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Photographs of The Amalfi Coast

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Vesuvius looms ominously over the city of Naples in the dawn.
The ruins of Pompeii are a short ride away.

There are several resort towns on the peninsular to the south of The Bay of Naples.
Sorrento is the largest.
The high cliffs offer spectacular views.
On the south side of the peninsular, Positano is a popular town and well worth a visit. The main square is a steep walk from the harbor!
The Amalfi Drive, which runs along the southern side of the peninsular, is a feat of engineering.
Carved into the mountain side, the road winds high above the sea. With hairpin bends and sheer drops, this is not for the feint hearted, but there are plenty of places to stop, to buy fruit...
Positano, Bay of Naples...or pray...
...or admire the staggering views.
Movie stars and celebrities, with spectacular summer homes, share the coast...
...with small, isolated, fishing villages.
The road returns to sea level at Amalfi.
This popular resort city is built on the cliffs around the harbor.
The Square, AmalfiThe main square is just behind the waterfront and has some fascinating buildings and open air restaurants. It gets crowded in the peak summer months but is well worth seeing.
There is something for everyone.
This young couple chose to get married there
With its incredible mountainous backdrop and interesting towns to visit, sailing the Amalfi Coast is a unique experience. In the nearby Gulf of Naples, the islands of Ischia and Capri are also not to be missed, but like most popular areas in The Mediterranean, the area gets crowded in July and August. These pictures were taken in May.

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