Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

This Form is for people who hate filling out forms!
Just pull down 6 menus, add your name, e-mail address and any information that can help us - that's it!
We'll send you an e-mail with a password to access much more detailed charter information
and our suggestions! (If you would like instant access to your password, use the Fastrack or Detailed Forms - see note below)

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There will be a total of in the party. If more than 10 guests, specify number in comments field.

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(crewed charterers should give as much information as possible - i.e. dates if known, so we only send you boats that are available,
interests and water sports such as scuba diving, the make up of the party to determine berth arrangements etc. We will send
you crewed yachts that fit these requirements).

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NOTE: the FASTRACK FORM and DETAILED FORM provide us with more information
than this form, so we can often give you more specific suggestions.
The detailed form also explains your options as you select them (great if you're new to chartering)
and both generate a password in our database so you can instantly log-in and see our suggestions.
We do however realize that not everyone has time or wants to fill out forms, so we give you the choice!

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