A Yacht Charter is the perfect venue for a clothing optional vacation.

Visit remote beaches and islands that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Unlike clothing optional cruises you can sail with just your guests (and perhaps crew) for company.
The ultimate private get away.
At least one crew member has to be qualified to sail the yacht. If you are unsure, you can fill out our resume form.

As always, matching guests to a suitable crew is the key. Tell us about your party and the type of charter you have in mind, and we will recommend a boat and crew suitable for all inclusive clothing optional vacations. Good communication before and during the charter is important.

Crewed charter guidelines for clothing optional cruises - what to ask:
Skinny dipping and topless sunbathing: happens throughout the Caribbean. Fine with almost all crews.
Nude sunbathing: most crews are fine but you should tell us before selecting a boat. Use common sense and good manners - if you might offend other boats in an anchorage it is not OK.
Nudist charters: sitting down to meals without clothes is considered a nudist charter and requires a crew that is comfortable with this. Do not ask the crew to join you.
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