia- just the perfect combination of warmth, humor, patient, very knowledgeable...Rob was very flexible...we pretty much went with his suggestions...Olivia is wonderful-sweet, so wanting to please, and a fabulous cook!...She tried so hard to meet the needs of my picky little children, and she won them over...I can't imagine having had a better first experience."

Michael J. chartering 'Eliza' April 11, 2000
"It's been a week now since we are home from probably the best vacation we ever had, sailing the British Virgin Islands on the 'Eliza'...The accommodations were wonderful and the crew could make you feel comfortable on a row boat...Shirley Moyer could be a chef in a five star restaurant...her meals were top shelf all the way...I've already tried some of her recipes...The rest of the crew could not have been nicer."

Tracy F. chartering 'Nondi' April 5, 2000
"Dear Ed. I am writing to you today to let you know what a wonderful vacation we had aboard one of your charters. The trip was absolutely delightful and trouble free. We really appreciate the professionalism we encountered in dealing with you as well as your staff at Ed Hamilton & Co....Our trip was nothing less that spectacular. Mark planned our trip after discussing what we wanted to see and do. Each day was perfect as it was tailored to our wishes....Heathers food was incredible...We had fresh fruit, homemade quiche, and fresh Tuna steaks on the grill, veal picatta, pasta dishes and many other delicious meals. We all ate to much but it was too good to refuse...let me say on behalf of our group it was everything we had hoped for! Again thank you for the help in planning a great trip and one that we will never forget."

Rosanne S. chartering 'Sudiki' April 1, 2000
"...Chris and Duff were perfect-made us feel comfortable... asked us if we wanted to sail-answered all our questions... Meals were great! Very tasty, nicely presented. Chris is a great cook and tried hard to make sure she cooked what we liked. The boat was exactly as Heather described, comfortable and solid and perfect for our taste and needs. Your staff was friendly and professional... we were very pleased with your company and your service ..."

Debbie K. chartering 'Swish' February 26, 2000
"Peter and Fiona were the perfect host and hostess. Very professional and extremely competent, but also very personable without being intrusive...The whole experience was wonderful-like a floating bed and breakfast." ...on Ed Hamilton & Co. "you were extremely helpful."

Mike M. chartering 'Treazzure' February 27, 2000
"Dan is an excellent snorkeling guide, and is very well versed in the history of the islands, a big plus! We received good sailing instruction from Dan. He was very helpful as we purchased a 36' cutter this winter."...on the food-"Excellent in all respects. Every meal was 'to die for'!"

William H. chartering 'Virgin Venture' February 26, 2000
"Kelvin arranged for rendezvous diving. This worked out extremely well! The dive master he used was professional and made the dives really memorable"...on the food-"first rate, 5 star quality. The presentation was always wonderful and the food was excellent! Meals were varied and interesting...It was one of the best vacations we've ever had- it more than lived up to our expectations!"

Larry G. chartering 'Lone Star' February 23, 2000
"She is a very impressive boat, newly redecorated, and presents very well...Mark is a very pleasant, people oriented guy...was great about improving our skills; especially with a large boat...Jane is fantastic"... on the food..."Great quality, variety and presentation. Having Mark as the "Chief Barbequer" is also a plus...Jane is a very interesting person having travelled around the world.

"George J. chartering 'Catbalu' February 20, 2000
"Wonderful! Mark was absolutely excellent. He adapted easily to our style...was unfailingly cheerful and great with the kids." on the food..."presentation was always excellent, beautiful quality-was as good or better than most restaurants...consistantly well thought out...and the children had a separate menu just for them!...The boat and crew were very well described. All was as we expected."

Joseph W. chartering 'Catalyst' February 19, 2000
"Ralph and Debbie were wonderful...warm and unpretentious and great with our children...cannot imagine a better couple than Ralph and Debbie...It's obvious after reading their guest book that all of their guests feel the same way"...on the food..."Incredible-we were shocked at the quality not only of the food but also of the care of presentation...My only critique is that I want them on a bigger boat so we can come with other couples."

Ray V. chartering 'Farikh Albooma' February 18, 2000
"The 'Farikh Albooma' was very well suited to our expectations...We told Adrian and Jenny we wanted their advise on where to sail and our days settled into a very agreeable pattern...Jenny was great-she had an amazing recall of what we wrote on our preference sheet...The presentation was wonderful-the cockpit table was comfortable, the quality of the food was amazing...and always more than enough...Thank you again for finding them for us"

Brian and Carrie O. chartering 'Nondi' February 10, 2000
"We are writing to your company to let you know what a wonderful charter we had through your company. You recommended 'Nondi' with Mark and Heather. We weren't expecting so much...they were the best ... Mark, a great sailor... Heather, a great hostess and was a excellent cook. We would highly recommend them and 'Nondi' was a great experience. We would use them and your services again too!

Bernard B. chartering 'Crazy Horse' February 1, 2000
"Paul, Katie and 'Crazy Horse' were wonderful. Our trip was perfect in every way- and there were 8 of us!!...We loved Paul and thought he was an excellent captain...Katie took care of everything in a seemingly effortless way-and she was good company...Excellent meals, beautifully presented, nice variety-again-perfect."

Jane S. chartering 'La Buscadora' January 23, 2000
"We just returned from a week long cruise on 'La Buscadora'. We chose the 'La Buscadora' based n our review of the literature you provided and our conversations with you. We are convinced we couldn't have made a better choice. Mike's easy laugh and his affable personality made us feel like instant friends. Sandie is such a sweetheart...her kitchen creations made every meal like a five star restaurant dining doesn't get any better than this."

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