Gay vacation boat charters.

Visit remote beaches and islands that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Wake up in a different pristine bay each morning. Enjoy breakfast in bed or watch the world wake up from the cockpit. Sail, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, explore ashore or just relax in a hammock and enjoy being pampered. Take a picnic on a private beach. You set the pace, the itinerary and each day's activities, day by day. Dance under the stars on a beach after enjoying a fabulous candlelit dinner created by your personal chef.

As always, matching guests to a suitable crew is the key. Tell us about your party and the type of charter you have in mind, and we will recommend a boat and crew. Good communication before and during the charter is important. Let us know preferred cabin and berth arrangements so the crew can have the boat arranged correctly and there are no misunderstandings.

Quotation from a group of alternative lifestyle crewed charter guests:
"You have truly and without a doubt provided us with a vacation of a lifetime. The experiences have far exceeded my expectations and I'm not quite sure how I will ever be able to describe everything to the folks at home. The journey through the islands and the places you took us were absolutely wonderful. However, your enthusiasm, warmth and comfort are really what carried us. You both have made this so special and I am grateful that we have made a lasting connection with you. Thank you for your hospitality, the meals were fantastic and the happy hour drinks were incredible. We won't know how to act when we don't hear the blender at 5:30. Please know how much we appreciate your acceptance and your comfort in letting us be ourselves. You are wonderful folks. I will think of you often with special, fond memories and I certainly hope out paths will cross again soon."
Nancy, Baltimare, MD

"...Thanks for allowing us to be 'ourselves' and dance, sing and celebrate our wonderful lifestyle with our friends and partner. We will forever hold you in our hearts and cherished memories."
Laura, Baltimore, MD

If you can sail a boat yourself, you might consider renting a bareboat. There is no matching of guests with a suitable crew (even in the case of a skippered bareboat charter).
Though not as luxurious as a private crewed yacht, a bareboat charter is the ultimate private get away. If you are unsure of your qualifications to bareboat, you can fill out our resume form.

If some or all of your party are gay, please tell us. Crews come from all walks of life, and like every crewed charter, the success of the vacation largely depends on how well we match your party to the crew. We can do this more effectively by knowing as much as possible about your guests and their expectations. We can arrange gay vacation packages for all budgets, from economy to megayacht.

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