Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

For when you return from your vacation

Welcome home! We hope you enjoyed your charter.

While all is fresh in your mind, would you please take a moment to complete this short questionnaire. Naturally we hope that everything was excellent but do please be honest if there were problems. Constructive criticism is always helpful and does not mean the vacation was not enjoyable.

We particularly welcome your original comments in addition to (or instead of) our YES/NO format.

Charter Details
  The name under which the charter was booked:
  The boat's name:
  The start date of the charter:
  Your e-mail address:

When you arrived, was the boat...
  Clean. Tastefully presented and decorated.
Ready to board at the agreed time
A bit disorganized. Immaculate. Not new, but in great shape.
A little tired


Was the boat kept clean, etc. during the charter?
  Yes. No. Comments
Was all advertised equipment on board?
  Yes. No. Comments
Was this equipment in good condition and working properly?
  Yes. No. Comments
Were there any 'toys' you particularly enjoyed?
Did you feel the boat was comfortable (if this was a requirement) - cabins, salon, cockpit, sunning space, etc.?
Was your captain.....
  Outgoing. Professional. Friendly. A bit casual.
Pleasant but reserved
Too strict or formal for your taste


If you asked for a skipper who could give sailing instruction, please comment:
Did you feel free to choose each day's activities if you wanted to?
  Yes. No. Comments
Please describe the meals (i.e. presentation, quality, quantity, etc.):
If you requested any specific drinks etc. in your preference sheet, were they aboard?
  Yes. No. Comments
In general, do you feel the meals reflected the requests you made in your preference sheet?
  Yes. No. Comments
Was your cook...
  Outgoing. Professional. Friendly. Pleasant but reserved
A bit casual. Eager to please
Did you have any problems with your flights?
  Yes. No. Comments
Was the boat roughly what you expected? Our boat descriptions are intended to be realistic and constructive to help prospective clients compare. Do you feel our descriptions of the yacht and crew were fair and accurate? What would you change/emphasize?
We are constantly changing and expanding our literature so we would also appreciate any comments on how our service could be improved. Were there any questions we could have answered before the trip? What additional information would have been helpful?
Referral letters can help the boat and the crew. If you wish to write a letter describing the vacation we would be happy to send it on to the crew and send copies to other clients considering this yacht.
May we use you as a reference for this yacht?
  Yes. Prefer not. Please keep my comments confidential.
Thank you.

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