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Some More Charter FAQs
by Gordon
May 2005

Some of the more common questions we get asked are generally covered in either our material or that of the charter companies, but there is so much to cover, it is easy to see how many issues can get lost in the shuffle. I hope this series of random FAQs will be helpful, particularly to those new to the world of chartering. Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own, as I plan to make this a regular column.

Q. "I don't see that a bimini top or dinghy and outboard are mentioned as included, are they?"
A. Yes, they are included on all Caribbean bareboats, so not to worry. In fact, at this point (and not a moment too soon) most companies have gone to hard bottom inflatables for dinghies. As sad as we are to see the old, tippy, heavy, slow, low capacity dinks go, it is likely a good thing!

Q. "Can we go to Anegada?"
A. OK, here is the definitive answer to that question...maybe! This is a base level decision, made by the manager after they have met you and reviewed your resume. If you have been before it is almost assured you will be allowed to go again. If not and you have had some experience offshore or navigated in shallow water, you will likely be allowed as well. You may be asked to sign a waiver and pay a larger security deposit.

Q. "How early should I book my charter?"
A. What a great question! The interesting thing is that this changes, both with the times and the seasons. In the "old days", like 5 years ago and before, it was very common to book 8 to 10 months in advance, and even earlier for any holiday or school vacation. We feel this is still a good rule of thumb and most people who know what they want seem to agree, judging by the number of charters already booked with us for 2006. Since 2001, it has become more common to try booking on the late side, which we consider as any time within 60 to 90 days before the start of your charter. At that point all payments are due and there are no refunds if you cancel. In the last few months we have had a lot of folks try and book their summer charters on cats only to find out that they are a scarce commodity. Discounts are sometimes available for booking late, (inside of 30 days) but be prepared to not get the boat you want, or perhaps no boat at all.

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